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2017 JPED Volume 182 March (6).pdf.jpg2017Crystalloid Fluid Choice and Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Sepsis: A Matched Retrospective Cohort StudyWeiss, Scott L.; Keele, Luke; Balamuth, Fran; Vendetti, Neika; Ross, Rachael; Fitzgerald, Julie C.; Gerber, Jeffrey S.
2017 JPED Volume 183 April (11).pdf.jpg2017Conceptual Design of Future Children's Hospitals in Europe. The Role of Public and Private Stakeholders as Transferors of New Concepts from Theory into PracticeEhrich, Jochen; Molloy, Eleanor; Kerbl, Reinhold; Pettoello-Mantovani, Massimo; Gerber-Grote, Andreas
2017 JP Volume 181 February (11).pdf.jpg2017Impact of Early Nutritional Intake on Preterm Brain: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging StudyBeauport, Lydie; Schneider, Juliane; Faouzi, Mohamed; Hagmann, Patric; Hüppi, Petra S.; Tolsa, Jean-François; Truttmann, Anita C.; Fischer Fumeaux, Céline J.
2017 JP Volume 180 January (4).pdf.jpg2017Infection and inflammation are associated with long-term morbiditiesVolume, January; Helton, Monica L; Balistreri, William F
2017 JP Volume 180 January (70).pdf.jpg2017Letters to the editorArnold, Benjamin F; George, Christine Marie
2017 JP Volume 181 February (24).pdf.jpg2017Outcomes from a 12-Week, Open-Label, Multicenter Clinical Trial of Teduglutide in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome.Carter, Beth a; Cohran, Valeria C; Cole, Conrad R; Corkins, Mark R; Dimmitt, Reed a; Duggan, Christopher; Hill, Susan; Horslen, Simon; Lim, Joel D; Mercer, David F; Merritt, Russell J; Nichol, Peter F; Sigurdsson, Luther; Teitelbaum, Daniel H; Thompson, John; Vanderpool
2017 JPED Volume 183 April (15).pdf.jpg2017Do Children Just Grow Out of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?Giannetti, Eleonora; Maglione, Marco; Sciorio, Elisa; Coppola, Vincenzo; Miele, Erasmo; Staiano, Annamaria
2017 JPED Volume 184 May (38).pdf.jpg2017Early Lipid Infusions and Unbound Bilirubin in Preterm Neonates: A Cause for Concern?Amin, Sanjiv B.; Maisels, M. Jeffrey; Watchko, Jon F.
2017 JPED Volume 185 June (55).pdf.jpg2017Exploring Long-Term Neurologic Complications with Advanced Imaging in Pediatric Brain Tumor SurvivorsVossough, Arastoo
2017 JP Volume 180 January (69).pdf.jpg2017CURRENT BEST EVIDENCEMbbs, Paul Little
2017 JPED Volume 185 June (2).pdf.jpg2017Differential Effects of the Single-Family Room Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on 18- to 24-Month Bayley Scores of Preterm InfantsVohr, Betty; McGowan, Elisabeth; McKinley, Leslie; Tucker, Richard; Keszler, Lenore; Alksninis, Barbara
2017 JPED Volume 183 April (8).pdf.jpg2017High Body Mass Index in Infancy May Predict Severe Obesity in Early ChildhoodSmego, Allison; Woo, Jessica G.; Klein, Jillian; Suh, Christina; Bansal, Danesh; Bliss, Sherri; Daniels, Stephen R.; Bolling, Christopher; Crimmins, Nancy a.
2017 JPED Volume 182 March (18).pdf.jpg2017Effects of Prophylactic Indomethacin on Vasopressor-Dependent Hypotension in Extremely Preterm InfantsLiebowitz, Melissa; Koo, Jane; Wickremasinghe, Andrea; Allen, Isabel Elaine; Clyman, Ronald I.
2017 JPED Volume 182 March (56).pdf.jpg2017How Well Do Children with Cystic Fibrosis Sleep? An Actigraphic and Questionnaire-Based StudyVandeleur, Moya; Walter, Lisa M.; Armstrong, David S.; Robinson, Philip; Nixon, Gillian M.; Horne, Rosemary S C
2017 JPED Volume 182 March (79).pdf.jpg2017Eliminating Disparities in Mother's Milk Feeding in the Neonatal Intensive Care UnitEngstrom, Janet L.; Patel, Aloka L.; Meier, Paula P.
2017 JP Volume 180 January (64).pdf.jpg2017Progressive Cervical Spinal Cord Atrophy after a Traffic AccidentInoue, Kenji; Kumada, Tomohiro; Fujii, Tatsuya; Kimura, Nobusuke
2017 JP Volume 181 February (72).pdf.jpg2017The Role of Retired Pediatric Professors in European Child Healthcare ServicesEhrich, Jochen; Nwaneri, Ndidi; de Santo, Natale
2017 JP Volume 180 January (62).pdf.jpg2017Swelling Superimposed on Atrophy Masks Optic Nerve PathologySb, Isaac D Bleicher; El-dairi, Mays A
2017 JP Volume 180 January (24).pdf.jpg2017Narcotics and Sedative Use in Preterm NeonatesOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2017 JPED Volume 182 March (75).pdf.jpg2017Lactate and Lactate: Pyruvate Ratio in the Diagnosis and Outcomes of Pediatric Acute Liver FailureFeldman, Amy G.; Sokol, Ronald J.; Hardison, Regina M.; Alonso, Estella M.; Squires, Robert H.; Narkewicz, Michael R.