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2017Memory Rehabilitation Strategies in Nonsurgical Temporal Lobe EpilepsyFelice, Alessandra Del; Alderighi, Marzia; Martinato, Matteo; Grisafi, Davide; Bosco, Anna; Thompson, Pamela J; Sander, Josemir W; Masiero, Stefano
2017Needs of Stroke Survivors as Perceived by Their Caregivers A Scoping ReviewKrishnan, Shilpa; Pappadis, Monique R; Weller, Susan C; Stearnes, Marsja; Kumar, Amit; Ottenbacher, Kenneth J; Reistetter, Timothy A
2017Physician Burnout in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ( PM & R ) Should We Focus More on Physiatrists ' Mission ?Silver, Julie K; Bhatnagar, Saurabha
2017Older Medicare BeneficiariesKurichi, Jibby E; Streim, Joel E; Xie, Dawei; Hennessy, Sean; Na, Ling; Saliba, Debra; Pan, Qiang; Kwong, Pui L; Bogner, Hillary R
2017Paraplegia Following Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection in a Patient With a Spinal Dural Arteriovenous FistulaAnnaswamy, Thiru M; Worchel, Jared
2017Nonsurgical Treatment Choices by Individuals with Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation in the United States Associations with Long-term OutcomesZhao, Wenyan; Weinstein, James N
2017Inflammatory Mediators and Pain in the First Year After Acute Episode of Low-Back Pain in Elderly WomenLopes, Renata Antunes; Gustavo, André; Andrade, Pereira; Felício, Diogo Carvalho
2017Aerobic Exercise Training in Very Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseReview, A Systematic
2017Sciatic Nerve Schwannoma in the Gluteal Region Mimicking SciaticaMezian, Kamal; Záhora, Roman; Vacek, Jan; Navrátil, Leo
2017The Effect of Different Exercise Programs on Size and Function of Deep Cervical Flexor Muscles in Patients With Chronic Nonspecific Neck PainArimi, Somayeh Amiri; Ali, Mohammad; Bandpei, Mohseni; Javanshir, Khodabakhsh; Rezasoltani, Asghar; Biglarian, Akbar
2017Ultrasonographic and Electrophysiological Evaluation of Ulnar Nerve Instability and Snapping of the Triceps Medial Head inKang, Jae Ho; Joo, Byung-euk; Kim, Ki Hoon; Park, Byung Kyu; Cha, Jaehyung; Kim, Dong Hwee; Subjects, Study; Examination, Ultrasonographic
2017The Effect of Nebulized Glycopyrrolate on Posterior Drooling in Patients with Brain Injury Two Cases of Different Brain LesionsLee, Zee-ihn; Yu, Kwang Jae; Lee, Dae Hee; Hong, Seong Kyung; Woo, Seung Beom; Kim, Jong Min; Park, Donghwi
2017The Effect of Elective Rotations on the Self-assessment Examination Results of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents Implications for Minimizing Educational Resource Disparities in TaiwanLien, I-nan; Wu, Pei-shen; Wang, Tyng-guey; Chen, Wen-shiang; Lew, Henry L
2017Sockets Manufactured by CAD / CAM Method Have Positive Effects on the Quality of Life of Patients WithAmputation, Transtibial; Karakoç, Mehmet; Batmaz, İ; Akif, Mustafa; Yazmalar, Levent
2017Ultrasound Findings of Young and Traumatic Amputees WithExtremity, Lower; Limb, Residual; Aydemir, Koray; Demir, Yasin; Güzelküçük, Ümüt; Tezel, Kutay; Bilge, Y
2017Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Audioverbal Memory in Stroke PatientsKazuta, Toshinari; Takeda, Kotaro; Osu, Rieko; Tanaka, Satoshi; Oishi, Ayako
2017Apathy Due to Injury of the Prefrontocaudate Tract Following Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryJang, Sung Ho; Kwon, Hyeok Gyu
2017Transdermal Scopolamine Withdrawal Syndrome Case Report in the Pediatric Cerebral Palsy PopulationChowdhury, Nasim A; Sewatsky, Mary Laura
2017Unloading-Induced Decrements in Neuromuscular FunctionDeschenes, Michael R; Mccoy, Raymond W; Mangis, Katherine A
2017Unusual Location of Intramuscular Lipoma Presenting as an Extensor Tendon Tear : A Diagnostic DilemmaRispoli, Leia; Singh, Jaspal Ricky; Piesco, Joseph