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2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Category 3 and 4 Controlled Drugs Users ' Perceptions of Participating in Drug-Abuse-Health Prevention Lectures in TaiwanSun, Fan-ko; Long, Ann; Yu, Pei-jane; Huang, Hui-man; Chiang, Chun-ying; Yao, Yuchun
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Depression and Health-Related Quality of Life and Their Association With Resourcefulness in Survivors of Prostate CancerLin, Hung-yu; Lai, Hui-ling; Chen, Chun-i; Huang, Chiung-yu
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Emergency Nursing Experiences in Assisting People With Suicidal Behavior : A Grounded Theory StudyGraziani, Kelly; Vedana, Giacchero; Fernando, Daniel; Inocenti, Adriana; Carolina, Ana; Zanetti, Guidorizzi; Souza, Jacqueline De; Longo, Tatiana
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Depression Screening at a Community Health Fair : Descriptives and Treatment Linkage ☆Opperman, Kiel J; Hanson, Devin M; Toro, Paul A
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Outcome Evaluation of an Integrated Treatment for Comorbid Alcohol and Nicotine Addiction : An Exploratory StudyGiorgi, Ines; Fiabane, Elena; Vittadini, Giovanni; Anastasi, Stefania; Benvenuto, Antonella; Malovini, Alberto; Balestrino, Antonella; Ceriana, Piero
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Effects of a Program to Improve Mental Health Literacy for Married Immigrant Women in KoreaChoi, Yun-jung
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Mental Health Needs of Youth in Juvenile Justice : An Executive SummaryPearson, Geraldine S; Shelton, Deborah; Shade, Kate; Bonham, Elizabeth; Fowler, Nancy C
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Postpartum Depression Prevalence and Risk Factors in Turkey : A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisÖzcan, Neslihan Keser; Elçin, Nur; Dinç, Hüsniye
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Development of a Nurse Observation Scale for Inpatients at the Psychiatry Clinic : Validity and Reliability StudyDuman, Zekiye Çetinkaya
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing A Qualitative Study of Barriers to Care for People With Co-Occurring DisordersSorsa, Minna; Greacen, Tim; Lehto, Juhani; Åstedt-kurki, Päivi
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing “ It ' s the First Time I Feel as One ” . Patients ' Experience of Therapeutic Body Wraps in Swiss Public Adult Inpatient Psychiatric WardsSkuza, Krzysztof; Dubois, Julie; Bangerter, Gilles
2017PSYCHIATRICPearson, Geraldine S; Shelton, Deborah; Shade, Kate; Bonham, Elizabeth; Fowler, Nancy C
2017PSYCHIATRIC EditorSmith, Mary Jane; Clement, Jeanne
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing The Impact of Parental Reaction to Sexual Orientation on Depressive Symptoms and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with MenMitrani, Victoria B; Santis, Joseph P De; Mccabe, Brian E; Deleon, Diego A; Gattamorta, Karina A; Leblanc, Natalie M
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing The Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder : Development and validationEchezarraga, Ainara; Las, Carlota; González-pinto, Ana María; Jones, Steven
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Pro fi les of the Patient Who Had Compulsory Hospitalization in a District Psychiatric HospitalGördeles, Nalan; Baysan, Leyla; Uzuno, Gülçin; Ta, Gülsenay
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing The Correlation Between Schizophrenic Patients ' Level of Internalized Stigma and Their Level of HopeOlçun, Zeynep; Altun, Özlem Ş
2017Archives of Psychiatric Nursing The International Nursing Focus on Mental Health
2017 APN Volume 31 Issue 3 June (14).pdf.jpg2017Biomechanics of Failed Pulmonary Autografts Compared to Native Aortic RootsMookhoek, Aart; Krishnan, Kapil; Chitsaz, Sam; Kuang, Heide; Ge, Liang; Schoof, Paul H.; Bogers, Ad J.J.C.; Takkenberg, Johanna J.M.; Tseng, Elaine E.

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