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25-May-2000Inflammatory mediators and immunocompetent cells in the middle ear with particular regards to otitis media and tympanosclerosisForséni Flodin, Marie
5-May-2000A pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of an antiepileptic drug (lamotrigine) in young patients with drug-resistant generalized epilepsyEriksson, Ann-Sofie
23-Jan-2015Appetite regulating neuropeptides in alcohol addiction : focus on melanin concentrating hormone and its mch1-receptorKarlsson, Camilla
21-Apr-2000The influence of status epilepticus on adeno-pituitary hormone secretion in man : with special reference to prolactinLindbom, Ulla
28-Jan-2000Region-specific expression of the interleukin-1 system in rat brain following endotoxin challenge and excitotoxic neurodegenerationEriksson, Charlotta
14-Apr-2000The IGF-axis in liver disease : modulation of expression by histone deacetylase inhibitorsGray, Steven
19-Nov-1999Studies on ventilatory function in chronic neuromuscular disordersWeinberg, Jan
17-Nov-1999Epidemiological and public health studies on Guillain-Barré syndrome in SwedenCheng, Qi
31-Dec-1999Intracranial facial nerve lesion : experimental study on neural degeneration and its treatmentMattsson, Per
12-Nov-1999Estrogen receptor gene activity within the brain and the relation to psychiatric disorders : mapping and functionÖsterlund, Marie
16-Nov-1999Studies on 5-hydroxytryptophol and the metabolic interaction between serotonin and ethanolSome, Margareta
7-May-1999Spinal cord stimulation in neuropathy : experimental studies of biochemistry and behaviourCui, Jian-Guo
22-Oct-1999From optic neuritis to multiple sclerosis : a paraclinical, epidemiological, and etiological study in Stockholm County, SwedenJin, Ya-Ping
10-Sep-1999State and trait measures in the affective disordersSvanborg, Pär
12-Nov-1999Charcot-Marie-tooth disease : muscle morphological and neurophysiological aspectsEricson-Gripenstedt, UllaBritt
5-Nov-1999Family caregivers caring for relatives with dementia : pre- and post-death experiencesAlmberg, Britt
20-Apr-1999A quarter century perspective on low back pain : A longitudinal studyThorbjörnsson, Carina Bildt
5-May-1999Adaptability of skeletal muscle to hormone treatment in relation to gender and agingYu, Fushun
19-Mar-1999Experimental spinal cord injuries : a histopathological, neurological, and pharmacological study in the ratvon Euler, Mia
2-Apr-1999Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease : focus on quantitative EEG in relation to genetic, biochemical and neuroimaging markersJelic, Vesna

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