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2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 1 April (16).pdf.jpg2017Computer assisted positioning of the proximal segment after sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible: Preclinical investigation of a novel electromagnetic navigation systemNova, Igor; Kallus, Sebastian; Berger, Moritz; Ristow, Oliver; Eisenmann, Urs; Freudlsperger, Christian; Hoffmann, Jürgen; Dickhaus, Hartmut
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 1 April (3).pdf.jpg2017Computerized cognitive training in older adults with mild cognitive impairment or dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysisHill, Nicole T.M.; Mowszowski, Loren; Naismith, Sharon L.; Chadwick, Verity L.; Valenzuela, Michael; Lampit, Amit
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 3 May (22).pdf.jpg2017Conjunctival Tattoo With Inadvertent Globe Penetration and Associated Complications.Cruz, Natasha Ferreira Santos Da; Santos, Kátia Santana; Farah, Michelle De Lima; Felberg, Sergio
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 2 April (1).pdf.jpg2017Concordance Between Clinical and Histopathological Diagnoses of Corneal SpecimensBurris, Christopher K.H.; Azari, Amir a.; Eagle, Ralph C.; Rapuano, Christopher J.; Marangoz, Deniz; Potter, Heather D.; Kim, Kyungmann; Thuro, Bradley; Phelps, Paul O.; Surapaneni, Krishna; Rodriguez, Maria E.; Raven, Meisha L.; Lee, Vivian; Damani, Mausam R.; Carey,
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 1 April (4).pdf.jpg2017Computerized System for Safety Verification of External Beam Radiotherapy PlanningHoldsworth, Clay; Kukluk, Jacek; Molodowitch, Christina; Czerminska, Maria; Hancox, Cindy; Cormack, Robert a.; Beaudette, Kevin; Killoran, Joseph H.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 2 April (22).pdf.jpg2017Cone beam computed tomography incidental findings of the cervical spine and clivus: retrospective analysis and review of the literatureAlsufyani, Noura a.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 1 April (17).pdf.jpg2017Computer-Aided Design and 3-Dimensional Printing for Costal Cartilage Simulation of Airway Graft CarvingHa, Jennifer F.; Morrison, Robert J.; Green, Glenn E.; Zopf, David a.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 2 April (16).pdf.jpg2017Conditional logistic regressionClayton, D; Hills, M
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (19).pdf.jpg2017Contemporary Gleason Grading of Prostatic Carcinoma: An Update With Discussion on Practical Issues to Implement the 2014 International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP) Consensus Conference on Gleason Grading of Prostatic Carcinoma.Epstein, Jonathan I; Amin, Mahul B; Reuter, Victor E; Humphrey, Peter a
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (20).pdf.jpg2017Contemporary Incidence, Management, and Long-Term Outcomes of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions for Chronic Coronary Artery Total Occlusions: Insights From the VA CART ProgramT.T., Tsai; M.a., Stanislawski; K.a., Shunk; E.J., Armstrong; G.K., Grunwald; a.H., Schob; J.a., Valle; C.E., Alfonso; B.K., Nallamothu; P.M., Ho; J.S., Rumsfeld; E.S., Brilakis
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (23).pdf.jpg2017Content and Evaluation of the Benefits of Effective Exercise for Older Adults With Knee Pain Trial Physiotherapist Training ProgramHolden, Melanie a.; Whittle, Rebecca; Healey, Emma L.; Hill, Susan; Mullis, Ricky; Roddy, Edward; Sowden, Gail; Tooth, Stephanie; Foster, Nadine E.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (17).pdf.jpg2017Contact allergy to preservatives: ESSCA* results with the baseline series, 2009-2012Gim??nez-Arnau, a. M.; Deza, G.; Bauer, a.; Johnston, G. a.; Mahler, V.; Schuttelaar, M. L.; Sanchez-Perez, J.; Silvestre, J. F.; Wilkinson, M.; Uter, W.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (15).pdf.jpg2017Consumption of Chlorhexidine and Mupirocin Across the Health System of the US Department of Defense (DOD) and the Incidence of the qacA/B and mupA Genes in the DOD Facilities of the National Capital RegionMorgan, Mackenzie; McGann, Patrick; Gierhart, Sarah; Chukwuma, Uzo; Richesson, Douglas; Hinkle, Mary; Lesho, Emil
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (5).pdf.jpg2017CONTENTSForum, Readers
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (10).pdf.jpg2017Construct Rigidity : Keystone for Treating Pelvic DiscontinuityUrgery, S; Ncorporated, I; Martin, J Ryan; Barrett, Ian; Sierra, Rafael J; Lewallen, David G; Berry, Daniel J
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (13).pdf.jpg2017Consumer product ingestion and aspiration in children: A 15-year reviewHanba, Curtis; Cox, Steven; Bobian, Michael; Svider, Peter F.; Gonik, Nathan J.; Shkoukani, Mahdi a.; Sheyn, Anthony
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (21).pdf.jpg2017Contemporary Management of Subdural HematomasConnolly, E. Sander; McKhann, Guy M.
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 5 June (2).pdf.jpg2017Continuum of Care for Hepatitis C Virus Among Patients Diagnosed in the Emergency Department SettingAnderson, Erik S; Galbraith, James W; Deering, Laura J; Pfeil, Sarah K; Todorovic, Tamara; Rodgers, Joel B; Forsythe, Jordan M; Franco, Ricardo; Wang, Henry; Wang, N Ewen; White, Douglas a E
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 5 June (11).pdf.jpg2017Continuing Education and Meeting Calendar-
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 5 June (6).pdf.jpg2017Contribution of Assisted Reproductive Technology to Overall Births by Maternal Age in the United States, 2012-2014Levine, Aaron D.; Boulet, Sheree L.; Kissin, Dmitry M.; Rs, Kirby; Gr, Alexander

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