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2017 DAD Volume 171 February (131).pdf.jpg2017Discharge destination and readmission rates in older trauma patientsStrosberg, David S. Housley, Blain Chaise Vazquez, Daniel Rushing, Amy Steinberg, Steven Jones, Christian
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (98).pdf.jpg2017Does Orthodontic Extraction Treatment Improve the Angular Position of Third Molars? A Systematic ReviewLivas, Christos Delli, Konstantina
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (93).pdf.jpg2017Does the Time of Radiotherapy Affect Treatment Outcomes? A Review of the LiteratureChan, S. Rowbottom, L. McDonald, R. Bjarnason, G.a. Tsao, M. Danjoux, C. Barnes, E. Popovic, M. Lam, H. DeAngelis, C. Chow, E.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (151).pdf.jpg2017Diagnostic workup for postmenopausal bleeding : a randomised controlled trialHanegem, N Van Breijer, M C Slockers, S A Zafarmand, M H Geomini, Pmaj Catshoek, R
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (124).pdf.jpg2017Dissuasive exit signage for building fi re evacuationOlander, Joakim Ronchi, Enrico Lovreglio, Ruggiero Nilsson, Daniel
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (147).pdf.jpg2017Differences in clinical presentation between high and low impulsive methamphetamine usersHartwell, Emily E. Ray, Lara
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (101).pdf.jpg2017Does Psychological Profile Influence Third Molar Extraction and Postoperative Pain ?Cortell-ballester, Isidoro
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (111).pdf.jpg2017Do Antibiotics Decrease the Risk of Inflammatory Complications After Third Molar Removal in Community Practices?Lang, Melanie S Gonzalez, Martin L Dodson, Thomas B
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (79).pdf.jpg2017Driver sleepiness on YouTube: A content analysisHawkins, a. N. Filtness, a. J.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (145).pdf.jpg2017Differential impact of minimal residual disease negativity according to the salvage status in patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaJabbour, Elias Short, Nicholas J. Jorgensen, Jeffrey L. Yilmaz, Musa Ravandi, Farhad Wang, Sa a. Thomas, Deborah a. Khoury, Joseph Champlin, Richard E. Khouri, Issa Kebriaei, Partow O'Brien, Susan M. Garcia-Manero, Guillermo Cortes, Jorge E. Sasaki, Koji
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (134).pdf.jpg2017Digital workflow for a dental prosthesis that considers lateral mandibular relationPark, Ji-Hyun Kim, Jong-Eun Shim, June-Sung
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (125).pdf.jpg2017Disruption of the serotonin 5-HT2C receptor interaction with protein phosphatase and tensin homologue regulates the behavioral effects of the selective 5-HT2CR agonist WAY163909Soto, Claudia Fox, Robert G. Anastasio, Noelle C. Du, Huang Chi Gilbertson, Scott Cunningham, Kathryn a.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (149).pdf.jpg2017Diff erential eff ect of mass deworming and targeted deworming for soil-transmitted helminth control in children : a systematic review and meta-analysisClarke, Naomi E Clements, Archie C A Doi, Suhail A Wang, Dongxu Campbell, Suzy J Gray, Darren Nery, Susana V
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (120).pdf.jpg2017Distinct regulatory networks control the development of macrophages of different origins in zebrafishYu, T. Guo, W. Tian, Y. Xu, J. Chen, J. Li, L. Wen, Z.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (132).pdf.jpg2017Disability—a neglected issue in Greece's refugee campsMorgan, Jules
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (140).pdf.jpg2017Diffuse reflectionBirth, Gerald S.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (75).pdf.jpg2017Drivers’ speed profile at curves under distraction taskVieira, Fábio Sartori Larocca, Ana Paula C.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (74).pdf.jpg2017Drug resistant TB: UK multicentre study (DRUMS): Treatment, management and outcomes in London and West Midlands 2008–2014Arnold, Amber Cooke, Graham S. Kon, Onn Min Dedicoat, Martin Lipman, Marc Loyse, Angela Butcher, Philip D. Ster, Irina Chis Harrison, Thomas Stephen
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (85).pdf.jpg2017Double strand break induction and kinetics indicate preserved hypersensitivity in keratinocytes to subtherapeutic doses for 7weeks of radiotherapyQvarnström, Fredrik Simonsson, Martin Nyman, Jan Hermansson, Ingegerd Book, Majlis Johansson, Karl-Axel Turesson, Ingela
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (89).pdf.jpg2017Dose-adjusted plasma concentrations of sublingual buprenorphine are lower during than after pregnancyPharmd, Jaime R Bastian Chen, Huijun Zhang, Hongfei Rothenberger, Scott Tarter, Ralph English, Dennis Venkataramanan, Raman Caritis, Steve N