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2017A randomized placebo-controlled trial of N -acetylcysteine for cannabis use disorder in adultsGray, Kevin M; Sonne, Susan C; Mcclure, Erin A; Ghitza, Udi E; Matthews, Abigail G; Mcrae-clark, Aimee L; Carroll, Kathleen M; Potter, Jennifer S; Wiest, Katharina; Mooney, Larissa J; Hasson, Albert; Walsh, Sharon L; Lofwall, Michelle R; Babalonis, Shanna; Lindblad, Ro
2017E ff ects of parental alcohol rules on risky drinking and related problems in adolescence : Systematic review and meta-analysisSharmin, Sonia; Kypri, Kypros; Khanam, Masuma; Wadolowski, Monika; Bruno, Raimondo; Attia, John; Holliday, Elizabeth; Palazzi, Kerrin; Mattick, Richard P
2017A retrospective review of unintentional opioid overdose risk and mitigating factors among acutely injured trauma patientsBaird, Jannette; Faul, Mark; Green, Traci C; Howland, Jonathan; Adams, Charles A; George, Ann; Mello, Michael J
2017Enduring changes in brain metabolites and executive functioning in abstinent cocaine usersCrocker, Candice E; Purdon, Scot E; Hanstock, Christopher C; Lakusta, Bonnie; Seres, Peter; Tibbo, Philip G
2017E ff ects of ibudilast on oxycodone-induced analgesia and subjective e ff ects in opioid-dependent volunteersCooper, Z D; Johnson, K W; Vosburg, S K; Sullivan, M A; Manubay, J; Martinez, D; Jones, J D; Saccone, P A; Comer, S D
2017Emotion dysregulation and peer drinking norms uniquely predict alcohol- related problems via motivesSimons, Raluca M; Hahn, Austin M; Simons, S; Murase, Hanako
2017Evidence that anhedonia is a symptom of opioid dependence associated with recent useGar, Joshua B B; Cotton, Sue M; Allen, Nicholas B; Cheetham, Ali; Kras, Marni
2017Editorial Office Manager :Mitchell, William J
2017Editorial Office Manager :Mitchell, William J
2017Intrauterine exposure to tobacco and executive functioning in high schoolRose-jacobs, Ruth; Richardson, Mark A; Buchanan-howland, Kathryn; Chen, Clara A; Cabral, Howard; Heeren, Timothy C; Liebschutz, Jane; Forman, Leah; Frank, Deborah A
2017Intoxication and substance use disorder to Areca catechu nut containing betel quid : A review of epidemiological evidence , pharmacological basis and social factors in fl uencing quitting strategiesOsborne, Peter G; Ko, Ying-chin; Wu, Ming-tsang; Lee, Chien-hung
2017Long-term heroin use was associated with the downregulation of systemic platelets , BDNF , and TGF- β 1 , and it contributed to the disruption of executive function in Taiwanese Han ChineseLu, Ru-band; Lee, Sheng-yu; Wang, Tzu-yun; Chang, Yun-hsuan; Chen, Po-see
2017Longitudinal analysis of change in individual-level needle and syringe coverage amongst a cohort of people who inject drugs in Melbourne , AustraliaKeefe, Daniel O; Scott, Nick; Aitken, Campbell; Dietze, Paul
2017Ionized magnesium in plasma and erythrocytes for the assessment of low magnesium status in alcohol dependent patientsOrdak, Michal; Maj-zurawska, Magdalena; Matsumoto, Halina; Bujalska-zadrozny, Magdalena; Kieres-salomonski, Ilona; Nasierowski, Tadeusz; Muszynska, Elzbieta; Wojnar, Marcin
2017Long-term recall of social relationships related to addiction and HIV risk behaviorsStout, R L; Janssen, T; Braciszewski, J M; Neal, A Vose-o
2017Adolescents , alcohol , and marijuana : Context characteristics and problems associated with simultaneous useLipperman-kreda, Sharon; Gruenewald, Paul J; Grube, Joel W; Bersamin, Melina
2017ADHD symptoms impact smoking outcomes and withdrawal in response to Varenicline treatment for smoking cessationBidwell, L Cinnamon; Karoly, Hollis C; Hutchison, Kent E; Bryan, Angela D
2017Left frontal pole theta burst stimulation decreases orbitofrontal and insula activity in cocaine users and alcohol usersHanlon, Colleen A; Dowdle, Logan T; Correia, Brittany; Mithoefer, Oliver; Kearney-ramos, Tonisha; Lench, Daniel; Gri, Millie; Anton, Raymond F; George, Mark S
2017A phase III , randomized , multi-center , double blind , placebo controlled study of safety and e ffi cacy of lofexidine for relief of symptoms in individuals undergoing inpatient opioid withdrawalGorodetzky, Charles W; Walsh, Sharon L; Martin, Peter R; Saxon, Andrew J; Gullo, Kristen L; Biswas, Kousick
2017Di ff erences in biomarkers of crack-cocaine adolescent users before / after abstinenceGatti, Thiago; Lopes, Ronaldo; Maria, Keila; Ceresér, Mendes; Wollenhaupt, Bianca; Aguiar, De; Carvalho, Rafaela; Abrahão, De; Mafra, Patrícia; Kapczinski, Flávio; Pechansky, Flávio; Augusto, Luis; Maciel, Cláudia