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2017 DAD Volume 171 February (131).pdf.jpg2017Discharge destination and readmission rates in older trauma patientsStrosberg, David S. Housley, Blain Chaise Vazquez, Daniel Rushing, Amy Steinberg, Steven Jones, Christian
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (98).pdf.jpg2017Does Orthodontic Extraction Treatment Improve the Angular Position of Third Molars? A Systematic ReviewLivas, Christos Delli, Konstantina
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (86).pdf.jpg2017Dosimetric feasibility of ablative dose escalated focal monotherapy with MRI-guided high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy for prostate cancerHosni, Ali Carlone, Marco Rink, Alexandra Ménard, Cynthia Chung, Peter Berlin, Alejandro Siegel, R. Naishadham, D. Jemal, a. Kachuri, L. De, P. Ellison, L.F. Semenciw, R. Statistics, Advisory Committee on Canadian Cancer Sylvester, J.E. Grimm, P.D. Wong,
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (141).pdf.jpg2017Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Predictor of Outcome in Cervical Cancer After ChemoradiationHo, Jennifer C Allen, Pamela K Bhosale, Priya R Rauch, Gaiane M Fuller, Clifton D Mohamed, Abdallah S R Frumovitz, Michael Jhingran, Anuja Klopp, Ann H
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (93).pdf.jpg2017Does the Time of Radiotherapy Affect Treatment Outcomes? A Review of the LiteratureChan, S. Rowbottom, L. McDonald, R. Bjarnason, G.a. Tsao, M. Danjoux, C. Barnes, E. Popovic, M. Lam, H. DeAngelis, C. Chow, E.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (124).pdf.jpg2017Dissuasive exit signage for building fi re evacuationOlander, Joakim Ronchi, Enrico Lovreglio, Ruggiero Nilsson, Daniel
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (147).pdf.jpg2017Differences in clinical presentation between high and low impulsive methamphetamine usersHartwell, Emily E. Ray, Lara
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (113).pdf.jpg2017Do night naps impact driving performance and daytime recovery sleepCentofanti, Stephanie a. Dorrian, Jillian Hilditch, Cassie J. Banks, Siobhan
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (82).pdf.jpg2017Double-carbapenem regimen, alone or in combination with colistin, in the treatment of infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CR-Kp)Oliva, Alessandra Scorzolini, L. Castaldi, D. Gizzi, F. De Angelis, M. Storto, M. D'Abramo, a. Aloj, F. Mascellino, M.T. Mastroianni, C.M. Vullo, V.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (125).pdf.jpg2017Disruption of the serotonin 5-HT2C receptor interaction with protein phosphatase and tensin homologue regulates the behavioral effects of the selective 5-HT2CR agonist WAY163909Soto, Claudia Fox, Robert G. Anastasio, Noelle C. Du, Huang Chi Gilbertson, Scott Cunningham, Kathryn a.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (150).pdf.jpg2017Difference Between Estimated Purchase Price and Insurance Payments for Knee and Hip Implants in Privately Insured Patients Younger Than 65 YearsTseng, Yi-Ju Mandl, Kenneth D.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (99).pdf.jpg2017Does Peer Review of Radiation Plans Affect Clinical Care ? A Systematic Review of the LiteratureBrunskill, Kelsey Nguyen, Timothy K Boldt, R Gabriel Louie, Alexander V Warner, Andrew Marks, Lawrence B Palma, David A
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (143).pdf.jpg2017Differential modulation of zoledronate and etidronate in osseous healing of an extracted socket and tibia defectLim, Shin Saeng Lee, Beomseok Kim, Sook Hwang, Soon Jung
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (120).pdf.jpg2017Distinct regulatory networks control the development of macrophages of different origins in zebrafishYu, T. Guo, W. Tian, Y. Xu, J. Chen, J. Li, L. Wen, Z.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (132).pdf.jpg2017Disability—a neglected issue in Greece's refugee campsMorgan, Jules
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (18).pdf.jpg2017Disclosure of interestsKent, Athol
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (72).pdf.jpg2017Drivers’ detection of roadside targets when driving vehicles with three headlight systems during high beam activationReagan, Ian J. Brumbelow, Matthew L.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (74).pdf.jpg2017Drug resistant TB: UK multicentre study (DRUMS): Treatment, management and outcomes in London and West Midlands 2008–2014Arnold, Amber Cooke, Graham S. Kon, Onn Min Dedicoat, Martin Lipman, Marc Loyse, Angela Butcher, Philip D. Ster, Irina Chis Harrison, Thomas Stephen
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (80).pdf.jpg2017Dramatic Reduction in Tumor Size During 5 Months of Pazopanib Therapy in Combina- tion With Ifosfamide , Carboplatin , and Etoposide in an Early Infant With Progressive Soft Tissue SarcomaUnit, Hematology-oncology
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (84).pdf.jpg2017Downregulation of nucleophosmin expression inhibited proliferation and induced apoptosis in salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinomaLi, Shihao Zhang, Xinyu Zhou, Zhechong Huang, Zixian Liu, Liu Huang, Zhiquan