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2017 DAD Volume 171 February (13).pdf.jpg2017Does Restriction of Public Health Care Dental Benefits Affect the Volume, Severity, or Cost of Dental-Related Hospital Visits?Salomon, David Heidel, R Eric Kolokythas, Antonia Miloro, Michael Schlieve, Thomas
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (145).pdf.jpg2017Differential impact of minimal residual disease negativity according to the salvage status in patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaJabbour, Elias Short, Nicholas J. Jorgensen, Jeffrey L. Yilmaz, Musa Ravandi, Farhad Wang, Sa a. Thomas, Deborah a. Khoury, Joseph Champlin, Richard E. Khouri, Issa Kebriaei, Partow O'Brien, Susan M. Garcia-Manero, Guillermo Cortes, Jorge E. Sasaki, Koji
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (149).pdf.jpg2017Diff erential eff ect of mass deworming and targeted deworming for soil-transmitted helminth control in children : a systematic review and meta-analysisClarke, Naomi E Clements, Archie C A Doi, Suhail A Wang, Dongxu Campbell, Suzy J Gray, Darren Nery, Susana V
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (117).pdf.jpg2017Diversion of controlled substances at the pharmacy level: Findings from rxpatrol since introduction of opioids with abuse-deterrent propertiesErensen, Jennifer G. Haddox, James David Bauza, Luis N.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (137).pdf.jpg2017Digital technology in fixed implant prosthodonticsJoda, Tim Ferrari, Marco Gallucci, German O. Wittneben, Julia-Gabriela Brägger, Urs
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (129).pdf.jpg2017Disclosure of Disabilities by Medical StudentsAlper, Brian S Elwyn, Glyn Price, Amy Tang, Paul C Smith, Mark D Schwarz, Charlotte M
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (146).pdf.jpg2017Different trajectories of smoking behaviors across racial groupsJohnson, Linda Hartz, Sarah Bierut, Laura
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (100).pdf.jpg2017Does Preprocedural Ultrasound Increase the First-Pass Success Rate of Epidural Catheterization Before Cesarean Delivery? A Randomized Controlled TrialTawfik, Mohamed Mohamed Atallah, Magdy Mamdouh Elkharboutly, Walaa Safaa Allakkany, Nasser Sameh Abdelkhalek, Mostafa
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (105).pdf.jpg2017Does haptic steering guidance instigate speeding? A driving simulator study into causes and remediesMelman, T. de Winter, J. C F Abbink, D. a.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (87).pdf.jpg2017Dose painting by numbers based on retrospectively determined recurrence probabilitiesGr??nlund, Eric Johansson, Silvia Montelius, Anders Ahnesj??, Anders
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (92).pdf.jpg2017Does Unintentional Splenic Radiation Predict Outcomes After Pancreatic Cancer Radiation Therapy ?Chadha, Awalpreet S Liu, Guan Chen, Hsiang-chun Das, Prajnan Minsky, Bruce D Mahmood, Usama Delclos, Marc E Suh, Yelin Sawakuchi, Gabriel O Beddar, Sam Katz, Matthew H Fleming, Jason B Javle, Milind M Varadhachary, Gauri R Wolff, Robert A Crane, Christoph
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (75).pdf.jpg2017Drivers’ speed profile at curves under distraction taskVieira, Fábio Sartori Larocca, Ana Paula C.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (103).pdf.jpg2017Does the biopsychosocial-spiritual model of addiction apply in an Islamic context? A qualitative study of Jordanian addicts in treatmentGhaferi, Hamad Al Bond, Christine Matheson, Catriona
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (106).pdf.jpg2017Do pelvic floor muscle exercises reduce postpartum anal incontinence? A randomised controlled trialJohannessen, Hh Wibe, a Stordahl, a Sandvik, L Mørkved, S
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (97).pdf.jpg2017Does Mindfulness practice improve the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare students?Kelly, M.
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (81).pdf.jpg2017Dr. Dakwar responds.Dakwar, Elias
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (51).pdf.jpg2017Early learners as health coaches for older adults preparing for surgery.Kaplan, Jennifer a Brinson, Zabecca Hofer, Rebecca O'Sullivan, Patricia Chang, Anna Horvath, Helen Chang, George J Finlayson, Emily
2017 DAD Volume 172 March (7).pdf.jpg2017Increased Expression of Glutaminase in Osteoblasts Promotes Macrophage Recruitment in Periapical LesionsHou, Kuo-Liang Lin, Sze-Kwan Kok, Sang-Heng Wang, Han-Wei Lai, Eddie Hsiang-Hua Hong, Chi-Yuan Yang, Hsiang Wang, Juo-Song Lin, Li-Deh Chang, Jenny Zwei-Chieng
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (29).pdf.jpg2017Editorial BoardLingen, Mark W Assael, Leon Dodson, Thomas B Epker, Bruce N Goldman, Kim E Hasse, Charles D Mckenna, Samuel J Miloro, Michael Bell, R Bryan Pogrel, M Anthony Werther, John R Patton, Lauren L Editors, Associate Rhodus, Nelson L Stewart, Carol M Miller, Cra
2017 DAD Volume 171 February (60).pdf.jpg2017Dynamic Ultrasound-Guided Short-Axis Needle Tip Navigation Technique for Facilitating Cannulation of Peripheral Veins in Obese PatientsUeda, Kenichi Hussey, Patrick