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2017 DAD Volume 180 November (17).pdf.jpg2017Evaluating the e ff ect of smoking cessation treatment on a complex dynamical systemBekiroglu, Korkut; Russell, Michael A; Lagoa, Constantino M; Lanza, Stephanie T; Piper, Megan E
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (32).pdf.jpg2017Escalating patterns of emergency health care prior to fi rst admission with amphetamine psychosis : A window of opportunity ?Sara, Grant; Lappin, Julia; Dobbins, Timothy; Dunlop, Adrian J; Degenhardt, Louisa
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (21).pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of the AC-OK mental health and substance abuse screening measure in an international sample of Latino immigrantsChavez, Ligia M; Shrout, Patrick E; Wang, Ye; Collazos, Francisco; Carmona, Rodrigo; Alegría, Margarita
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (7).pdf.jpg2017Emotion di ff erentiation predicts likelihood of initial lapse following substance use treatmentAnand, Deepika; Chen, Yun; Lindquist, Kristen A; Daughters, Stacey B
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (32).pdf.jpg2017Predictors of treatment utilization and barriers to treatment utilization among individuals with lifetime cannabis use disorder in the United StatesKerridge, Bradley T.; Mauro, Pia M.; Chou, S. Patricia; Saha, Tulshi D.; Pickering, Roger P.; Fan, Amy Z.; Grant, Bridget F.; Hasin, Deborah S.
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (43).pdf.jpg2017Post-mortem review of fentanyl-related overdose deaths among identi fi ed drug users in Southern Bavaria , Germany , 2005 – 2014Sinicina, Inga; Sachs, Hans; Keil, Wolfgang
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (40).pdf.jpg2017Polysubstance use by psychiatry inpatients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disordersTimko, Christine; Ilgen, Mark; Haver, Marie; Shelley, Alexandra; Breland, Jessica Y
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (26).pdf.jpg2017Studying the interactive e ff ects of menthol and nicotine among youth : An examination using e-cigarettesKrishnan-sarin, Suchitra; Green, Barry G; Kong, Grace; Cavallo, Dana A; Jatlow, Peter; Gueorguieva, Ralitza; Buta, Eugenia; Malley, Stephanie S O
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (15).pdf.jpg2017Characteristics of self-in fl icted drug overdose deaths in North CarolinaAustin, Anna E; Proescholdbell, Scott K; Creppage, Kathleen E; Asbun, Alex
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (22).pdf.jpg2017Maternal buprenorphine treatment and infant outcomeJansson, Lauren M; Velez, Martha L; Mcconnell, Krystle; Spencer, Nancy; Tuten, Michelle; Jones, Hendree; Rios, Rebeca; King, Van L; Gandotra, Neeraj; Millio, Lorraine; Dipietro, Janet A
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (12).pdf.jpg2017Mental health of heroin users with di ff ering injection drug use histories : A non-treatment sample of Mexican American young adult menNowotny, Kathryn M; Perdue, Tasha; Cepeda, Alice; Valdez, Avelardo
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (37).pdf.jpg2017Marijuana use during pregnancy: A comparison of trends and correlates among married and unmarried pregnant womenOh, Sehun; Salas-Wright, Christopher P.; Vaughn, Michael G.; DiNitto, Diana M.
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (5).pdf.jpg2017Maternal and infant outcomes following third trimester exposure to marijuana in opioid dependent pregnant women maintained on buprenorphineConnor, Alane B O; Kelly, Brandon K; Brien, Liam M O
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (51).pdf.jpg2017Mediation of e ff ects of the level of response to alcohol and impulsivity 15 years later in 36-year-old men : Implications for prevention e ff ortsSchuckit, Marc A; Smith, Tom L
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (4).pdf.jpg2017Serious suicide attempts in outpatients with multiple substance use disordersIcick, R; Karsinti, E; Lépine, J-p; Bloch, V; Brousse, G
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (30).pdf.jpg2017Rural and urban comparisons of polysubstance use profiles and associated injection behaviors among people who inject drugs in Puerto RicoHautala, Dane; Abadie, Roberto; Khan, Bilal; Dombrowski, Kirk
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (29).pdf.jpg2017Robert B . Millman , MD In MemoriamWeiss, Carol J; Lowinson, Joyce
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (6).pdf.jpg2017The association between Act-Belong-Commit indicators and problem drinking among older Irish adults : Findings from a prospective analysis of the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing ( TILDA )Ivan, Ziggi; Nielsen, Line; Hinrichsen, Carsten; Tolstrup, Janne S; Vinther, Johan L; Koyanagi, Ai; Donovan, Robert J; Koushede, Vibeke
2017 DAD Volume 180 November (24).pdf.jpg2017Glial and neuroin fl ammatory targets for treating substance use disordersBachtell, Ryan K; Jones, Jermaine D; Heinzerling, Keith G; Beardsley, Patrick M; Comer, Sandra D
2017 DAD Volume 181 December (25).pdf.jpg2017Hepatitis C antibody prevalence among Mexico City prisoners injecting legal and illegal substancesSilverman-retana, Omar; Serván-mori, Edson; Mccoy, Sandra I; Larney, Sarah; Bautista-arredondo, Sergio