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2017Measuring Memory and Attention to Preview in MotionJagacinski, Richard J; Hammond, Gordon M; Rizzi, Emanuele
2017Comparison of Sedentary Behaviors in Office Workers Using Sit-Stand Tables With and Without Semiautomated Position ChangesBarbieri, Dechristian França; Carlos, São; Mathiassen, Svend Erik; Oliveira, Ana Beatriz; Carlos, São
2017Effects of Cognitive Load on Driving Performance : The Cognitive Control HypothesisEngström, Johan; Tech, Virginia; Kingdom, United; Victor, Trent
2017Enhanced Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment for Human-in-the-Loop SystemsKaber, David; Zahabi, Maryam; Carolina, North
2017Driver Movement Patterns Indicate Distraction and EngagementRadwin, Robert G; Lee, John D; Akkas, Oguz; Madison, Wisconsin
2017Dynamic Decision Making : Learning Processes and New Research DirectionsGonzalez, Cleotilde
2017Positive Affect Is Associated With Reduced Fixation in a Realistic Medical SimulationCrane, Monique F; Brouwers, Sue; Forrest, Kirsty; Tan, Suyin; Hospital, Nepean; Loveday, Thomas; Commission, Excellence; Wiggins, Mark W; Munday, Chris
2017Spearcons for Patient Monitoring : Laboratory Investigation Comparing Earcons and SpearconsLi, Simon Y W; Mun, Tuen; Kong, Hong; Tang, Tsz-lok; Sanderson, Penelope M
2017The Importance of Team Sex Composition in Team-Training Research Employing Complex Psychomotor TasksJarrett, Steven M; Glaze, Ryan M; Schurig, Ira; Jr, Winfred Arthur
2017The Influence of Hand Immersion Duration on Manual PerformanceRay, Matthew; Sanli, Elizabeth; Brown, Robert; Ennis, Kerri Ann
2017Relationship Between BMI and Fatigability Is Task DependentMehta, Ranjana K; Texas, A; Station, College; Anne, Lora
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 4  June (8).pdf.jpg2017Helicobacter pylori infection: A predictor of vomiting severity in pregnancy and adverse birth outcomeGrooten, Iris J.; Den Hollander, Wouter J.; Roseboom, Tessa J.; Kuipers, Ernst J.; Jaddoe, Vincent W.; Gaillard, Romy; Painter, Rebecca C.
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 3 May (4).pdf.jpg2017Healthcare professionals’ perspectives on a mental health educational campaign for the publicPawluk, Shane Ashley; Zolezzi, Monica
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 2 March (7).pdf.jpg2017Health professional associations and industry funding—reply from Modi et alModi, Neena; Greenough, Anne; Viner, Russell; Ellis, Judith; Marsh, Mary
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 4  June (11).pdf.jpg2017Heart rate variability changes and emotion regulation abilities in short- and long-term abstinent alcoholic individualsClaisse, Caroline; Cottencin, Olivier; Ott, Laurent; Berna, Guillaume; Danel, Thierry; Nandrino, Jean-Louis
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 2 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Health professional associations and industry funding—reply from Modi et alModi, Neena; Greenough, Anne; Viner, Russell; Ellis, Judith; Marsh, Mary
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 1 February (8).pdf.jpg2017Development of delineation for the left anterior descending coronary artery region in left breast cancer radiotherapy: An optimized organ at riskLee, Jie Hua, Kai-Lung Hsu, Shih-Ming Lin, Jhen-Bin Lee, Chou-Hsien Lu, Kuo-Wei Dai, Kun-Yao Huang, Xu-Nian Huang, Jun-Zhao Wu, Meng-Hao Chen, Yu-Jen
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 4  June (6).pdf.jpg2017Heightened Pelvic Floor Muscle Tone and Altered Contractility in Women With Provoked VestibulodyniaMorin, M??lanie; Binik, Yitzchak M.; Bourbonnais, Daniel; Khalif??, Samir; Ouellet, St??phane; Bergeron, Sophie
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 4  June (9).pdf.jpg2017Helmet use and risk of head injuries in alpine skiers and snowboarders: changes after an interval of one decadeSulheim, Steinar; Ekeland, Arne; Holme, Ingar; Bahr, Roald
2017 HF Volume 59 Issue 4  June (2).pdf.jpg2017Heart transplantation in selected patients aged 60 years and older: a two-decade retrospective and multicentre analysisBosseau, Christian; Lelong, Bernard; Pattier, Sabine; Trochu, Jean-Noël; Roussel, Jean-Christian; Sirinelli, Agnès; Aupart, Michel; Chabanne, Céline; Dorent, Richard; Cantrelle, Christelle; Mabo, Philippe; Leclercq, Christophe; Verhoye, Jean-Philippe; Flécher, Erwan

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