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2017 IJNS Volume 69 April (8).pdf.jpg2017Identification and assessment of requirements of temporary edge protection systems for buildingsPenaloza, Guillermina Andrea; Saurin, Tarcisio Abreu; Formoso, Carlos Torres
2017 IJNS Volume 67 February (11).pdf.jpg2017Improving Lower Extremity Functioning in Peripheral Artery Disease: Exercise, Endovascular Revascularization, or Both?McDermott, Mary McGrae Kibbe, Melina R.
2017 IJNS Volume 69 April (15).pdf.jpg2017IASLC / ITMIG Staging System and Lymph Node Map forNeoplasms, Thymic Epithelial; Marcelo, F; Godoy, Myrna C; Truong, Mylene T; Rosado-de-christenson, Melissa L; Marom, Edith M
2017 IJNS Volume 67 February (5).pdf.jpg2017Improved Survival With Local Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Men With Metastatic Disease: Look Before You LeapDalela, Deepansh Jindal, Tarun Menon, Mani Abdollah, Firas
2017 IJNS Volume 68 March (4).pdf.jpg2017Implementation of Massive Transfusion Protocols in the United States: The Relationship Between Evidence and PracticeEditorial, E
2017 IJNS Volume 67 February (1).pdf.jpg2017In fl uence of lane departure warnings onset and reliability on car drivers ' behaviorsNavarro, J Deniel, J Yous, E Jallais, C Bueno, M Fort, A
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (3).pdf.jpg2017Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisRicheldi, Luca; Collard, Harold R.; Jones, Mark G.
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (12).pdf.jpg2017Identifying biomarkers in human psoriasis: revealed by a systems metabolomics approachYan, J.
2017 IJNS Volume 69 April (1).pdf.jpg2017Hypoxia induced cognitive impairment modulating activity of Cyperus rotundusKandikattu, Hemanth Kumar; Deep, Satya Narayan; Razack, Sakina; Amruta, Narayanappa; Prasad, Dipti; Khanum, Farhath
2017 IJNS Volume 66 January (11).pdf.jpg2017In sickness and in dignity: A philosophical account of the meaning of dignity in health careBarclay, Linda
2017 IJNS Volume 67 February (3).pdf.jpg2017Improving our understanding of multi-tasking in healthcare : Drawing together the cognitive psychology and healthcare literatureDouglas, Heather E Raban, Magdalena Z Walter, Scott R Westbrook, Johanna I
2017 IJNS Volume 68 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Improved Temporomandibular Joint Position After 3-Dimensional Planned Mandibular ReconstructionSawh-martinez, Rajendra Parsaei, Yassmin Wu, Robin Lin, Alexander Metzler, Philipp Desesa, Christopher Steinbacher, Derek M
2017 IJNS Volume 68 March (5).pdf.jpg2017Implications of Perioperative Team Setups for Operating Room Management DecisionsDoll, Dietrich Kauf, Peter Wieferich, Katharina Schiffer, Ralf Luedi, Markus M Carlo, Monte
2017 IJNS Volume 66 January (4).pdf.jpg2017In Reply to Mazeron et al The Radiation Oncology Job Market In Regard to Pan et al and Falit et alZealand, New
2017 IJNS Volume 66 January (3).pdf.jpg2017In the midst of Zika pregnancy advisories, termination of pregnancy is the elephant in the roomAiken, a. R a Aiken, C. E. Trussell, J.
2017 IJNS Volume 70 May (4).pdf.jpg2017Identification of Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus Polymerase ComplexJimenez-Somarribas, Alberto; Mao, Shuli; Yoon, Jeong-Joong; Weisshaar, Marco; Cox, Robert M.; Marengo, Jose R.; Mitchell, Deborah G; Morehouse, Zachary Patrick; Yan, Dan; Solis, Ivan; Liotta, Dennis C.; Natchus, Michael G; Plemper, Richard K.
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (13).pdf.jpg2017Identifying concussion: when guidelines collide with real-world implementation—is a formal medical diagnosis necessary in every case once a proper protocol is implemented?Frémont, Pierre
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (16).pdf.jpg2017Identifying people at higher risk of melanoma across the U.K.: A primary-care-based electronic surveyUsher-Smith, J. a.; Kassianos, a. P.; Emery, J. D.; Abel, G. a.; Teoh, Z.; Hall, S.; Neal, R. D.; Murchie, P.; Walter, F. M.
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (5).pdf.jpg2017If brains could talkBurton, Robert A
2017 IJNS Volume 71 June (7).pdf.jpg2017IFC - Advertising/Publication Info and Editorial Board-