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2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (11).pdf.jpg2017Multi-institutional analysis of radiation modality use and postoperative outcomes of neoadjuvant chemoradiation for esophageal cancerLin, Steven H; Merrell, Kenneth W; Shen, Jincheng; Verma, Vivek; Correa, Arlene M; Wang, Lu; Thall, Peter F; Bhooshan, Neha; James, Sarah E; Haddock, Michael G; Suntharalingam, Mohan; Mehta, Minesh P; Liao, Zhongxing; Cox, James D; Komaki, Ritsuko; Mehran, Reza J; Chuong
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (19).pdf.jpg2017Phase I dose escalation study of concurrent palliative radiation therapy with sorafenib in three anatomical cohorts ( Thorax , Abdomen , Pelvis ): The TAP studyMurray, Louise; Longo, Joseph; Wan, Jonathan; Chung, Caroline; Wang, Lisa; Dawson, Laura; Milosevic, Michael; Oza, Amit; Brade, Anthony
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2017Metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma : Patterns of care and survival for patients receiving chemotherapy with and without local radiotherapyRusthoven, Chad G; Lanning, Ryan M; Jones, Bernard L; Amini, Arya; Koshy, Matthew; Sher, David J; Bowles, Daniel W; Mcdermott, Jessica D; Jimeno, Antonio; Karam, Sana D
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (13).pdf.jpg2017Intraoperative Registered Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy ( iRUF ) for dose calculation during prostate brachytherapy : Improved accuracy compared to standard ultrasound-based dosimetryLee, Junghoon; Mian, Omar Y; Le, Yi; Joon, Hee; Burdette, E Clif; Deweese, Theodore L; Prince, Jerry L; Song, Daniel Y
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (25).pdf.jpg2017Prognostic factors of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the head and neck in carbon-ion radiotherapy : The impact of histological subtypesIkawa, Hiroaki; Koto, Masashi; Takagi, Ryo; Ebner, Daniel K; Hasegawa, Azusa
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (10).pdf.jpg2017Interfractional variability of respiration-induced esophageal tumor motion quantified using fiducial markers and four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomographyJin, Peng; Hulshof, Maarten C C M; Wieringen, Niek Van; Bel, Arjan; Alderliesten, Tanja
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (21).pdf.jpg2017Reply to the Letter to the Editor by Vargo et al.Chang, Jee Suk; Byun, Hwa Kyung; Kim, Yong Bae
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (28).pdf.jpg2017Radiotherapy & OncologyCoppes, Rob P; Deutsch, Eric; Georg, Dietmar; Haustermans, Karin
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (16).pdf.jpg2017Quality assurance of radiotherapy in the ongoing EORTC 1219-DAHANCA-29 trial for HPV / p16 negative squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck : Results of the benchmark case procedureChristiaens, Melissa; Collette, Sandra; Overgaard, Jens; Gregoire, Vincent; Kazmierska, Joanna; Castadot, Pierre; Giralt, Jordi; Grant, Warren; Tomsej, Milan; Bar-deroma, Raquel; Monti, Angelo F; Wilhelm, Coen; Charles, Damien
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (18).pdf.jpg2017Radiation and PD-1 inhibition : Favorable outcomes after brain-directed radiationPike, Luke R G; Bang, Andrew; Ott, Patrick; Balboni, Tracy; Taylor, Allison; Catalano, Paul; Rawal, Bhupendra; Spektor, Alexander; Krishnan, Monica; Cagney, Daniel; Alexander, Brian; Aizer, Ayal A; Buchbinder, Elizabeth; Awad, Mark; Gandhi, Leena; Hodi, F Stephen; Schoen
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (14).pdf.jpg2017Population-based assessment of relationship between volume of practice and outcomes in head and neck cancer patients treated in a provincially coordinated radiotherapy programMclay, Mary; Stedford, Adrienne; Yurkowski, Emily; Matlock, Scott; Cheung, Winson; Tran, Eric; Berthelet, Eric; Wu, Jonn; Olson, Robert
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (22).pdf.jpg2017Risk of hypothyroidism among patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with radiation therapy : A Population-Based Cohort StudyFan, Chao-yueh; Lin, Chun-shu; Chao, Hsing-lung; Huang, Wen-yen; Su, Yu-fu; Lin, Kuen-tze; Tsai, I-ju; Kao, Chia-hung
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (2).pdf.jpg2017The effect of endorectal balloon on anorectal dose during postoperative volumetric arc radiotherapy of prostate cancerStreller, Tino; Rusch, Urs; Lablanca, Maria D Herraiz; Minneken, Ira; Najafi, Yousef; Shrestha, Binaya; Oertel, Susanne; Riesterer, Oliver
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (3).pdf.jpg2017Recurrence patterns after a decreased dose of 40 Gy to the elective treated neck in head and neck cancerNevens, Daan; Duprez, Fréderic; Daisne, Jean-françois; Schatteman, Julie; Vorst, Aline Van Der; Neve, Wilfried De; Nuyts, Sandra
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (1).pdf.jpg2017Involved-field irradiation concurrently combined with nedaplatin/5-fluorouracil for inoperable esophageal cancer on basis of 18FDG-PET scans: A long follow-up results of phase II studyYamashita, Hideomi; Abe, Osamu; Nakagawa, Keiichi
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (27).pdf.jpg2017MLC tracking for lung SABR reduces planning target volumes and dose to organs at riskCaillet, Vincent; Keall, Paul J; Colvill, Emma; Hardcastle, Nicholas; Brien, Ricky O; Szymura, Kathryn; Booth, Jeremy T
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (9).pdf.jpg2017An evaluation of motion mitigation techniques for pancreatic SBRTCampbell, Warren G; Jones, Bernard L; Schefter, Tracey; Goodman, Karyn A; Miften, Moyed
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (29).pdf.jpg2017Cited in: Chemical Abstracts, Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), Current Contents (Clinical Medicine; Life Sciences), Index Medicus (MEDLINE), Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS), Full text available on ScienceDirectRuysscher, D De; Moeller, D; Nestle, U; Hurkmans, C W; Belderbos, J; Guckenberger, M; Senan, S; Guckenberger, M; Andratschke, N; Dieckmann, K; Hoogeman, M S; Hoyer, M; Hurkmans, C; Lartigau, E; Senan, S; Articles, Original; Caillet, V; Keall, P J; Colvill, E; Hardcastle, N
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 3 June (17).pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of intensity modulated radiation therapy dose painting for localized prostate cancer using 68 Ga-HBED-CC PSMA-PET / CT : A planning study based on histopathology referenceZamboglou, Constantinos; Sachpazidis, Ilias; Koubar, Khodor; Drendel, Vanessa; Wiehle, Rolf; Kirste, Simon; Mix, Michael; Schiller, Florian; Mavroidis, Panayiotis; Meyer, Philipp T; Werner, Martin; Grosu, Anca L; Baltas, Dimos
2017 RO Volume 124 Issue 1 July (8).pdf.jpg2017ESTRO ACROP consensus guideline on implementation and practice of stereotactic body radiotherapy for peripherally located early stage non-small cell lung cancerGuckenberger, Matthias; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Dieckmann, Karin; Hoogeman, Mischa S; Hoyer, Morten; Hurkmans, Coen; Tanadini-lang, Stephanie; Lartigau, Eric; Méndez, Alejandra; Senan, Suresh; Verellen, Dirk