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2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (11).pdf.jpg2017A national dosimetry audit for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in lungDistefano, Gail Lee, Jonny Jafari, Shakardokht Gouldstone, Clare Baker, Colin Mayles, Helen Clark, Catharine H
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (6).pdf.jpg2017A multivariate-based conflict prediction model for a Brazilian freewayCaleffi, Felipe Anzanello, Michel Jos?? Cybis, Helena Beatriz Bettella
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (15).pdf.jpg2017A novel humanized mouse model with significant improvement of class- switched, antigen-specific antibody productionYu, Hua Borsotti, Chiara Schickel, Jean-Nicolas Zhu, Shu Strowig, Till Eynon, Elizabeth E. Frleta, Davor Gurer, Cagan Murphy, Andrew J. Yancopoulos, George D. Meffre, Eric Manz, Markus G. Flavell, Richard a.
2017 TUBE Volume 102 January (10).pdf.jpg2017A Nurse-Led Telehealth Program to Improve Emotional Health in Individuals With Multiple SclerosisSclerosis, With Multiple
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (8).pdf.jpg2017A novel Bayesian hierarchical model for road safety hotspot predictionFawcett, Lee Thorpe, Neil Matthews, Joseph Kremer, Karsten
2017 TUBE Volume 102 January (1).pdf.jpg2017A novel scoring system associating with preoperative platelet/lymphocyte and clinicopathologic features to predict lymph node metastasis in early gastric cancerLou, Neng Zhang, Liang Chen, Xiao-Dong Pang, Wen-Yang Arvine, Chandoo Huang, Yin-Peng Zhuang, Cheng-Le Shen, Xian
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (4).pdf.jpg2017Zygodactyly is strongly associated with Acute Myeloid LeukaemiaNiblock, Aaron; Mcconville, Dominic Og; Morrison, Patrick John
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (6).pdf.jpg2017Β-Alanine Supplementation To Improve Exercise Capacity and Performance: a Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSaunders, Bryan; Elliott-Sale, Kirsty; Artioli, Guilherme G; Swinton, Paul a; Dolan, Eimear; Roschel, Hamilton; Sale, Craig; Gualano, Bruno
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (1).pdf.jpg2017Zika virus detected in amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood in an in vitro fertilization-conceived pregnancy in VenezuelaBenjamin, Isaac; Fern??ndez, Gissel; Figueira, Jos?? Valentin; Parpac??n, Leticia; Urbina, Mar??a Teresa; Medina, Randolfo
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (11).pdf.jpg2017Zika Virus Infection and Associated Neurologic Disorders in Brazilde Oliveira, Wanderson K.; Carmo, Eduardo H.; Henriques, Claudio M.; Coelho, Giovanini; Vazquez, Enrique; Cortez-Escalante, Juan; Molina, Joaquin; Aldighieri, Sylvain; Espinal, Marcos a.; Dye, Christopher
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (3).pdf.jpg2017Zr-Metal Organic Framework and derivatives for Adsorptive and Photocatalytic Removal of Acid DyesAndrew Lin, Hongta Yang, and Fu-Kong Hsu, Kun-Yi
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (8).pdf.jpg2017d i r e c t f r o m c d cMichele, C; Kunz, Jasen M; Beach, Michael J
2017 TUBE Volume 102 January (7).pdf.jpg2017A novel prognostic model for osteosarcoma using circulating CXCL10 and FLT3LGFlores, Ricardo J. Kelly, Aaron J. Li, Yiting Nakka, Manjula Barkauskas, Donald a. Krailo, Mark Wang, Lisa L. Perlaky, Laszlo Lau, Ching C. Hicks, M. John Man, Tsz Kwong
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (2).pdf.jpg2017A Novel Approach for the Control of Inflammatory Pain: Prostaglandin E2 Complexation by Randomly Methylated β -CyclodextrinsMechanisms, Analgesic Sauer, Reine-solange Rittner, Heike Lydia Roewer, Norbert Shityakov, Sergey Brack, Alexander Broscheit, Jens-albert
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (12).pdf.jpg2017A Monte-Carlo simulation analysis for evaluating the severity distribution functions (SDFs) calibration methodology and determining the minimum sample-size requirementsShirazi, Mohammadali Reddy Geedipally, Srinivas Lord, Dominique
2017 Tuberculosis Volume 104 May (13).pdf.jpg2017Zika virus: skin is commonly involvedAndersen, Louise K.; Azulay-Abulafia, Luna; Davis, Mark D P
2017 TUBE Volume 102 January (2).pdf.jpg2017A novel paradigm associated with callous unemotional traits among adolescents with substance and conduct problems: Behavioral and fMRI findingsSakai, Joseph Dalwani, Manish Mikulich-Gilbertson, Susan Kay McWilliams, Shannon K. Raymond, Kristen Tanabe, Jody Banich, M.T. Crowley, Thomas J.
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (1).pdf.jpg2017A new therapeutic advance for symptomatic systemic mastocytosis?Arock, Michel
2017 TUBE Volume 103 March (10).pdf.jpg2017A New Year's Resolution IdeaMorton, Patricia Gonce
2017 TUBE Volume 102 January (6).pdf.jpg2017A novel computer system for the evaluation of nasolabial morphology, symmetry and aesthetics after cleft lip and palate treatment. Part 1: General concept and validation.Pietruski, Piotr Majak, Marcin Debski, Tomasz Antoszewski, Boguslaw

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