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2017Adolescent and adult drivers ’ mobile phone use while driving with di ff erent interlocutorsMirman, Jessica H; Durbin, Dennis R; Lee, Yi-ching; Seifert, Sara J
2017Is vehicle automation enough to prevent crashes ? Role of tra ffi c operations in automated driving environments for tra ffi c safetyJeong, Eunbi; Oh, Cheol; Lee, Seolyoung
2017Mechanisms underlying cognitive conspicuity in the detection of cyclists by car driversRogé, Joceline; Ndiaye, Daniel; Aillerie, Isabelle; Aillerie, Stéphane; Navarro, Jordan
2017Multiuse trail intersection safety analysis : A crowdsourced data perspectiveJestico, Ben; Nelson, Trisalyn A; Potter, Jason; Winters, Meghan
2017Age , gender and deterrability : Are younger male drivers more likely to discount the future ?Freeman, James; Kaye, Sherrie-anne; Truelove, Verity; Davey, Jeremy
2017nervous system to discriminate the possible negative e ff ects of advancedRuscio, D; Bos, A J; Ciceri, M R
2017Mild Cognitive Impairment and driving : Does in-vehicle distraction a ff ect driving performance ?Beratis, Ion N; Pavlou, Dimosthenis; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Andronas, Nikolaos
2017Learning game for training child bicyclists ’ situation awarenessLehtonen, Esko; Sahlberg, Heidi; Rovamo, Emilia; Summala, Heikki
2017Alcohol consumption and cycling in contrast to drivingHagemeister, Carmen; Kronmaier, Markus
2017Can vehicle longitudinal jerk be used to identify aggressive drivers ? An examination using naturalistic driving dataFeng, Fred; Bao, Shan; Sayer, James R; Flannagan, Carol; Manser, Michael; Wunderlich, Robert
2017Can cycling safety be improved by opening all unidirectional cycle paths for cycle traffic in both directions ? A theoretical examination of available literature and dataMethorst, Rob; Schepers, Paul; Kamminga, Jaap; Zeegers, Theo; Fishman, Elliot
2017Can cyclist safety be improved with intelligent transport systems ?Silla, Anne; Leden, Lars; Rämä, Pirkko; Scholliers, Johan; Noort, Martijn Van; Bell, Daniel
2017Analysis of factors affecting the severity of crashes in urban road intersectionsMussone, L; Bassani, M; Masci, P
2017Performance of basic kinematic thresholds in the identification of crash and near-crash events within naturalistic driving dataPerez, Miguel A; Sudweeks, Jeremy D; Sears, Edie; Antin, Jonathan; Lee, Suzanne; Hankey, Jonathan M; Dingus, Thomas A
2017An item-response theory approach to safety climate measurement : The Liberty Mutual Safety Climate Short ScalesHuang, Yueng-hsiang; Lee, Jin; Chen, Zhuo; Perry, Mackenna; Cheung, Janelle H; Wang, Mo
2017Novelty helmet use and motorcycle rider fatalityRice, Thomas M; Troszak, Lara; Erhardt, Taryn; Trent, Roger B; Zhu, Motao
2017An experiment on rider stability while mounting : Comparing middle-aged and elderly cyclists on pedelecs and conventional bicyclesTwisk, D A M; Platteel, S; Lovegrove, G R
2017New functional pavements for pedestrians and cyclistsWallqvist, V; Kjell, G; Cupina, E; Kraft, L; Deck, C; Willinger, R
2017An empirical analysis of run-off-road injury severity crashes involving large trucksAl-bdairi, Nabeel Saleem Saad; Hernandez, Salvador
2017Pedestrian-driver communication and decision strategies at marked crossingsSucha, Matus; Dostal, Daniel; Risser, Ralf