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2017Types of tooth movement , bodily or tipping , do not affect the displacement of the tooth ’ s center of resistance but do affect the alveolar bone resorptionKondo, Takanobu; Hotokezaka, Hitoshi; Hamanaka, Ryo; Hashimoto, Megumi; Nakano-, Takako
2017Twin Block appliance with acrylic capping does not have a significant inhibitory effect on lower incisor proclinationCornelis, Mark; Plas, Van Der; Ingeborg, Krista; Pandis, Nikolaos; Livas, Christos
2017Treatment of vertical maxillary excess without open bite in a skeletal Class II hyperdivergent patientPaik, Cheol-ho; Park, Hong-sik; Ahn, Hyo-won
2017Initial forces experienced by the anterior and posterior teeth during dental- anchored or skeletal-anchored en masse retraction in vitroLee, David; Heo, Giseon; El-bialy, Tarek; Carey, Jason P; Major, Paul W; Romanyk, Dan L
2017Morphological relationship analysis of impacted maxillary canines and the adjacent teeth on 3-dimensional reconstructed CT imagesKim, Yoojun; Hyun, Hong-keun; Jang, Ki-taeg
2017Low-level laser therapy effectiveness in accelerating orthodontic tooth movement : A randomized controlled clinical trialArticle, Original
2017Three-dimensional analysis of upper airway morphology in skeletal Class III patients with and without mandibular asymmetryArticle, Original
2017Quantification of the force systems delivered by transpalatal arches activated in the six Burstone geometriesArticle, Original
2017Letters From Our ReadersSun, Hao; Hu, Rongdang; Ren, Manman; Wang, Xiuying; Sun, Chaofan; The, Yi Wang
2017This listing of academic opportunities is provided as a free service to the profession and the community . Submit Written Examination Questions to the American Board of Orthodontics
2017Letters From Our ReadersVassara, Jason William; Karydisb, Anastasios
2017Letters From Our Readers
2017Incisor and molar overjet , arch contraction , and molar relationship in the mixed dentition in repaired complete unilateral cleft lip and palate : A qualitative and quantitative appraisalDisthaporn, Suteeta; Suri, Sunjay; Ross, Bruce; Tompson, Bryan; Baena, Diogenes
2017Changes in pharyngeal airway dimensions and hyoid bone position after maxillary protraction with different alternate rapid maxillary expansion and construction protocols : A prospective clinical studyArticle, Original
2017Forces and moments delivered by the PET-G aligner to a maxillary central incisor for palatal tipping and intrusionCam, C A D
2017Ectopic eruption of the maxillary second molar : Predictive factorsHwang, Soonshin; Jeong, Yoon; Yeon, Ji; Chung, Chooryung; Kim, Kyung-ho
2017Characterization of the coatings covering esthetic orthodontic archwires and their influence on the bending and frictional propertiesArticle, Original
2017Eruption rates of lower second premolars at different development stages evaluated with cone-beam computed tomographyArticle, Original
2017Effects of skeletally anchored Class II elastics : A pilot study and new approach for treating Class II malocclusionArticle, Original
2017Evidence favoring a secular reduction in mandibular leeway spaceAllen, Tyler R; Trojan, Terry M; Harris, Edward F

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