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2017A Nationwide Rise in the Use of Stents for Benign Esophageal PerforationThornblade, Lucas W; Cheng, Aaron M; Wood, Douglas E; Mulligan, Michael S; Saunders, Michael D; He, Hao; Oelschlager, Brant K; Flum, David R; Farjah, Farhood
2017Delayed Management of Partial Aortic Valve Avulsion After Transcatheter Aortic Valve ReplacementFacc, Dimitri Sherev; Ms, Khalid Azizi; Facc, Nassir A Azimi; Nordheim, Susan Van; Ms, R N; Moreno-cabral, Ricardo
2017A New Intraoperative Protocol for Reducing Perioperative Transfusions in Cardiac SurgeryMehaffey, J Hunter; Schubert, Sarah A; Gelvin, Michael G; Charles, Eric J; Hawkins, Robert B; Johnston, Lily E; Ailawadi, Gorav; Kron, Irving L; Yarboro, Leora T
2017Coronary Sinus Orifice Atresia After the Fontan Completion: Unique Repair TechniqueYokoyama, Shinya; Yonekura, Takeo; Nishiwaki, Noboru; Taniguchi, Shigeki
2017Complete Neurological Recovery After Acute Total Occlusion of the Superior Vena CavaLiang, Yafen; Kaiser, Clayton A; Danter, Matthew R
2017Customized Hinged Covered Metallic Stents for the Treatment of Benign Main Bronchial StenosisHan, Xinwei; Al-tariq, Quazi; Zhao, Yanle
2017CORRESPONDENCE A Hand is a Terrible Thing to Waste To the Editor : Catamenial Pneumothorax : A Matter ofBurack, Joshua
2017Computed Tomography Better Than Magnetic Resonance Imaging forAssessment, Resternotomy Risk
2017Adjuvant Chemotherapy Is Associated With Improved Survival in Locally Invasive NodeCell, Negative Non-small; Cancer, Lung; Ahmad, Usman; Crabtree, Traves D; Patel, Aalok P; Morgensztern, Daniel; Robinson, Cliff G; Krupnick, A Sasha; Kreisel, Daniel; Jones, David R; Patterson, G Alexander; Meyers, Bryan F; Puri, Varun
2017Libman-Sacks Endocarditis Due to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Activation After Mitral Valve PlastySamura, Takaaki; Toda, Koichi; Yoshioka, Daisuke; Nakamura, Teruya; Miyagawa, Shigeru; Yoshikawa, Yasushi; Saito, Shunsuke; Domae, Keitaro; Sawa, Yoshiki
2017Lung Abscess as Delayed Manifestation of Pulmonary Arterial Narrowing After Sleeve ResectionPlatzek, Ivan; Riede, Frank-thomas
2017Mechanical Failure of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Induced bySon, Kuk Hui; Lee, Seok In; Choi, Chang-hyu
2017Laparoscopic Approach for Treatment of Symptomatic Intra-Pericardial CystChihara, Ray K; Force, Seth D
2017Massive Pulmonary Embolization From Intravenous Leiomyosarcoma With Intracardial ExtensionYu, Lei; Gu, Tianxiang
2017Mean Computed Tomography Value to Predict the Tumor Invasiveness in ClinicalIa, Stage; Cancer, Lung
2017Invited CommentaryEghtesady, Pirooz
2017Long-Term Risk of Ischemic Stroke After the Cox-Maze III Procedure forFibrillation, Atrial
2017Reexamining the Role of Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement After MediastinalGhoneim, Aly; Bouhout, Ismail; Perrault, Louis P; Bouchard, Denis; Pellerin, Michel; Lamarche, Yoan; Demers, Philippe; Carrier, Michel; Cartier, Raymond; El-hamamsy, Ismail
2017Regional Changes in Lea fl et Coaptation Dynamics After Total Tricuspid ReconstructionRopcke, Diana M; Ilkjær, Christine; Skov, Søren N; Tjørnild, Marcell J; Vibaek, Anders; Jensen, Henrik; Hjortdal, Vibeke E; Nielsen, Sten L
2017Promising Outcome of Anatomic Correction of Corrected Transposition of the Great ArteriesHraska, Viktor; Vergnat, Mathieu; Zartner, Peter; Hart, Chris; Suchowerskyj, Phillip; Bierbach, Benjamin; Schindler, Ehrenfried; Schneider, Martin; Asfour, Boulos

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