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2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (16).pdf.jpg2017Clinical adequacy assessment of auto-contours for prostate IMRT with meaningful endpointsNourzadeh, Hamidreza; Watkins, William T.; Ahmad, Mahmoud; Hui, Cheukkai; Schlesinger, David; Siebers, Jeffrey V.
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (23).pdf.jpg2017Clinical and Imaging Features of Noncutaneous MelanomaWong, Vincenzo K.; Lubner, Meghan G.; Menias, Christine O.; Mellnick, Vincent M.; Kennedy, Tabassum a.; Bhalla, Sanjeev; Pickhardt, Perry J.
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (36).pdf.jpg2017Clinical Benefit of Ablating Localized Sources for Human Atrial Fibrillation: The Indiana University FIRM RegistryMiller, John M.; Kalra, Vikas; Das, Mithilesh K.; Jain, Rahul; Garlie, Jason B.; Brewster, Jordan a.; Dandamudi, Gopi
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (30).pdf.jpg2017Clinical and Radiographic Characteristics of Vertical Root Fractures in Endodontically and Nonendodontically Treated TeethLiao, Wan Chuen; Tsai, Yi Ling; Wang, Chen Ying; Chang, Mei Chi; Huang, Wei Ling; Lin, Hsueh Jen; Liu, Hsin Cheng; Chan, Chiu Po; Chang, Shu Hui; Jeng, Jiiang Huei
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (17).pdf.jpg2017Clinical Anatomy of the Lingual Nerve: A ReviewSittitavornwong, Somsak; Babston, Michael; Denson, Douglas; Zehren, Steven; Friend, Jonathan
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (24).pdf.jpg2017Clinical and molecular aspects of distal renal tubular acidosis in childrenBesouw, Martine T P; Bienias, Marc; Walsh, Patrick; Kleta, Robert; Van???t Hoff, William G.; Ashton, Emma; Jenkins, Lucy; Bockenhauer, Detlef
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (64).pdf.jpg2017Clinical Infectious DiseasesPneumonia, Associated
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (19).pdf.jpg2017Clinical and biometric determinants of actual lens position after cataract surgeryPlat, Julien; Hoa, Didier; Mura, Frederic; Busetto, Timothe; Schneider, Christelle; Payerols, Arnaud; Villain, Max; Daien, Vincent
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (47).pdf.jpg2017Clinical evaluation of the Abbott RealTime MTB Assay for direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-complex from respiratory and non-respiratory samples.Hinić, Vladimira; Feuz, Kinga; Turan, Selda; Berini, Andrea; Frei, Reno; Pfeifer, Karin; Goldenberger, Daniel
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (37).pdf.jpg2017Clinical Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Thrombosis After Transcatheter Aortic Valve ReplacementJose, John; Sulimov, Dmitriy S.; El-Mawardy, Mohamed; Sato, Takao; Allali, Abdelhakim; Holy, Erik W.; Becker, Björn; Landt, Martin; Kebernik, Julia; Schwarz, Bettina; Richardt, Gert; Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed

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