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2017Infographic : 2016 Consensus statement on return to sport from the First World Congress in Sports Physical Therapy , Bern Infographic : 2016 Consensus statement onArdern, Clare L; Glasgow, Philip; Schneiders, Anthony G; Witvrouw, Erik; Clarsen, Benjamin; Cools, Ann M J; Gojanovic, Boris; Griffin, Steffan; Khan, Karim; Moksnes, Håvard; Mutch, Stephen; Phillips, Nicola; Reurink, Guus; Sadler, Robin; Silbernagel, Karin Gravare; Thor
2017Infographic . General guidance for the prevention of illness in athletesSchwellnus, Martin; Soligard, Torbjørn; Alonso, Juan Manuel; Bahr, Roald; Clarsen, Ben; Dijkstra, H Paul; Gabbett, Tim J; Gleeson, Michael; Hägglund, Martin; Hutchinson, Mark R; Rensburg, Christa Janse Van; Meeusen, Romain; Orchard, John W; Pluim, Babette M; Raftery, M
2017Interseason variability of a functional movement test , the 9 + screening battery , in professional male football playersBakken, A; Targett, S; Bere, T; Eirale, C; Farooq, A; Tol, J L; Whiteley, R; Witvrouw, E; Khan, K M; Bahr, R
2017Is it time to loosen the restrictions on athletes with cardiac disorders competing in sport ?Providência, Rui; Teixeira, Carina; Segal, Oliver; Ullstein, Augustus; Mueser, Kim T; Lambiase, Pier
2017Injuries impair the chance of successful performance by sportspeople : a systematic reviewDrew, Michael K; Raysmith, Ben P; Charlton, Paula C
2017it is time for evidence-based marketing claims ! Wearable , yes , but able … ?: it is time for evidence-based marketing claims ! Email alerting serviceLetter, Postscript
2017Infographic . Best investments for physical activitySchiphorst, C; Murray, A; Kelly, P; Oliver, C; Bull, F
2017Infographic . Physical activity for children and young peopleReid, Hamish; Foster, Charlie
2017Acute Achilles tendon ruptureSingh, Dishan
2017What strategies can be used to effectively reduce the risk of concussion in sport ? A systematic reviewEmery, Carolyn A; Black, Amanda M; Kolstad, Ash; Martinez, German; Nettel-aguirre, Alberto; Engebretsen, Lars; Johnston, Karen; Kissick, James; Maddocks, David; Tator, Charles; Aubry, Mark; Dvořák, Jiří
2017Blood flow restriction training in clinical musculoskeletal rehabilitation : a systematic review and meta-analysisHughes, Luke; Paton, Bruce; Rosenblatt, Ben; Gissane, Conor; Patterson, Stephen David; Park, George
2017Why do workload spikes cause injuries , and which athletes are at higher risk ? Mediators and moderators in workload – injury investigationsWindt, Johann; Zumbo, Bruno D; Sporer, Ben; Macdonald, Kerry; Gabbett, Tim J
2017Who ‘ owns ’ the injury or illness ? Who ‘ owns ’ performance ? Applying systems thinking to integrate health and performance in elite sportMooney, Mitchell; Charlton, Paula C; Soltanzadeh, Sadjad; Drew, Michael K
2017Back to basics with some new tools : fi rst ensure the safety of sporting environmentsFinch, Caroline F; Brown, James C; Readhead, Clint; Lambert, Mike; Viljoen, Wayne
2017Which app should I use ? Patients and doctors are making increasing use of health apps , but there is little guidance about how well they workArmstrong, Stephen
2017Become one with the force : optimising mechanotherapy through an understanding of mechanobiologyWarden, Stuart J; Thompson, William R
2017World Rugby ’ s erroneous and misleading representation of Australian sports ’ injury statisticsPiggin, Joe; Pollock, Allyson
2017Biopsychosocial model of disease : 40 years on . Which way is the pendulum swinging ?Jull, Gwendolen
2017Epidemiology of 3825 injuries sustained in six seasons of National Collegiate Athletic Association men ’ s and women ’ s soccer ( 2009 / 2010 – 2014 / 2015 )Roos, Karen G; Wasserman, Erin B; Dalton, Sara L; Gray, Aaron; Djoko, Aristarque; Dompier, Thomas P; Kerr, Zachary Y
2017Effect of cardiorespiratory and strength exercises on disease activity in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases : a systematic review and meta- analysisSveaas, Silje Halvorsen; Smedslund, Geir; Hagen, Kåre Birger; Dagfinrud, Hanne