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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2017The long and winding road to inhaled TB therapy: not only the bug’s faultGiovagnoli, S.; Schoubben, a.; Ricci, M.
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (11).pdf.jpg2017Improvement of side-effects and treatment on the experimental colitis in mice of a resin microcapsule-loading hydrocortisone sodium succinateDong, Kai; Zhang, Hefeng; Yan, Yan; Sun, Jinyao; Dong, Yalin; Wang, Ke; Zhang, Lu; Shi, Xianpeng; Xing, Jianfeng
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (18).pdf.jpg2017Solid dispersions enhance solubility, dissolution, and permeability of thalidomideBarea, Silvana a.; Mattos, Cristiane B.; Cruz, Ariadne C. C.; Chaves, Vitor C.; Pereira, Rafael N.; Simões, Claudia M. O.; Kratz, Jadel M.; Koester, Letícia S.
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (9).pdf.jpg2017Mucoadhesive nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) as potential carriers for improving oral delivery of curcuminChanburee, Sanipon; Tiyaboonchai, Waree
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2017Preparation and physicochemical characterization of matrix pellets containing APIs with different solubility via extrusion processHegyesi, Diána; Thommes, Markus; Kleinebudde, Peter; Sovány, Tamás; Kása, Péter; Kelemen, András; Pintye-Hódi, Klára; Regdon, Géza
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2017Thermosensitive bioadhesive gels for the vaginal delivery of sildenafil citrate: in vitro characterization and clinical evaluation in women using clomiphene citrate for induction of ovulationSoliman, G M; Fetih, G; Abbas, a M
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (13).pdf.jpg2017Conveying a newly designed hydrophilic anti-human thymidylate synthase peptide to <i>cisplatin</i> resistant cancer cells: are pH-sensitive liposomes more effective than conventional ones?Sacchetti, Francesca; D'Arca, Domenico; Genovese, Filippo; Pacifico, Salvatore; Maretti, Eleonora; Hanuskova, Miriam; Iannuccelli, Valentina; Costi, Maria Paola; Leo, Eliana
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (3).pdf.jpg2017Solvents effects on crystallinity and dissolution of β-artemetherXu, Jianghui; Singh, Vikramjeet; Yin, Xianzhen; Singh, Parbeen; Wu, Li; Xu, Xiaonan; Guo, Tao; Sun, Lixin; Gui, Shuangying; Zhang, Jiwen
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (16).pdf.jpg2017Modification of gellan gum films by halloysite: physicochemical evaluation and drug permeation propertiesSakloetsakun, Duangkamon; Pongjanyakul, Thaned
2017 DDIP Volume 43 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of superabsorbent linseed-polysaccharides as a novel stimuli-responsive oral sustained release drug delivery systemHaseeb, M.T.; Hussain, M.a.; Bashir, S.; Ashraf, M.U.; Ahmad, N.

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