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2017ORIGINAL ARTICLE escalation fi rst-in-man study ( phase 0 ) to assess the safety and ef fi cacy of topical cytosolic phospholipase A2 inhibitor , AVX001 , in patients with mild to moderate plaque psoriasisOmland, S H; Habicht, A; Damsbo, P; Wilms, J; Johansen, B; Gniadecki, R
2017Patient satisfaction and the waiting room in Mohs surgery : appropriate prewarning may abrogate boredom Experience of skin cancer and contact with health professionals is associated with increased skin cancer knowledge , but not sun safety knowledge or behaviourAli, F R; Craythorne, E E; Patalay, R; Mallipeddi, R
2017Positive impact of omalizumab on angioedema and quality of life in patients with refractory chronic idiopathic / spontaneous urticaria : analyses according to the presence or absence of angioedemaMaurer, M; Sofen, H; Ortiz, B; Kianifard, F; Gabriel, S; Bernstein, J A
2017PD-L1 expression and survival among melanoma patients treated with standard immunotherapy or chemotherapyMarie, J; Seneschal, J; Darrigade, A
2017Phace syndrome : is timolol gel a chance for treatment ?Hospital, Wan Fang; Medical, Taipei; Hospital, Cardinal Tien; City, New Taipei
2017PLENARY LECTURESFisher, D E; Hospital, Massachusetts General; Malvehy, J; Whiteman, D
2017Occupational skin diseases in Europe : In need of standards for patient care andKezic, Sanja
2017POSTER PRESENTATIONSLymphomas, Cutaneous
2017Patient satisfaction in dermatology
2017Topical treatment of psoriasis : questionnaire results on topical therapy accessibility and in fl uence of body surface area on usageIversen, L; Lange, M M; Bissonette, R; Carvalho, A V E; Kerkhof, P C Van De; Kirby, B; Kleyn, C E; Lynde, C W; Walt, J M Van Der; Wu, J J
2017The risk of depression , suicidal ideation and suicide attempt in patients with psoriasis , psoriatic arthritis or ankylosing spondylitisWu, J J; Penfold, R B; Primatesta, P; Fox, T K; Stewart, C; Reddy, S P; Egeberg, A; Liu, J; Simon, G
2017Assessment of EGF receptor ligand expression in gastric carcinoma and in lesional skin of paraneoplastic acanthosis nigricans : a case report EGFRI-induced papulopustular rosacea-like rash successfully treated with topical ivermectinMaximilian, Ludwig
2017Treatment of capillary malformation using topical timolol combined with 585-nm pulsed dye laser : a prospective , randomized , split-lesion studyThe, R; Ln, Schulte; The, Vogel J; Biol, R N A; Micrornas, Circulating
2017Trichomycosis ( trichobacteriosis ) capitis misdiagnosed as poliosis : the utility of dermoscopy and why it should always be done Infant bald patch : ultrasonographic diagnosis of aplasia cutis congenitaFich, F; Gonzalez, S
2017Thymoma-associated multi-organ autoimmunity : two cases and a review of the literatureRebeca, Martha; Bautista, Herrera; Robles, Bernardo
2017Assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in hidradenitis suppurativaCorona, D; Hisp, P; Jemec, G B; Pascual, J C; Gonz, I
2017Treatment of primary hyperhidrosis with oral anticholinergic medications : a systematic reviewCruddas, L; Baker, D M
2017The old reliables outperform new media in social marketing of Euromelanoma in Ireland
2017Continuous dosing versus interrupted therapy with ixekizumab : an integrated analysis of two phase 3 trials in psoriasisBlauvelt, A; Papp, K A; Sofen, H; Augustin, M; Yosipovitch, G; Katoh, N; Mrowietz, U; Ohtsuki, M; Poulin, Y; Shrom, D; Burge, R; See, K; Mallbris, L; Gordon, K B
2017Consensus statement on prevention and management of adverse effects following rejuvenation procedures with hyaluronic acid-based fi llersBergfeld, D; Sommer, B M; Sattler, G; Cotofana, S; Snozzi, P; Wollina, U; Hoffmann, K P J; Salavastru, C; Fritz, K