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2017Discontinuation and non-publication of neurodegenerative disease trials : a cross-sectional analysisStefaniak, J D; Lam, T C H; Sim, N E; Salman, R Al-shahi; Breen, D P
2017Efficacy and feasibility of antidepressants for the prevention of migraine in adults : a meta-analysisXu, X; Yang, C; Liu, Y; Dong, M; Zou, D; Wei, Y
2017Diffusion tensor imaging of normal-appearing white matter in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and multiple sclerosisKim, S; Kwak, K; Hyun, J; Joung, A; Lee, S H; Choi, Y; Lee, J; Kim, H J
2017Diabetes mellitus and risk of early-onset Alzheimer ’ s disease : a population-based case – control studyArticle, Original
2017Effectiveness of a shared team approach between nurses and doctors for improved risk factor management in survivors of stroke : a cluster randomized controlled trialOlaiya, M T
2017Direct endovascular treatment : an alternative for bridging therapy in anterior circulation large-vessel occlusion strokeWang, H; Zi, W; Hao, Y; Yang, D; Shi, Z; Lin, M; Wang, S; Liu, W; Wang, Z; Liu, X; Guo, F
2017The spectrum of aseptic central nervous system infections in southern Germany – demographic , clinical and laboratory findingsKaminski, M; Grummel, V; Hoffmann, D; Berthele, A; Hemmer, B
2017Autoimmune encephalitis associated with voltage-gated potassium a national cohort studyCelicanin, M; Blaabjerg, M; Maersk-moller, C; Beniczky, S; Marner, L; Thomsen, C; Bach, F W
2017The spectrum of pre-dementia stages : cognitive profile of motoric cognitive risk syndrome and relationship with mild cognitive impairmentSekhon, H; Allali, G; Launay, C P; Chabot, J; Beauchet, O
2017Automatic detection of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in patients with ischaemic stroke : better than routine diagnostic workup ?Uphaus, T
2017Tournament SessionsBasic, Tournament
2017Posters on DisplayRovlias, A; Papoutsakis, D; Blionas, A; Anciones, C; Nedkova, V; Strozzi, I; Moraes, S T; Muro, M D; Pinheiro, R L; Almeida, S M De; Kale, N; Kara, E; Kara, B; Soysal, A; Erdogan, S; Rovlias, A; Papoutsakis, D; Blionas, A; Duarte, S; Cardoso, M; Silva, A Martins; Santos, E; Wo
2017Oral SessionsWitteveen, E; Sommers, J; Wieske, L; Doorduin, J; Alfen, N Van; Schultz, M; Schaik, I N Van; Horn, J; Verhamme, C; Harutyunyan, G; Pikija, S; Moser, T; Leitinger, M; Novak, H; Aichhorn, W; Trinka, E; Hauer, L; Sellner, J
2017LETTER TO THE EDITORLevy, J; Bensmail, D; Prigent, H; Bretonneux, Montigny
2017ORIGINAL ARTICLE THRIVE score predicts clinical and radiological outcome after endovascular therapy or thrombolysis in patients with anterior circulation stroke in everyday clinical practiceKastrup, A
2017Mesiotemporal atrophy and hippocampal diffusivity distinguish amnestic from non-amnestic vascular cognitive impairmentHosseini, A A
2017Migraine associated with altitude : results from a population-based study in NepalArticle, Original
2017Mindfulness , depression and quality of life in amyotrophic lateral sclerosisAnxiety, Hospital
2017Notice of relevant future meetings are published free of charge. 2018
2017Notice of relevant future meetings are published free of charge. 2017