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2017A fl ibercept as a Second Line Therapy for Neovascular Age Related Macular Degeneration in Israel ( ASLI ) studyTiosano, L; Segal, O; Mathalone, N; Pollack, A; Ehrlich, R; Klemperer, I; Barak, Y; Moroz, I; Chowers, I; Goldstein, M
2017Characteristic clinical features associated with aggressive posterior retinopathy of prematurityAhn, Y J; Hong, K E; Yum, H R; Lee, J H; Kim, K S; Youn, Y A; Park, S H
2017Comment on ‘Visual acuity and its predictors after surgery for bilateral cataracts in children’Long, E; Wan, P; Zhuo, Y
2017A hyaluronan hydrogel xeno-free culture system for ex vivo expansion of human corneal epithelial stem cellsLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017Surgical management of malignant glaucoma : a retrospective analysis of fi fty eight eyesBalekudaru, S; Choudhari, N S; Rewri, P; George, R; Bhende, P S; Bhende, M; Lingam, V; Lingam, G
2017Quality of life and functional vision in children treated for cataract — a cross- sectional studyTailor, V K; Brookes, J; Khaw, P T; Papadopoulos, M; Adams, G G W; Bunce, C
2017Reply to: ‘Comment on Visual acuity and its predictors after surgery for bilateral cataracts in children’Wilson, M E; Trivedi, R H
2017The role of rectus muscle myectomy in the management of large-angle strabismus for Graves ’ ophthalmopathyLiao, S L; Wei, Y-h; Chuang, A Y-c
2017Surgical treatment and optical coherence tomographic evaluation for accidental laser-induced full-thickness macular holesLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017Structure – function relationship in early diabetic retinopathy : a spatial correlation analysis with OCT and microperimetryLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017The impact of outsourcing on cataract training in the UKWijetilleka, S; Yeo, C M; Roberts, A; Sengupta, R
2017The association of maternal factors with epibulbar dermoid of newborn : a retrospective , matched case – control studyLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017The contribution of ophthalmology journals to undergraduate medical educationBarai, I; Nowak, V A
2017Prevalence of age- related macular degeneration in an elderly UK Caucasian population — The Bridlington Eye Assessment Project : a cross-sectional studyWilde, C; Poostchi, A; Mehta, R L; Macnab, H K; Hillman, J G; Vernon, S A; Amoaku, W M
2017Prevalence and associated factors of blepharoptosis in Korean adult population : The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008 – 2011Kim, M H; Cho, J; Zhao, D; Woo, K I; Kim, Y-d; Kim, S; Yang, S W
2017One-year real-world outcomes in patients receiving fi xed-dosing a fl ibercept for neovascular age- related macular degenerationAlmuhtaseb, H; Kanavati, S; Rufai, S R; Lotery, A J
2017Predicting the risk of parafoveal scotoma in myopic normal tension glaucoma : role of optic disc tilt and rotationLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017Pre-Descemets endothelial keratoplasty : the PDEK clamp for successful PDEKDua, H S; Said, D G
2017Novel variants in PAX6 gene caused congenital aniridia in two Chinese familiesLimited, Macmillan Publishers; Nature, Springer
2017Microperimetry in age : related macular degenerationMidena, E; Pilotto, E

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