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25-Aug-2000Transducer properties of a mechanoreceptor : an electrophysiological and pharmacological study of the crayfish stretch receptorLin, Jiahui
15-Jan-2015Functional role of cytoskeletal, contractile and regulatory proteins in muscle diseaseLi, Mei
18-Feb-2000Adenosine A2A receptors : characterization, localization, G protein coupling and interactions with dopamine D2 receptorsKull, Björn
17-Mar-2000Adenosine A2A and ATP receptors in PC12 cellsArslan, Giulia
5-May-2000Developmental and stress induced changes in peptide and catecholamine content of the paraaortic paragangliaWikström, Lars-Magnus
18-Feb-2000Microdialysis in reconstructive surgery : a clinical and experimental study focusing on monitoring flap metabolism and viabilityRöjdmark, Jonas
12-Nov-1999Effects of physical activity and gravitational stress on cardiovascular controlSundblad, Patrik
19-Nov-1999Structural and functional alterations in the rat retina after long term exposure to two n-hexane metabolitesBäckström, Birgitta
25-Nov-1999Peripherally administered choleocystokinin-8 increases neurotrophins in the brainTirassa, Paola
26-Nov-1999Nerve growth factor : its contribution to neuroimmunomodulationBracci-Laudiero, Luisa
5-Nov-1999Behavioural and neurochemical effects and changes in gene expression in inflammatory and neuropathic painSchött, Eva
28-Jan-2000Neurobiological basis of the nicotine withdrawal reaction : an experimental analysisHildebrand, Bengt E.
24-Sep-1999Studies on acupuncture treatment of xerostomiaBlom, Maria
14-May-1999Studies on production and function of pulmonary nitric oxideAdding, Christofer
28-May-1999On the mechanisms of action of atypical antipsychotic drugs : an experimental studyHertel, Peter
17-Sep-1999Studies on the influence of sensory stimulation (acupuncture) on neuropeptide release in the salivaDawidson, Irena
24-Sep-1999Afferent input to midbrain dopamine neurones and its modulation : an electrophysiological study i vitroGrillner, Pernilla
15-Jan-1999The diagnosis and protection of the auditory peripheral systemDuan, Mao Li
7-May-1999Psychomotor and cardiorespiratory functions during inert gas sedationÖstlund, Anders
26-Nov-1998Bilateral neurogenic mechanisms following acute unilateral inflammationBileviciute-Ljungar, Indre

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