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4-May-2000Visualising the invisible : exploring interactive video in HIV prevention in rural ZambiaFreudenthal, Solveig
11-Aug-2000Studies in safety promotion for preschool childrenSellström, Eva
6-Apr-2000Pain drawings in the evaluation of lumbar disc-related painOhnmeiss, Donna D.
5-Apr-2000Work environment, health and well-being in dental hygienists : a work-health-culture modelYlipää, Viola
10-Jan-2000Health financing systems & drug use in rural ChinaDong, Hengjin
26-Nov-1999Accidents leading to over-exertion back injuries among nursing personnelEngkvist, Inga-Lill
17-Mar-2000Gender specific epidemiology of tuberculosis in VietnamLong, Nguyên Hoàng
10-Sep-1999Knee osteoarthrosis in relation to physical workload and lifestyle factors : epidemiological studiesSandmark, Hélène
17-Nov-1999A bio-psychological analysis of functional gastrointestinal disorders and a clinical trial of its treatment using psychodramaArn, Ingemar
30-Sep-1999Social and emotional influences on cardiovascular vulnerability in women : exploration of biological mechanismsHorsten, Myriam
4-Nov-1999Work, psychosocial work environment and wellbeing among district nurses in the county of Stockholm, Sweden and in the county of Zagreb, CroatiaDoncevic, Stefanija Tholdy
12-Nov-1999Drunk driving : a study of psychosocial, and health factors, focusing on young and middle-aged men in a metropolitan areaKarlsson, Gunilla
12-Nov-1999Suicide attempt and genes : psychiatric and genetic characteristics of suicide attemptersPersson, Maj-Liz
16-Apr-1999Explanations of differences in alcoholism between social classes and occupations among Swedish men : a register based follow-up studyHemmingsson, Tomas
5-Mar-1999Fetal growth in India : studies on antenatal prediction of low birthweight and some factors that determine birthweightMathai, Matthews
13-Aug-1999Alcohol, sickness absence and disability pension : a study in the field of disease, ill health, psychosocial factors, and medicalisationUpmark, Marianne
26-May-1999Psychophysiological study of functional dyspepsiaJonsson, Bo H.
21-Apr-1999Young sex offenders : individual characteristics, agency reactions and criminal recidivismLångström, Niklas
16-Oct-1998Childbirth care in affluence and poverty : Maternity routines in Sweden and ZambiaRansjö Arvidsson, Anna-Berit
18-Nov-1998Violence towards health care personnel : prevalence, risk factors, prevention and relation to quality of careArnetz, Judith E.

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