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21-Aug-2014The interplay between chromosome structure and meiotic integrityLilienthal, Ingrid
26-Feb-2014Bacteria and cancer : from toxin delivery to carcinogenesisGuidi, Riccardo
2-May-2014Progression of RNA-sequencing to single-cell applicationsRamsköld, Daniel
22-May-2014Transcriptional regulation of ribosomal RNA gene : actin, myosin and beyondAngeletti Sarshad, Aishe
30-Apr-2014Maintenance of genome integrity via activities of the cohesin networkLindgren, Emma
21-Feb-2014Biophysical regulation of cell function : the yin and yang of the microenvironmentLundin, Vanessa
7-Mar-2014An ependymal cell quest : identification and functional role of spinal cord neural stem cellsSabelström, Hanna
22-Feb-2013Comparative genomics and molecular characterization of N-alpha Acetyltransferase in Trypanosomes for drug target identificationOchaya, Stephen
24-Jan-2014The role of Notch signaling in cancer and metastasisMutvei, Anders P
4-Oct-2013Studies of cohesin functions in the yeast and human DNA damage responseEnervald, Elin
9-Aug-2013Integrating extrinsic and intrinsic cues to guide cell fate decisions : rational approaches in stem cell engineeringMong, Jamie
3-May-2013Inferring transcriptional regulation on the promoter level and its applications to diseasesVitezic, Morana
21-May-2013Interaction of the genome maintenance proteins of oncogeneic herpesviruses with cellular chromatinMughal, Muhammad Nouman
4-Jan-2013Morphogen interpretation in the developing nervous systemKurdija, Sanja
5-Oct-2012Vascular metabolomics : gene regulation and role of VEGF-B in tissue fatty acid uptakeWang, Xun
18-Oct-2012Genome and transcriptome studies of the protozoan parasites Trypanosoma cruzi and Giardia intestinalisFranzén, Oscar
13-Aug-2012Regulation of Cellular Responses to Hypoxia by HIF-1alpha-dependent and -independent Signaling PathwaysZheng, Xiaofeng
6-Sep-2012Regenerating the brain : lessons from the Red Spotted NewtBerg, Daniel
23-May-2012Linker Histone H1 and Androgen Receptor: Two Different Players in the Chromatin OrchestraÖberg, Christine
24-Nov-2011Roles of Notch signalling in early embryonic developmentMain, Heather

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