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2017Cyp8b1 ablation prevents Western diet-induced weight gain and hepatic steatosis because of impaired fat absorptionBertaggia, Enrico; Jensen, Kristian K; Castro-perez, Jose; Xu, Yimeng; Paolo, Gilbert Di; Chan, Robin B; Wang, Liangsu; Haeusler, Rebecca A; Bertaggia, E; Kk, Jensen; Xu, Y; G, Di Paolo; Rb, Chan; Wang, L; Ra, Haeusler
2017High-intensity interval training and calorie restriction promote remodeling of glucose and lipid metabolism in diet-induced obesityDavis, Rachel A H; Halbrooks, Jacob E; Watkins, Emily E; Fisher, Gordon; Hunter, Gary R; Nagy, Tim R; Plaisance, X Eric P; Ra, Davis; Je, Halbrooks; Ee, Watkins; Fisher, G; Gr, Hunter
2017Oxygen delivery and the restoration of the muscle energetic balance following exercise : implications for delayed muscle recovery in patients with COPDLayec, Gwenael; Hart, Corey R; Trinity, Joel D; Kwon, Oh-sung; Rossman, Matthew J; Broxterman, Ryan M; Fur, Yann Le; Jeong, Eun-kee; Richardson, Russell S
2017Western-diet consumption induces alteration of barrier function mechanisms in the ileum that correlates with metabolic endotoxemia in ratsGuerville, Mathilde; Leroy, Anaïs; Sinquin, Annaëlle; Laugerette, Fabienne; Michalski, Marie-caroline; Boudry, Gaëlle; Claude, Université; Lyon, Bernard; Inserm, U; Lyon, Insa
2017The NLRP3 inflammasome contributes to sarcopenia and lower muscle glycolytic potential in old miceMcbride, Marin Jane; Foley, Kevin P; Souza, Donna M D; Li, Yujin E; Lau, Trevor C; Hawke, Thomas J; Schertzer, Jonathan D
2017Development of diabetes does not alter behavioral and molecular circadian rhythms in a transgenic rat model of type 2 diabetes mellitusQian, Jingyi; Thomas, Anthony P; Schroeder, Analyne M; Rakshit, Kuntol; Colwell, Christopher S; Matveyenko, Aleksey V
2017The intestinal-renal axis for arginine synthesis is present and functional in the neonatal pigMarini, Juan C; Agarwal, Umang; Robinson, Jason L; Yuan, Yang; Didelija, Inka C; Stoll, Barbara; Burrin, Douglas G
2017Reply to Letter to the Editor : “ The art of quantifying glucose metabolism ”Wang, Sheng-ping; Satapati, Santhosh; Daurio, Natalie A; Kelley, David E; Previs, Stephen F
2017The art of quantifying glucose metabolismDijk, Theo H Van; Reijngoud, Dirkjan; Kuipers, Folkert
2017The Niemann-Pick C1 gene interacts with a high-fat diet to promote weight gain through differential regulation of central energy metabolism pathwaysCastillo, Joseph J; Jelinek, David; Wei, Hao; Gannon, Nicholas P; Vaughan, Roger A; Horwood, L John; Meaney, F John; Garcia-smith, Randi; Trujillo, Kristina A; Heidenreich, Randall A; Meyre, David; Orlando, Robert A; Leboeuf, Renee C; Garver, William S; Jj, Castillo; Je
2017Fatty acid uptake and blood flow in adipose tissue compartments of morbidly obese subjects with or without type 2 diabetes : effects of bariatric surgeryDadson, Prince; Ferrannini, Ele; Landini, Linda; Hannukainen, Jarna C; Kalliokoski, Kari K; Vaittinen, Maija; Honka, Henri; Karlsson, Henry K; Tuulari, Jetro J; Soinio, Minna; Salminen, Paulina; Parkkola, Riitta; Pihlajamäki, Jussi; Iozzo, Patricia; Nuutila, Pirjo
2017Menin and PRMT5 suppress GLP1 receptor transcript and PKA-mediated phosphorylation of FOXO1 and CREBMuhammad, Abdul Bari; Xing, Bowen; Liu, Chengyang; Naji, Ali; Ma, Xiaosong; Simmons, Rebecca A; Hua, Xianxin; Ab, Muhammad; Xing, B; Liu, C; Naji, A; Ma, X; Ra, Simmons
2017Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery enhances contraction-mediated glucose metabolism in primary human myotubesHinkley, X J Matthew; Zou, Kai; Park, Sanghee; Turner, Kristen; Zheng, Donghai; Houmard, Joseph A; Jm, Hinkley; Zou, K; Park, S; Turner, K; Zheng, D; Ja, Houmard
2017Glucagon ’ s effect on liver protein metabolism in vivoKraft, Guillaume; Coate, Katie C; Winnick, Jason J; Dardevet, Dominique; Donahue, E Patrick; Cherrington, Alan D; Williams, Phillip E; Moore, Mary Courtney
2017Incretin secretion in humans is under the influence of cannabinoid receptorsChia, X Chee W; Carlson, Olga D; Liu, David D; González-mariscal, Isabel; Calvo, Sara Santa-cruz; Egan, Josephine M
2017Hepatic FGF21 mediates sex differences in high-fat high-fructose diet-induced fatty liverChukijrungroat, Natsasi; Khamphaya, Tanaporn; Weerachayaphorn, Jittima; Songserm, Thaweesak; Saengsirisuwan, Vitoon
2017Cholestyramine treatment of healthy humans rapidly induces transient hypertriglyceridemia when treatment is initiatedSjöberg, Beatrice G; Straniero, Sara; Angelin, Bo; Rudling, Mats
2017Low-dose leptin infusion in the fourth ventricle of rats enhances the response to third-ventricle leptin injectionHarris, Ruth B S
2017INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY A sandwich ELISA for measurement of the primary glucagon-like peptide-1 metaboliteAlbrechtsen, X Nicolai J Wewer; Asmar, Ali; Jensen, Frederik; Törang, Signe; Simonsen, Lene; Kuhre, Rune E; Asmar, Meena; Veedfald, Simon; Plamboeck, Astrid; Knop, Filip K; Vilsbøll, Tina; Madsbad, Sten; Nauck, Michael A; Deacon, Carolyn F; Bülow, Jens; Holst, Jens J; Ha
2017Glucose autoregulation is the dominant component of the hormone- independent counterregulatory response to hypoglycemia in the conscious dogGregory, X Justin M; Rivera, Noelia; Kraft, Guillaume; Winnick, Jason J; Farmer, Ben; Allen, Eric J; Donahue, E Patrick; Smith, Marta S; Edgerton, Dale S; Williams, Phillip E; Cherrington, Alan D; Ep, Donahue; Ms, Smith; Ds, Edgerton; Pe, Williams