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AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 1 January (4).pdf.jpg2017Citrulline directly modulates muscle protein synthesis via the PI3K / MAPK / 4E-BP1 pathway in a malnourished state : evidence from in vivo , ex vivo , and in vitro studiesPlénier, Servane Le; Goron, Arthur; Sotiropoulos, Athanassia; Archambault, Eliane; Guihenneuc, Chantal; Walrand, Stéphane; Salles, Jérome; Jourdan, Marion; Neveux, Nathalie; Cynober, Luc; Moinard, Christophe; S, Le Plénier; Goron, A; Sotiropoulos, A; Archambault, E; Guihenneuc, C; Walrand, S; Salles, J; Jourdan, M; Neveux, N
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2017CNS Control of Metabolism Evaluation of CSF and plasma biomarkers of brain melanocortin activity in response to caloric restriction in humansPage-wilson, Gabrielle; Nguyen, Kim T; Atalayer, Deniz; Meece, Kana; Bainbridge, Heather A; Korner, Judith; Gordon, Rebecca J; Panigrahi, Sunil K; White, Anne; Smiley, Richard; Wardlaw, X Sharon L
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 5 May (8).pdf.jpg2017Ovarian function’s role during cancer cachexia progression in the female mouseHetzler, Kimbell L.; Hardee, Justin P.; LaVoie, Holly a.; Murphy, E. Angela; Carson, James a.
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2017Metabolic Control by Inflammation and Immunity Obesity-associated extracellular mtDNA activates central TGF ␤ pathway to cause blood pressure increaseAlé, Albert; Zhang, Yalin; Han, Cheng; Cai, Dongsheng
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2017Reduced islet function contributes to impaired glucose homeostasis in fructose-fed miceAsghar, Zeenat A; Cusumano, Andrew; Yan, Zihan; Remedi, Maria S; Moley, Kelle H
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2017Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide promotes lipid deposition in subcutaneous adipocytes in obese type 2 diabetes patients : a maladaptive responseThondam, X Sravan K; Daousi, Christina; Wilding, John P H; Holst, Jens J; Ameen, Gulizar I; Yang, Chenjing; Whitmore, Catherine; Mora, Silvia; Cuthbertson, Daniel J
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (2).pdf.jpg2017Loss of glutaredoxin 3 impedes mammary lobuloalveolar development during pregnancy and lactationPham, Khanh; Dong, Jie; Jiang, Xiqian; Qu, Ying; Yu, Han; Yang, Yisheng; Olea, Walter; Marini, Juan C; Chan, Lawrence; Wang, Jin; Wehrens, Xander H T; Cui, Xiaojiang; Li, Yi
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 4 April (7).pdf.jpg2017Dietary nitrite reverses features of postmenopausal metabolic syndrome induced by high fat diet and ovariectomy in miceOhtake, Kazuo; Ehara, Nobuyuki; Chiba, Hiroshige; Nakano, Genya; Sonoda, Kunihiro; Ito, Junta; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Kobayashi, Jun
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2017Novel Aspects of Adipocyte Biology High-fat diet-induced obesity regulates MMP3 to modulate depot- and sex-dependent adipose expansion in C57BL / 6J miceWu, Yuanyuan; Lee, Mi-jeong; Ido, Yasuo; Fried, Susan K
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 4 April (11).pdf.jpg2017Cardiovascular benefits associated with higher dietary K <sup>+</sup> vs. lower dietary Na <sup>+</sup> : evidence from population and mechanistic studiesMcDonough, Alicia a.; Veiras, Luciana C.; Guevara, Claire a.; Ralph, Donna L.
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2017Cardiometabolic risk improvement in response to a 3-yr lifestyle modification program in men: contribution of improved cardiorespiratory fitness vs. weight lossBorel, Anne-Laure; Nazare, Julie-Anne; Baillot, Aurélie; Alméras, Natalie; Tremblay, Angelo; Bergeron, Jean; Poirier, Paul; Després, Jean-Pierre
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 6 June (1).pdf.jpg2017?-Linolenic acid supplementation and exercise training reveal independent and additive responses on hepatic lipid accumulation in obese ratsMiotto, Paula M.; Horbatuk, Meaghan; Proudfoot, Ross; Matravadia, Sarthak; Bakovic, Marica; Chabowski, Adrian; Holloway, Graham P.
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2017Acute and chronic hyperglycemic effects of vasopressin in normal rats : involvement of V 1A receptorsTaveau, Christopher; Chollet, Catherine; Bichet, Daniel G; Velho, Gilberto; Guillon, Gilles; Corbani, Maithe; Roussel, Ronan; Bankir, X Lise; Melander, Olle; Bouby, Nadine
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 5 May (5).pdf.jpg2017Role of autonomic nervous system in chronic CNS-mediated antidiabetic action of leptinda Silva, Alexandre a.; Hall, John E.; Moak, Sydney P.; Browning, Jackson; Houghton, Haley J.; Micheloni, Giovana C.; do Carmo, Jussara M.
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 6 June (4).pdf.jpg2017Forkhead box O3 plays a role in skeletal muscle atrophy through expression of E3 ubiquitin ligases Murf-1 and Atrogin-1 in Cushing's syndromeKang, Seol-Hee; Lee, Hae-Ahm; Kim, Mina; Lee, Eunjo; Sohn, Uy Dong; Kim, Inkyeom
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 5 May (1).pdf.jpg2017Timing of Meals: When is as Critical as What and How MuchJiang, Peng; Turek, Fred W.
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 4 April (3).pdf.jpg2017Overexpression of PGC-1α Increases Peroxisomal and Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation in Human Primary MyotubesHuang, Tai-Yu; Zheng, Donghai; Houmard, Joseph a.; Brault, Jeffrey J; Hickner, Robert C.; Cortright, Ronald N
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2017Postnatal treatment with metyrapone attenuates the effects of diet-induced obesity in female rats exposed to early-life stressMurphy, Margaret O; Herald, Joseph B; Wills, Caleb T; Unfried, Stanley G; Cohn, Dianne M; Loria, Analia S
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (9).pdf.jpg2017Prior lactation reduces future diabetic risk through sustained postweaning effects on insulin sensitivityBajaj, Harpreet; Ye, Chang; Hanley, Anthony J; Connelly, Philip W; Sermer, Mathew; Zinman, Bernard; Retnakaran, Ravi
AJNLPEM 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2017Exogenous H 2 S regulates endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria cross-talk to inhibit apoptotic pathways in STZ-induced type I diabetesYang, Fan; Yu, Xiangjing; Li, Ting; Wu, Jianjun; Zhao, Yajun; Liu, Jiaqi; Sun, Aili; Dong, Shiyun; Wu, Jichao; Zhong, Xin; Xu, Changqing; Lu, Fanghao; Zhang, Weihua; Yang, F; Yu, X; Li, T; Wu, J; Zhao, Y; Liu, J; Sun, A; Dong, S; Zhong, X; Xu, C; Lu, F; S, Zhang W Exogenous H