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2017CD151 supports VCAM-1-mediated lymphocyte adhesion to liver endothelium and is upregulated in chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinomaWadkin, James C R; Patten, Daniel A; Kamarajah, Sivesh K; Shepherd, Emma L; Novitskaya, Vera; Berditchevski, Fedor; Adams, David H; Weston, Chris J; Shetty, Shishir; Jc, Wadkin; Da, Patten; Sk, Kamarajah; El, Shepherd; Berditchevski, F; Dh, Adams; Cj, Weston; Shetty, S
2017Ductular and proliferative response of esophageal submucosal glands in a porcine model of esophageal injury and repairKrüger, Leandi; Gonzalez, Liara M; Pridgen, Tiffany A; Mccall, Shannon J; Furstenberg, Richard J Von; Harnden, Ivan; Carnighan, Gwendolyn E; Cox, Abigail M; Blikslager, Anthony T; Garman, Katherine S
2017Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation through the regulation of miR-129-5p-VCP-I ␬ BFang, Luo; Sun, Jiao; Pan, Zongfu; Song, Yu; Zhong, Like; Zhang, Yiwen; Liu, Yujia; Zheng, Xiaowei; Long, Huang P; Neat, R N A
2017Epithelial Biology and Secretion A common NHE3 single-nucleotide polymorphism has normal function and sensitivity to regulatory ligandsYin, Jianyi; Tse, Chung-ming; Cha, Boyoung; Sarker, Rafiquel; Zhu, Xinjun C; Walentinsson, Anna; Greasley, Peter J; Donowitz, Mark
2017FFA2 activation combined with ulcerogenic COX inhibition induces duodenal mucosal injury via the 5-HT pathway in ratsAkiba, Yasutada; Maruta, Koji; Narimatsu, Kazuyuki; Said, Hyder; Kaji, Izumi; Kuri, Ayaka; Iwamoto, Ken-ichi; Kuwahara, Atsukazu; Kaunitz, Jonathan D
2017High-resolution mapping of gastric slow-wave recovery profiles : biophysical model , methodology , and demonstration of applicationsPaskaranandavadivel, X N; Cheng, L K; Du, P; Rogers, J M; Grady, G O; High-resolution, O Grady G
2017Elevated intrabolus pressure identifies obstructive processes when integrated relaxation pressure is normal on esophageal high-resolution manometryQuader, Farhan; Reddy, Chanakyaram; Patel, Amit; Gyawali, X C Prakash
2017The emerging role of mast cells in liver diseaseJarido, Veronica; Kennedy, Lindsey; Hargrove, Laura; Demieville, Jennifer; Thomson, Joanne; Stephenson, Kristen; Francis, Heather
2017Emerging concepts in biliary repair and fibrosisFabris, Luca; Spirli, Carlo; Cadamuro, Massimiliano; Fiorotto, Romina; Strazzabosco, Mario
2017RNA-seq implicates deregulation of the immune system in the pathogenesis of diverticulitisSchieffer, X Kathleen M; Choi, Christine S; Emrich, Scott; Harris, Leonard; Deiling, Sue; Karamchandani, Dipti M; Salzberg, Anna; Kawasawa, Yuka I; Yochum, Gregory S; Koltun, Walter A
2017Functional morphology of the lower esophageal sphincter and crural diaphragm determined by three-dimensional high-resolution esophago-gastric junction pressure profile and CT imagingMittal, Ravinder K; Zifan, Ali; Kumar, Dushyant; Ledgerwood-lee, Melissa; Ruppert, Erika; Ghahremani, Gary
2017Oatmeal particle size alters glycemic index but not as a function of gastric emptying rateMackie, X Alan R; Bajka, Balazs H; Rigby, Neil M; Wilde, Peter J; Alves-pereira, Fatima; Mosleth, Ellen F; Rieder, Anne; Kirkhus, Bente; Salt, Louise J
2017Anti-inflammatory effects and mechanisms of vagal nerve stimulation combined with electroacupuncture in a rodent model of TNBS-induced colitisJin, Haifeng; Guo, Jie; Liu, Jiemin; Lyu, Bin; Foreman, Robert D; Yin, Jieyun; Shi, Zhaohong; Chen, Jiande D Z
2017Dysfunctional neutrophil effector organelle mobilization and microbicidal protein release in alcohol-related cirrhosisTranah, X Thomas H; Vijay, Godhev K Manakkat; Ryan, Jennifer M; Abeles, R Daniel; Middleton, Paul K; Shawcross, Debbie L
2017Disease activity in eosinophilic esophagitis is associated with impaired esophageal barrier integrityWarners, Marijn J; Rhijn, Bram D Van; Verheij, Joanne; Smout, Andreas J P M; Bredenoord, Albert J
2017Loss of the anion exchanger DRA ( Slc26a3 ), or PAT1 ( Slc26a6 ), alters sulfate transport by the distal ileum and overall sulfate homeostasisWhittamore, Jonathan M; Hatch, Marguerite
2017Characterization and mechanisms of the supragastric belch in the catLang, Ivan M; Medda, Bidyut K; Shaker, Reza
2017The liver in regulation of iron homeostasisRishi, Gautam; Subramaniam, X V Nathan
2017CDX2 upregulates SLC26A3 gene expression in intestinal epithelial cellsChatterjee, Ishita; Kumar, Anoop; Castilla-madrigal, Rosa María; Pellon-cardenas, Oscar; Gill, Ravinder K; Alrefai, Waddah A; Borthakur, X Alip; Verzi, Michael; Dudeja, Pradeep K
2017Activated Notch signaling cascade is correlated with stem cell differentiation toward absorptive progenitors after massive small bowel resection in a ratSukhotnik, Igor; Coran, Arnold G; Pollak, Yulia; Kuhnreich, Eviatar; Berkowitz, Drora; Saxena, Amulya K