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2017Sex-specific effects of stress on metabolic and cardiovascular disease : are women at higher risk ?Murphy, Margaret O; Loria, Analia S
2017Changes in microvascular density differentiate metabolic health outcomes in monkeys with prior radiation exposure and subsequent skeletal muscle ECM remodelingFanning, X K M; Pfisterer, B; Davis, A T; Presley, T D; Williams, I M; Wasserman, D H; Cline, J M; Kavanagh, K; Dh, Wasserman; Jm, Cline; Changes, Kavanagh K
2017Exploiting Environmental Factors to Improve Health Effects of 10 days of separate heat and hypoxic exposure on heat acclimation and temperate exercise performanceRendell, X Rebecca A; Prout, Jamie; Costello, X Joseph T; Massey, X Heather C; Tipton, Michael J; Young, John S; Corbett, X Jo
2017Enduring effects of perinatal nicotine exposure on murine sleep in adulthoodBorniger, Jeremy C; Don, Reuben F; Zhang, Ning; Boyd, R Thomas; Nelson, Randy J; Jc, Borniger; Rf, Don; Zhang, N; Rt, Boyd; Enduring, Nelson R J
2017Upregulation of circulating myomiR following short-term energy restriction is inversely associated with whole body protein synthesisMargolis, Lee M; Rivas, X Donato A; Pasiakos, Stefan M; Mcclung, James P; Ceglia, Lisa; Fielding, Roger A
2017Renal vascular and glomerular pathologies associated with spontaneous hypertension in the nonhuman primate Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeusRhoads, Megan K; Goleva, Slavina B; Beierwaltes, William H; Osborn, Jeffrey L
2017Localized and systemic variations in central motor drive at different local skin and muscle temperaturesLloyd, Alex; Picton, Lewis; Raccuglia, Margherita; Hodder, Simon; Havenith, George
2017Sustained increases in skin blood flow are not a prerequisite to initiate sweating during passive heat exposureRavanelli, Nicholas; Jay, X Ollie; Gagnon, X Daniel
2017Cerebral oxygenation and regional cerebral perfusion responses with resistance breathing during central hypovolemiaKay, Victoria L; Sprick, Justin D; Rickards, Caroline A
2017Seasonal factors influence quantal transmitter release and calcium dependence at amphibian neuromuscular junctionsGe, Dengyun; Lavidis, Nickolas
2017Maternal and postnatal high-fat diet consumption programs energy balance and hypothalamic melanocortin signaling in nonhuman primate offspringSullivan, Elinor L; Rivera, Heidi M; True, Cadence A; Franco, Juliana G; Baquero, Karalee; Dean, Tyler A; Valleau, Jeanette C; Takahashi, Diana L; Frazee, Tim; Hanna, Genevieve; Kirigiti, Melissa A; Bauman, Leigh A; Grove, Kevin L; Kievit, Paul; El, Sullivan; Hm, Rivera
2017Cardiovascular and Renal Integration Xanthine oxidase inhibition protects against Western diet-induced aortic stiffness and impaired vasorelaxation in female miceLastra, X Guido; Manrique, Camila; Jia, Guanghong; Aroor, Annayya R; Hayden, Melvin R; Barron, Brady J; Niles, Brett; Padilla, Jaume; Sowers, James R; Niles, B; Padilla, J; Jr, Sowers
2017Tissue-specific seasonal changes in mitochondrial function of a mammalian hibernatorHeim, Ashley B; Chung, Dillon; Florant, Gregory L; Chicco, Adam J; Ab, Heim; Chung, D; Gl, Florant; Tissue-specific, Chicco A J
2017Flexible ammonia handling strategies using both cutaneous and branchial epithelia in the highly ammonia-tolerant Pacific hagfishClifford, Alexander M; Weinrauch, X Alyssa M; Edwards, Susan L; Wilkie, Michael P; Goss, Greg G
2017Effect of resistance exercise under conditions of reduced blood insulin on AMPK ␣ Ser485 / 491 inhibitory phosphorylation and AMPK pathway activationKido, Kohei; Yokokawa, Takumi; Ato, Satoru; Sato, Koji; Fujita, Satoshi
2017The performing animal : causes and consequences of body remodeling and metabolic adjustments in red knots facing contrasting thermal environmentsVézina, François; Gerson, Alexander R; Guglielmo, Christopher G; Piersma, Theunis
2017Enhanced insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in young lambs with placental insufficiency-induced intrauterine growth restrictionCamacho, Leticia E; Chen, Xiaochuan; Hay, William W; Limesand, Sean W
2017CRF and urocortin 3 protect the heart from hypoxia / reoxygenation-induced apoptosis in zebrafishWilliams, Tegan A; Bergstrome, Jillian C; Scott, Juliana; Bernier, Nicholas J
2017Sedentary conditions and enhanced responses to GABA in the RVLM : role of the contralateral RVLMDombrowski, Maryetta D; Mueller, Patrick J
2017Physical Activity and Inactivity Decreased myoblast differentiation in chronic binge alcohol-administered simian immunodeficiency virus-infected male macaques : role of decreased miR-206Simon, L; Ford, S M; Song, K; Berner, P; Stouwe, C Vande; Nelson, S; Bagby, G J; Molina, P E; Nelson, S; Gj, Bagby; Pe, Molina