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2017Urinary DcR2 is a novel biomarker for tubulointerstitial injury in patients with diabetic nephropathyChen, Jia; Zhang, Wei-wei; Chen, Ke-hong; Lin, Li-rong; Dai, Huan-zi; Li, Kai-long; Zhang, Jian-guo; Zheng, Lu-quan; Fu, Bi-qiong; He, Ya-ni; Lq, Zheng; Bq, Fu; Yn, He; Dcr, Urinary
2017A pseudo-three-dimensional model for quantification of oxygen diffusion from preglomerular arteries to renal tissue and renal venous bloodLee, Chang-joon; Ngo, Jennifer P; Kar, X Saptarshi; Gardiner, Bruce S; Evans, X Roger G; Smith, David W; Cj, Lee; Jp, Ngo; Kar, S; Bs, Gardiner; Rg, Evans; A, Smith D W
2017PGF 2 ␣ regulates the basolateral K channels in the distal convoluted tubuleWang, Lijun; Zhang, Chengbiao; Su, Xiao-tong; Lin, Dao-hong; Wu, Peng; Schwartzman, Michal L; Wang, Wen-hui; Wang, L; Zhang, C; X-t, Su; D-h, Lin; Wu, P; Ml, Schwartzman
2017Accounting for oxygen in the renal cortex: a computational study of factors that predispose the cortex to hypoxiaLee, Chang-joon; Gardiner, Bruce S; Ngo, Jennifer P; Kar, X Saptarshi; Evans, X Roger G; Smith, David W; Cj, Lee; Bs, Gardiner; Jp, Ngo; Kar, S; Rg, Evans; Dw, Smith
2017Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 ␣ activation improves renal oxygenation and mitochondrial function in early chronic kidney diseaseThomas, Joanna L; Pham, Hai; Li, Ying; Hall, Elanore; Perkins, Guy A; Ali, Sameh S; Patel, Hemal H; Singh, Prabhleen
2017PDGF receptor- ␤ uses Akt / mTORC1 signaling node to promote high glucose-induced renal proximal tubular cell collagen I ( ␣ 2 ) expressionDas, Falguni; Ghosh-choudhury, Nandini; Venkatesan, Balachandar; Kasinath, X Balakuntalam S; Choudhury, Goutam Ghosh
2017MicroRNA-148b regulates megalin expression and is associated with receptor downregulation in mice with unilateral ureteral obstructionWen, Lu; Andersen, Pia K; Husum, Dina M U; Nørregaard, Rikke; Zhao, Zhanzheng; Liu, Zhangsuo; Birn, Henrik
2017Severe acute dehydration in a desert rodent elicits a transcriptional response that effectively prevents kidney injuryMacmanes, X Matthew David
2017Coping with nephron loss : transport at a priceWeinstein, Alan M
2017Increased susceptibility to structural acute kidney injury in a mouse model of presymptomatic cardiomyopathyPleasant, Latawnya; Ma, Qing; Devarajan, Mahima; Parameswaran, Priyanka; Drake, Keri; Siroky, Brian; Shay-winkler, Kritton; Robbins, Jeffrey; Devarajan, Prasad; Pleasant, L; Ma, Q; Devarajan, M; Parameswaran, P; Drake, K; Siroky, B; Robbins, J; Increased, Devarajan P
2017Lithium-induced NDI : acetazolamide reduces polyuria but does not improve urine concentrating abilityGroot, Theun De; Doornebal, Joan; Christensen, Birgitte M; Cockx, Simone; Sinke, Anne P; Baumgarten, Ruben; Bedford, Jennifer J; Walker, Robert J; Wetzels, Jack F M; Deen, Peter M T; Baumgarten, R; Jj, Bedford; Rj, Walker; Jf, Wetzels
2017The regulatory 1 ␣ subunit of protein kinase A modulates renal cystogenesisYe, Hong; Wang, Xiaofang; Constans, Megan M; Sussman, Caroline R; Chebib, Fouad T; Irazabal, María V; Young, William F; Harris, Peter C; Kirschner, Lawrence S; Torres, Vicente E
2017Mechanism and Treatment of Renal Fibrosis Store-operated calcium entry suppressed the TGF- ␤ 1 / Smad3 signaling pathway in glomerular mesangial cellsChaudhari, Sarika; Li, Weizu; Wang, Yanxia; Jiang, Hui; Ma, Yuhong; Davis, Mark E; Zuckerman, Jonathan E; Ma, Rong
2017Spatiotemporal analysis of spontaneous myogenic contractions in the urinary bladder of the rabbit : timing and patterns reflect reported electrophysiologyHulls, C M; Lentle, R G; King, Q M; Reynolds, G W; Chambers, J P
2017Stimulation of the pelvic nerve increases bladder capacity in the prostaglandin E 2 rat model of overactive bladderLangdale, Christopher L; Hokanson, X James A; Sridhar, Arun; Grill, Warren M
2017Interplay between renal endothelin and purinergic signaling systemsGohar, Eman Y; Kasztan, Malgorzata; Pollock, David M
2017Biophysics and biofluid dynamics of primary cilia : evidence for and against the flow-sensing functionNag, Subhra; Resnick, X Andrew
2017Src family kinases in chronic kidney diseaseWang, Jun; Zhuang, Shougang
2017Inflammation and Inflammatory Mediators in Kidney Disease IL-6 promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of human peritoneal mesothelial cells possibly through the JAK2 / STAT3 signaling pathwayXiao, Jing; Gong, Yanan; Chen, Ying; Yu, Dahai; Wang, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Xiaoxue; Dou, Yanna; Liu, Dong; Cheng, Genyang; Lu, Shan; Yuan, Wenming; Li, Yansheng; Zhao, Zhanzheng; Centre, Primary Care; Sciences, Health; Kingdom, United; Xiao, J; Gong, Y; Chen, Y; Yu, D; Wang, X; Z
2017Effect of sodium nitrite on renal function and sodium and water excretion and brachial and central blood pressure in healthy subjects : a dose-response studyRosenbaek, Jeppe Bakkestroem; Therwani, X Safa Al; Jensen, Janni Majgaard; Mose, Frank Holden; Wandall-frostholm, Christine; Pedersen, Erling Bjerregaard; Bech, Jesper Noergaard; Jb, Rosenbaek; S, Al Therwani; Jm, Jensen; Fh, Mose; Frostholm, C; Eb, Pedersen; Jn, Bech