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2017Recruiting and Retaining Community-Based Preceptors: A Multicenter Qualitative Action Study of Pediatric PreceptorsDallaghan, Gary L Beck; Alerte, Anton M; Ryan, Michael S; Patterson, Patricia B; Petershack, Jean; Christy, Cynthia; Jr, William A Mills; Paul, Caroline R; Peltier, Chris; Stamos, Julie K; Tenney-soeiro, Rebecca; Vercio, Chad
2017Award on Academic Advancement and RetentionConnelly, Maureen T; Sullivan, Amy M; Chinchilla, Manuel; Dale, Margaret L; Emans, S Jean; Nadelson, Carol Cooperman; Notman, Malkah Tolpin; Tarbell, Nancy J; Zigler, Corwin M; Shore, Eleanor G
2017Faculty Development for Medical School Community-Based Faculty: A Council of Academic Family Medicine Educational Research Alliance Study Exploring Institutional Requirements and ChallengesDrowos, Joanna; Baker, Suzanne; Harrison, Suzanne Leonard; Minor, Suzanne; Chessman, Alexander W; Baker, Dennis
2017Using Organizational Philosophy to Create a Self-Sustaining Compensation Plan Without Harming Academic MissionsLeverence, Robert; Nuttall, Richard; Palmer, Rachel; Segal, Mark; Wood, Alicia; Yancey, Fay; Shuster, Jonathon; Brantly, Mark
2017Faculty – Resident “ Co-learning ”: A Longitudinal Exploration of an Innovative Model for Faculty Development in Quality ImprovementWong, Brian M; Goldman, Joanne; Goguen, Jeannette M; Base, Christian; Rotteau, Leahora; Melle, Elaine Van; Kuper, Ayelet
2017The Academic RVU : Ten Years Developing a Metric for and Financially Incenting Academic Productivity at Oregon Health & Science UniversityMa, O John; Hedges, Jerris R; Newgard, Craig D
2017Considerations for Medical Students and Advisors After an Unsuccessful MatchBumsted, Tracy; Schneider, Benjamin N; Deiorio, Nicole M
2017The Impact of an Academy of Medical Educators on the Culture of an American Health Sciences CampusCorral, Janet; Guiton, Gretchen; Aagaard, Eva
2017Letters to the EditorCroskerry, Pat
2017Professional Development Perceptions and Practices Among U . S . Physicians : A Cross-Specialty National SurveyCook, David A; Blachman, Morris J; Price, David W; West, Colin P; Berger, Richard A; Wittich, Christopher M
2017Ways to Write a Milestone : Approaches to Operationalizing the Development of Competence in Graduate Medical EducationHunderfund, Andrea N Leep; Reed, Darcy A; Starr, Stephanie R; Havyer, Rachel D; Lang, Tara R; Norby, Suzanne M
2017Graduates ’ Perceptions of Learning AffordancesStudy, Mixed-methods; Latessa, Robyn A; Swendiman, Robert A; Parlier, Anna Beth; Galvin, Shelley L; Hirsh, David A
2017Feedback for Learners in Medical Education : What Is Known ? A Scoping ReviewBing-you, Robert; Hayes, Victoria; Varaklis, Kalli; Trowbridge, Robert; Kemp, Heather; Mckelvy, Dina
2017Medical Student Perceptions of Feedback and Feedback Behaviors Within the Context of the “ Educational Alliance ”Bowen, Lucy; Marshall, Michelle; Murdoch-eaton, Deborah
2017How Supervisor Experience Influences Trust, Supervision, and Trainee Learning: A Qualitative StudySheu, Leslie; Kogan, Jennifer R; Hauer, Karen E
2017Challenges for Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education ProgramsCummings, Mark
2017ACADEMIC MEDICINE | AM Last Page Title Learning and Improvement as the Core of Physician Practice-
2017Cover Art Artist ’ s Statement : Roger-
2017The Charter on Professionalism for HealthOrganizations, Care; Egener, Barry E; Mason, Diana J; Mcdonald, Walter J; Okun, Sally; Gaines, Martha E; Fleming, David A; Rosof, Bernie M; Gullen, David; Andresen, May-lynn
2017The Need for Anti-Racism Training in Medical School Curricula An Argument for Flexible Specialty Board Exam Dates : Reducing Gender Disparity and Improving Learner Wellness Copyright © by the Association of American Medical Colleges . Unauthorized reproduTsai, Jennifer