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AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 11 June (2).pdf.jpg2017Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy and Depressive Symptoms on All-Cause Mortality Among HIV-Infected WomenTodd, Jonathan V.; Cole, Stephen R.; Pence, Brian W.; Lesko, Catherine R.; Bacchetti, Peter; Cohen, Mardge H.; Feaster, Daniel J.; Gange, Stephen; Griswold, Michael E.; Mack, Wendy; Rubtsova, Anna; Wang, Cuiwei; Weedon, Jeremy; Anastos, Kathryn; Adimora, Adaora a.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 11 June (7).pdf.jpg2017Temporal Changes in Mortality Related to Extreme Temperatures for 15 Cities in Northeast Asia: Adaptation to Heat and Maladaptation to ColdChung, Yeonseung; Noh, Heesang; Honda, Yasushi; Hashizume, Masahiro; Bell, Michelle L.; Guo, Yue-Liang Leon; Kim, Ho
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Fetuin-A and Risk of Diabetes Independent of Liver Fat Content The Multi-Ethnic Study of AtherosclerosisAroner, Sarah A; Mukamal, Kenneth J; St-jules, David E; Budoff, Matthew J; Katz, Ronit; Criqui, Michael H; Allison, Matthew A; Boer, Ian H De; Siscovick, David S; Ix, Joachim H; Jensen, Majken K
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 2 January (4).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution In fl ammatory Cytokines and Lung Cancer Risk in 3 Prospective StudiesBrenner, Darren R; Fanidi, Anouar; Grankvist, Kjell; Muller, David C; Brennan, Paul; Manjer, Jonas; Byrnes, Graham; Hodge, Allison; Severi, Gianluca; Giles, Graham G; Johansson, Mikael; Johansson, Mattias
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 4 February (4).pdf.jpg2017Response to Invited Commentary Giorgis-Allemand et al . Respond to “ Ambient Environment and Preterm Birth ”Giorgis-allemand, Lise; Pedersen, Marie; Beelen, Rob M J; Gehring, Ulrike; Hoek, Gerard; Basagana, Xavier; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J; Brunekreef, Bert; Kogevinas, Manolis; Slama, Rémy
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Ambient Fine Particulate Matter , Outdoor Temperature , and Risk of Metabolic SyndromeWallwork, Rachel S; Colicino, Elena; Zhong, Jia; Kloog, Itai; Coull, Brent A; Vokonas, Pantel; Schwartz, Joel D; Baccarelli, Andrea A
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 11 June (10).pdf.jpg2017ASCERTAINMENT OF VITAL STATUS AMONG PEOPLE WITH CRIMINAL JUSTICE INVOLVEMENTOf, Ascertainment; Status, Vital; People, Among; Criminal, With; Involvement, Justice; Us, T H E; Death, National; Security, Social; Death, Master
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 5 March (5).pdf.jpg2017Invited Commentary Invited Commentary : An Ingenious Approach to Examining the Relationship Between Maternal Stress and Offspring Health ?Keyes, Katherine M; Susser, Ezra
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 4 February (10).pdf.jpg2017DOI: 10.1093/aje/kww225; Advance Access publication: February 3, 2017 ©-
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 6 March (3).pdf.jpg2017Interactions Between Genome-Wide Significant Genetic Variants and Circulating Concentrations of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Relation to Prostate Cancer Risk in the National Cancer Institute BPC3Dimitrakopoulou, Vasiliki I.; Travis, Ruth C.; Shui, Irene M.; Mondul, Alison; Albanes, Demetrius; Virtamo, Jarmo; Agudo, Antonio; Boeing, Heiner; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H. Bas; Gunter, Marc J.; Johansson, Mattias; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Overvad, Kim; Palli, Domenico; Trichopoulou, Antonia; Giovannucci, Edward; Hunter, David J.; Lindström, Sara; Willett, Walter; Gaziano, J. Michael; Stampfer, Meir; Berg, Christine; Berndt, Sonja I.; Black, Amanda; Hoover, Robert N.; Kraft, Peter; Key, Timothy J.; Tsilidis, Konstantinos K.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 7 April (1).pdf.jpg2017Practice of Epidemiology Validity of a Dietary Questionnaire Assessed by Comparison With Multiple Weighed Dietary Records or 24-Hour RecallsYuan, Changzheng; Spiegelman, Donna; Rimm, Eric B; Rosner, Bernard a; Stampfer, Meir J; Barnett, Junaidah B; Chavarro, Jorge E; Subar, Amy F; Sampson, Laura K; Willett, Walter C
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 7 April (5).pdf.jpg2017Risk Factor Models for Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children Born Very Preterm or With Very Low Birth Weight: A Systematic Review of Methodology and ReportingLinsell, Louise; Malouf, Reem; Morris, Joan; Kurinczuk, Jennifer J.; Marlow, Neil
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 8 April (12).pdf.jpg2017Evidence for Detection Bias by Medication Use in a Cohort Study of Breast Cancer SurvivorsWirtz, Heidi S.; Calip, Gregory S.; Buist, Diana S. M.; Gralow, Julie R.; Barlow, William E.; Gray, Shelly; Boudreau, Denise M.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 7 April (7).pdf.jpg2017The Hidden Epidemic of Firearm Injury: Increasing Firearm Injury Rates During 2001–2013Kalesan, Bindu; Adhikarla, Chandana; Pressley, Joyce C.; Fagan, Jeffrey a.; Xuan, Ziming; Siegel, Michael B.; Galea, Sandro
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 10 May (12).pdf.jpg2017Invited Commentary Invited Commentary : Bias Attenuation and Identi fi cation of Causal Effects With Multiple Negative ControlsMiao, Wang; Tchetgen, Eric Tchetgen
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 6 March (15).pdf.jpg2017Re: “Age and Sex Differences in Body Mass Index As a Predictor of Hip Fracture: a Norepos Study”Min, Jae
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 11 June (5).pdf.jpg2017Accuracy of Offspring-Reported Parental Hip Fractures: A Novel Population-Based Parent-Offspring Record Linkage StudyLix, Lisa M.; Leslie, William D.; Yang, Shuman; Yan, Lin; Walld, Randy; Morin, Suzanne N.; Majumdar, Sumit R.; Roos, Leslie L.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 10 May (15).pdf.jpg2017Reducing Cancer Burden in the Population: An Overview of Epidemiologic Evidence to Support Policies, Systems, and Environmental ChangesPlatz, Elizabeth a.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 8 April (14).pdf.jpg2017Multi-Site Clinical Assessment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (MCAM): Design and Implementation of a Prospective/Retrospective Rolling Cohort StudyUnger, Elizabeth R.; Lin, Jin-Mann S.; Tian, Hao; Natelson, Benjamin H.; Lange, Gudrun; Vu, Diana; Blate, Michelle; Klimas, Nancy G.; Balbin, Elizabeth G.; Bateman, Lucinda; Allen, Ali; Lapp, Charles W.; Springs, Wendy; Kogelnik, Andreas M.; Phan, Catrina C.; Danver, Joan; Podell, Richard N.; Fitzpatrick, Trisha; Peterson, Daniel L.; Gottschalk, C. Gunnar; Rajeevan, Mangalathu S.
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 7 April (12).pdf.jpg2017Association Between Age at Menarche and Gestational Diabetes MellitusSchoenaker, Danielle a. J. M.; Mishra, Gita D.