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Title: Systematic Reviews and Meta- and Pooled Analyses Pelvic In fl ammatory Disease and the Risk of Ovarian Cancer and Borderline Ovarian Tumors : A Pooled Analysis of 13 Case-Control Studies
Authors: Rasmussen, Christina B;Kjaer, Susanne K;Albieri, Vanna;Bandera, Elisa V;Doherty, Jennifer A;Høgdall, Estrid;Webb, Penelope M;Jordan, Susan J;Rossing, Mary Anne;Wicklund, Kristine G;Goodman, Marc T;Modugno, Francesmary;Moysich, Kirsten B;Ness, Roberta B;Edwards, Robert P;Schildkraut, Joellen M;Berchuck, Andrew;Olson, Sara H;Kiemeney, Lambertus A;Massuger, Leon F A G;Narod, Steven A;Phelan, Catherine M;Anton-culver, Hoda;Ziogas, Argyrios;Wu, Anna H;Pearce, Celeste L;Risch, Harvey A
subject: Medical Science
Year: 2017
volume: Volume 185
issue: Issue 1
month: January
Appears in Collections:American Journal of Epidemiology 2017

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