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3-Dec-2014Changes in skeletal collagen crosslinks and matrix hydration in high and low turnover chronic kidney diseaseAllen, Matthew R.; Newman, Christopher L.; Chen, Neal; Granke, Mathilde; Nyman, Jeffry S.; Moe, Sharon M.
23-Oct-2014Duration-dependent effects of clinically relevant oral alendronate doses on cortical bone toughness in beagle dogsBurr, David B; Liu, Ziyue; Allen, Matthew R.
4-Dec-2014Treatment with eldecalcitol positively affects mineralization, microdamage, and collagen crosslinks in primate boneSaito, Mitsuru; Grynpas, Marc D.; Burr, David B.; Allen, Matthew R.; Smith, Susan Y.; Doyle, Nancy; Amizuka, Norio; Hasegawa, Tomoka; Kida, Yoshikuni; Marumo, Keishi; Saito, Hitoshi
Nov-2014Policy Report: Indiana Mental Health WorkforceMaxey, Hannah L.; Norwood, Connor W.
11-Sep-2014Beta-1 Adrenergic Agonist Treatment Mitigates Negative Changes in Cancellous Bone Microarchitecture and Inhibits Osteocyte Apoptosis during DisuseSwift, Joshua M.; Swift, Sibyl N.; Allen, Matthew R.; Bloomfield, Susan A,
9-Jun-2014Cortical Bone Mechanical Properties Are Altered in an Animal Model of Progressive Chronic Kidney DiseaseNewman, Christopher L.; Moe, Sharon M.; Chen, Neal X.; Hammond, Max A.; Wallace, Jospeh M.; Nyman, Jeffry S.; Allen, Matthew R.
Sep-2014Low Levels of p53 Protein and Chromatin Silencing of p53 Target Genes Repress Apoptosis in Drosophila Endocycling CellsZhang, Bingqing; Mehrotra, Sonam; Ng, Wei Lun; Calvi, Brian R
Oct-2014Data Report: 2012 Indiana Mental Health Professional Licensure SurveySheff, Zachary T.; Maxey, Hannah L.; Barclay, Jonathan C.; Banti, Sudha
Apr-2014Synthesis and Mechanistic Studies of a Novel Homoisoflavanone Inhibitor of Endothelial Cell GrowthBasavarajappa, Halesha D; Lee, Bit; Fei, Xiang; Lim, Daesung; Callaghan, Breedge; Mund, Julie A; Case, Jamie; Rajashekhar, Gangaraju; Seo, Seung-Yong; Corson, Timothy W
Dec-2012Indiana Primary Health Care: Description, Distribution, Challenges, & Strategic Recommendation to Empowered Decision MakingMaxey, Hannah L.; Malcolm, Amber; Norwood, Connor W.; Sheff, Zachary; Walters, Staci Jo
Jun-2014Multimodality Imaging Methods for Assessing Retinoblastoma Orthotopic Xenograft Growth and DevelopmentCorson, Timothy W; Samuels, Brian C; Wenzel, Andrea A; Geary, Anna J; Riley, Amanda A; McCarthy, Brian P; Hanenberg, Helmut; Bailey, Barbara J; Rogers, Pamela I; Pollok, Karen E; Rajashekhar, Gangaraju; Territo, Paul R
Mar-2011Poststroke depression and treatment effects on functional outcomesSchmid, Arlene A; Kroenke, K; Hendrie, H C; Bakas, Tamilyn; Williams, Linda S
2013Postdischarge quality of care: Do age disparities exist among Department of Veterans Affairs ischemic stroke patients?Chumbler, Neale R; Jia, Huanguang; Phipps, Michael S; Li, Xinli; Ordin, Diana; Williams, Linda S; Myers, Laura J
Jul-2014Status of Diabetes Care: “It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better . . . or Does It?”Cefalu, William T; Tamborlane, William V; Moses, Robert G; Greene, Eddie L; Bakris, George; Rosenstock, Julio; Blonde, Lawrence; Riddle, Matthew C; Golden, Sherita Hill; Reynolds, Lyn; de Groot, Mary
Aug-2014NIDDK International Conference Report on Diabetes and Depression: Current Understanding and Future DirectionsHolt, Richard I G; de Groot, Mary; Lucki, Irwin; Hunter, Christine M; Sartorius, Norman; Golden, Sherita Hill
Mar-2009Stroke Caregiver Outcomes from the Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Kit (TASK)Bakas, Tamilyn; Farran, Carol J; Austin, Joan K; Given, Barbara A; Johnson, Elizabeth A; Williams, Linda S
2008Geographic variation in poststroke depression among veterans with acute strokeJia, Huanguang; Ried, L Douglas; Wang, Xinping; Damush, Teresa M; Young, Linda J; Cameon, Randi H; Williams, Linda S
Jul-2011Using Administrative Databases to Calculate Framingham Scores within a Large Healthcare OrganizationEkundayo, O James; Vassar, Stefanie D; Williams, Linda S; Bravata, Dawn M; Cheng, Eric M
Sep-2007Post-Stroke Depression: Focus on Diagnosis and Management during Stroke RehabilitationJohnson, Elizabeth A; Bakas, Tamilyn; Williams, Linda S
Jun-2013A review of factors affecting the success of membrane protein crystallization using bicellesKimble-Hill, Ann C

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