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2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (1).pdf.jpg2017CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDY A Seven-Day Course of TMP-SMX May Be as Effective as a Seven-Day Course of Cipro fl oxacin for the Treatment of PyelonephritisFox, Miriam T; Melia, Michael T; Same, Rebecca G; Conley, Anna T; Tamma, Pranita D
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (13).pdf.jpg2017Splenectomy as a Destination : Improving Quality of Care Among Asplenic Veterans Through a Travel ClinicMitchell, Aaron P; Boggan, Joel C; Lau, Karen; Simel, David L
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (12).pdf.jpg2017Identi fi cation of the Causes for Chronic Hypokalemia : Importance of Urinary Sodium and Chloride ExcretionWu, Kun-lin; Cheng, Chih-jen; Sung, Chih-chen; Tseng, Ming-hua; Hsu, Yu-juei
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2017The Effect of Combined Aspirin and Clopidogrel Treatment on Cancer IncidenceLeader, Avi; Zelikson-saporta, Ravit; Pereg, David; Spectre, Galia; Rozovski, Uri
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (15).pdf.jpg2017The Malnourished Heart : An Unusual Case of Heart FailureBruera, Sebastian; Kalakota, Neeharika Reddy; Balasubramanyam, Ashok
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (10).pdf.jpg2017Blood Pressure Goals in Functionally Limited Elderly PatientsBahat, Gulistan; Ilhan, Birkan; Tufan, Asli; Karan, Mehmet Akif
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (14).pdf.jpg2017Where Have the Generalists Gone ? They Became Specialists , Then SubspecialistsWar, World; Until, I I
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (16).pdf.jpg2017False and Misleading Information About Lyme DiseaseShapiro, Eugene D; Baker, Phillip J; Wormser, Gary P
2017 AJMED Volume 130 Issue 7 July (17).pdf.jpg2017CLINICAL COMMUNICATION TO THE EDITOR A Tale of Two Valves : An Echocardiographic Natural History of Radiation Heart DiseaseVideos, Supplementary; Videos, Supplementary
2017Time to Clinically Relevant Fracture Risk Scores in Postmenopausal WomenGourlay, Margaret L; Overman, Robert A; Fine, Jason P; Crandall, Carolyn J; Robbins, John; Schousboe, John T; Ensrud, Kristine E; Leblanc, Erin S
2017Digital Rectal Examination Reduces Hospital Admissions , Endoscopies , and Medical Therapy in Patients with Acute Gastrointestinal BleedingShrestha, Manish P; Borgstrom, Mark; Trowers, Eugene
2017Cough SyncopeWaldmann, Victor; Combes, Nicolas; Narayanan, Kumar; Sharifzadehgan, Ardalan; Bouzeman, Abdeslam; Ms, Frankie Beganton; Combes, Stéphane; Albenque, Jean-paul; Boveda, Serge; Marijon, Eloi
2017The Complexities of Iron De fi ciency in Patients After Bariatric SurgeryVelazquez, Amanda; Apovian, Caroline M; Istfan, Nawfal W
2017An Acquired Factor X Inhibitor : The Importance of Understanding CoagulationChan, Isaac S; Ogunsile, F Joy
2017Inner Peace : Cutaneous Polyarteritis NodosaParperis, Konstantinos; Rast, Fawad
2017Life with One Kidney : Primary Care and the Living Kidney DonorDisease, Kidney
2017Sleep Duration and Impaired Glycemic ControlKawada, Tomoyuki
2017LETTER The Reply-
2017Upper Body Subcutaneous Fat Is Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk FactorsLee, Jane J; Pedley, Alison; Therkelsen, Kate E; Hoffmann, Udo; Massaro, Joseph M
2017Patient-Speci fi c Tailored Intervention Improves INR Time in Therapeutic Range and INR Variability in Heart Failure PatientsGotsman, Israel; Ezra, Orly; Raccah, Hirsh; Admon, Dan; Lotan, Chaim