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2017Human Papillomavirus ( HPV ) Genotypes in Condylomas , Intraepithelial Neoplasia , and Invasive Carcinoma of the Penis Using Laser Capture Microdissection ( LCM ) -PCRFerna, Marı J; Guimera, Nuria; Sanchez, Diego F; Can, Sofı; Velazquez, Elsa F; Jenkins, David; Quint, Wim; Cubilla, Antonio L
2017Long-term Behavior of Serous Borderline Tumors Subdivided Into Atypical Proliferative Tumors and Noninvasive Low-grade CarcinomasVang, Russell; Hannibal, Charlotte G; Junge, Jette; Frederiksen, Kirsten; Kjaer, Susanne K; Kurman, Robert J
2017Heterotopic Pancreas of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Associated Precursor and Cancerous LesionsJun, Sun-young; Son, Dahye; Kim, Mi-ju; Kim, Joo
2017Basal Cell Carcinoma With Matrical DifferentiationBiological, Molecular; Zamecnik, Michal; Perret, Raul; Chottova, Magdalena; Hadravsky, Ladislav; Michal, Michal; Kazakov, Dmitry V
2017Hobnail Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Clinicopathologic and Molecular Evidence of Progression toEloy, Catarina; Piso-neira, Magalı; Abdulkader-nallib, Ihab
2017Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors of the Female Genital TractMorphologic, A; Ogawa, Fumihiro; Rosenberg, Andrew E; Horn, Lars-christian
2017Transdifferentiation of Neuroendocrine CellsBielle, Franck; Raverot, Gerald; Daly, Adrian F
2017O RIGINAL A RTICLE A Grading System Combining Tumor Budding and Nuclear Diameter Predicts Prognosis in Resected LungCarcinoma, Squamous Cell
2017Germline Mutations in MLH1 Leading to Isolated Loss of PMS2 Expression in Lynch Syndrome : Implications for Diagnostics in the ClinicThe, T O
2017Spectrum of Changes in Anogenital Mammary-like Glands in Primary Extramammary ( Anogenital ) Paget Disease and Their Possible Role in the Pathogenesis of the DiseaseKonstantinova, Anastasia M; Spagnolo, Dominic V; Stewart, Colin J R; Kacerovska, Denisa; Shelekhova, Ksenya V; Plaza, Jose A; Suster, Saul; Bouda, Jiri; Kyrpychova, Liubov; Kazakov, Dmitry V
2017Newly Described Entities in Salivary Gland PathologySka, Alena; Gnepp, Douglas R; Lewis, James S; Hunt, Jennifer L; Bishop, Justin A; Hellquist, Henrik; Rinaldo, Alessandra; Eng, Frcs; Poorten, Vincent Vander; Ferlito, Alfio
2017HPV-negative Gastric Type Adenocarcinoma In Situ of the CervixTalia, Karen L; Stewart, Colin J R; Howitt, Brooke E; Nucci, Marisa R; Mccluggage, W Glenn
2017Myopericytomatosis Clinicopathologic Analysis of 11 Cases With Molecular Identification of Recurrent PDGFRB Alterations in MyopericytomatosisHung, Yin P; Fletcher, Christopher D M
2017IL-8 Expression in Granulocytic Epithelial Lesions of Idiopathic Duct-centric PancreatitisPancreatitis, Type Autoimmune; Ku, Yuna; Hong, Seung-mo; Fujikura, Kohei; Kim, Sung Joo
2017C-MYC and Its Main Ubiquitin Ligase, FBXW7, Influence Cell Proliferation and Prognosis in Adult T-cell Leukemia/LymphomaLymphoma, T-cell Leukemia
2017SMARCB1 / INI1 Loss in Epithelioid SchwannomaJo, Vickie Y; Fletcher, Christopher D M
2017The Impact of P16 Immunostaining in Reducing Anal Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Indication for TreatmentLower, The; Squamous, Anogenital; Pathologists, American
2017Priority for Description of the MELF Pattern of Myoinvasive Endometrioid Carcinoma-
2017Reporting and Staging of Testicular Germ Cell TumorsInternational, The; Pathology, Urological; Testicular, Isup; Verrill, Clare; Yilmaz, Asli; Srigley, John R; Amin, Mahul B; Compe, Eva; Egevad, Lars; Ulbright, Thomas M; Tickoo, Satish K; Berney, Daniel M; Epstein, Jonathan I
2017Immunohistochemical Characterization of Fumarate Cancer SyndromesMchugh, Jonathan B; Siddiqui, Javed; Cao, Xuhong; Dhanasekaran, Saravana M; Fullen, Douglas R; Lagstein, Amir; Chan, May P; Mehra, Rohit