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2017A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Examining the Impact of Incident Postoperative Delirium on MortalityHamilton, Gavin M; Sc, M; Wheeler, Kathleen; Sc, B; Michele, Joseph Di; Sc, B H; Lalu, Manoj M; Mcisaac, Daniel I
2017Risks of Cardiovascular Adverse Events and Death in Patients with Previous Stroke Undergoing EmergencySurgery, Nonintracranial; Torp-pedersen, Christian; Sc, D; Sanders, Robert D; Jensen, Per Føge; Jørgensen, Mads E; Sc, B
2017TT(-695/-694)GC Polymorphism Is Associated with Increased Gq Expression, Vascular Reactivity, and Myocardial Injury after Coronary Artery Bypass SurgeryFrey, Ulrich H; Klenke, Stefanie; Mitchell, Anna; Knüfermann, Tim; Jakob, Heinz; Thielmann, Matthias
2017Goal-directed Fluid Therapy Does Not Reduce Primary Colorectal SurgeryStein, Barry L; Liberman, Sender; Charlebois, Patrick; Pecorelli, Nicolò; Feldman, Liane S; Carli, Franco; Baldini, Gabriele; Sc, M
2017after a Single Ascending Bolus DoseEffects, Clinical; Daas, Izaak Den; Chou, Thomas; Amsterdam, Kai Van; Sc, M; Campagna, Jason A; Sweeney, Steven P; Sc, B
2017Analgesia during LaborRandomized, A; Study, Controlled; Booth, Jessica L; Ross, Vernon H; Nelson, Kenneth E; Harris, Lynnette; Eisenach, James C; Pan, Peter H
2017. Can We Finally Conquer the Problem of Medical Quality ? The Systems-based Opportunities of Data Registries and Medical Teamwork A Public-Private Strategy to Advance the Use of the Clinical 2017 : Expanding Richness Alarm on Brain in Surgical Patients :Mackey, David
2017Neurophysiologic Correlates of Ketamine Sedation and AnesthesiaKim, Hyoungkyu; Janke, Ellen; Tarnal, Vijay; Pichurko, Adrian B; Mashour, George A
2017Ionotropic Glutamate ReceptorsLecker, Irene; Wang, Dian-shi; Kaneshwaran, Kirusanthy; Mazer, C David; Orser, Beverley A
2017Finally Conquer Quality ? The Systems-based Opportunities of Data Registries and Medical Teamwork . A Public-Private Strategy to Advance the Use of Clinical Registries We Looking For ? Anesthesia The Question of Resident Selection Really Suggest that MighMackey, David C; Alex, S; Kuipers, Maria T; Wieland, Catharina W; Schultz, Marcus J
2017Association between Exposure of Young Children to Procedures Requiring General Anesthesia and LearningHanson, Andrew C; Buenvenida, Shonie L; Gleich, Stephen J; Wilder, Robert T; Sprung, Juraj; Warner, David O
2017Left Lateral Table Tilt for Elective Cesarean DeliveryStatus, Acid Base; Corradini, Beatriz; Sc, M; Wang, Shuang; Goodman, Stephanie R; Smiley, Richard M
2017Establishing Obstetric Anesthesiology Practice Guidelines in the Republic of Armenia A Global Health CollaborationHabib, Ashraf S; Owen, Medge D
2017Limiting Uncertainty in Neurocritical CareGodet, Thomas; Chabanne, Russell; Constantin, Jean-michel
2017ANESTHESIOLOGY REFLECTIONS FROM THE WOOD LIBRARY-MUSEUM A Hollywood Ending for a Master of the Laughing Gasometer ,Longnecker, Frank C
2017Understanding Potential Drug Side EffectsKoster, Andreas; Levy, Jerrold H
2017Raising the Alarm on Brain Attacks in Surgical PatientsPostoperative, Treat
2017Expanding the Richness and ReachViews, Editorial
2017Extubation Success Prediction in a Multicentric Cohort of Patients with Severe Brain InjuryAsehnoune, Karim; Seguin, Philippe; Lasocki, Sigismond; Roquilly, Antoine; Delater, Adrien; Gros, Antoine; Denou, Florian; Mahé, Pierre-joachim; Nesseler, Nicolas; Demeure-dit-latte, Dominique; Launey, Yoann; Lakhal, Karim; Rozec, Bertrand; Ph,
2017Ketamine and Etomidate Down-regulate the Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis in an Endotoxemic Mouse ModelLefevre-scelles, Antoine; Morin, Fabrice; Tamion, Fabienne; Dureuil, Bertrand; Castel, Hélène; Compere, Vincent

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