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2017Oncologic Procedures Amenable to Fluorescence-guided SurgeryTipirneni, Kiranya E.; Warram, Jason M.; Moore, Lindsay S.; Prince, Andrew C.; de Boer, Esther; Jani, Aditi H.; Wapnir, Irene L.; Liao, Joseph C.; Bouvet, Michael; Behnke, Nicole K.; Hawn, Mary T.; Poultsides, George a.; Vahrmeijer, Alexander L.; Carroll, William R.; Z
2017The Need to Consider Longer-term Outcomes of CareZogg, Cheryl K.; Olufajo, Olubode a.; Jiang, Wei; Bystricky, Anna; Scott, John W.; Shafi, Shahid; Havens, Joaquim M.; Salim, Ali; Schoenfeld, Andrew J.; Haider, Adil H.
2017Radioactive Seed Localization or Wire-guided Localization of Nonpalpable Invasive and In Situ Breast Cancer: A Randomized, Multicenter, Open-label Trial.Langhans, Linnea; Tvedskov, Tove F; Klausen, Thomas L; Jensen, Maj-Britt; Talman, Maj-Lis; Vejborg, Ilse; Benian, Cemil; Roslind, Anne; Hermansen, Jonas; Oturai, Peter S; Bentzon, Niels; Kroman, Niels
2017Targeted DNA Sequencing Reveals Patterns of Local Progression in the Pancreatic Remnant Following Resection of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (IPMN) of the PancreasPea, Antonio; Yu, Jun; Rezaee, Neda; Luchini, Claudio; He, Jin; Dal Molin, Marco; Griffin, James F.; Fedor, Helen; Fesharakizadeh, Shahriar; Salvia, Roberto; Weiss, Matthew J.; Bassi, Claudio; Cameron, John L.; Zheng, Lei; Scarpa, Aldo; Hruban, Ralph H.; Lennon, Anne Mar
2017Transanal Total Mesorectal ExcisionPenna, Marta; Hompes, Roel; Arnold, Steve; Wynn, Greg; Austin, Ralph; Warusavitarne, Janindra; Moran, Brendan; Hanna, George B.; Mortensen, Neil J.; Tekkis, Paris P.
2017A Retrievable, Efficacious Polymeric Scaffold for Subcutaneous Transplantation of Rat Pancreatic IsletsSmink, Alexandra M.; Hertsig, Don T.; Schwab, Leendert; van Apeldoorn, Aart a.; de Koning, Eelco J. P.; Faas, Marijke M.; de Haan, Bart J.; de Vos, Paul
2017Does Size Matter in Pancreatic Cancer?Marchegiani, Giovanni; Andrianello, Stefano; Malleo, Giuseppe; De Gregorio, Lucia; Scarpa, Aldo; Mino-Kenudson, Mari; Maggino, Laura; Ferrone, Cristina R.; Lillemoe, Keith D.; Bassi, Claudio; Castillo, Carlos Fernàndez-del; Salvia, Roberto
2017Intraperitoneal Local Anesthetic for Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Hamill, James K; Liley, Andrew; Hill, Andrew G
2017Measuring the Value of a Clinical Practice Guideline for Children With Perforated Appendicitis.Robinson, Jamie R; Avritscher, Elenir B; Gay, James C; Willis, Zachary I; Putnam, Luke R; Anglemyer, Andrew; Pedroza, Claudia; Tyson, Jon E; Blakely, Martin L
2017Initial Experience With Biologic Polymer Scaffold (Poly-4-hydroxybuturate) in Complex Abdominal Wall ReconstructionBuell, Joseph F.; Sigmon, David; Ducoin, Christopher; Shapiro, Max; Teja, Nikhil; Wynter, Emmett; Hanisee, Mary K.; Parker, Geoffrey; Kandil, Emad; Darden, Michael
2017Hospital Quality and Medicare Expenditures for Bariatric Surgery in the United StatesIbrahim, a M; Ghaferi, a a; Thumma, J R; Dimick, J B
2017Residual Carcinoma In Situ at the Ductal Stump has a Negative Survival EffectTsukahara, Tetsuo; Ebata, Tomoki; Shimoyama, Yoshie; Yokoyama, Yukihiro; Igami, Tsuyoshi; Sugawara, Gen; Mizuno, Takashi; Nagino, Masato
2017Variation and Impact of Multiple Complications on Failure to Rescue After Inpatient Surgery.Massarweh, Nader N; Anaya, Daniel a; Kougias, Panagiotis; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Awad, Samir S; Berger, David H
2017Seventeen-year Outcome of a Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Laparoscopic and Conventional Nissen FundoplicationFundoplication, Nissen
2017Predicting Mortality in Patients Developing Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Liver TransplantationBodzin, Adam S.; Lunsford, Keri E.; Markovic, Daniela; Harlander-Locke, Michael P.; Busuttil, Ronald W.; Agopian, Vatche G.
2017Hey, I Just Did a Better Operation! Toward an Ideal Innovation ModelSood, Akshay; Menon, Mani; Hirst, Allison; McCulloch, Peter; Ghani, Khurshid R.
2017Beyond “Measure Twice”Yule, Steven
2017No TitleNaji, Hussein
2017Predicting Heterotopic Ossification Early After Burn Injuries: A Risk Scoring System.Schneider, Jeffrey C; Simko, Laura C; Goldstein, Richard; Shie, Vivian L; Chernack, Betty; Levi, Benjamin; Jayakumar, Prakash; Kowalske, Karen J; Herndon, David N; Gibran, Nicole S; Ryan, Colleen M
2017Impact of Weekday of Esophagectomy on Short-term and Long-term Oncological Outcomes: A Nationwide Population-based Cohort Study in the NetherlandsVisser, E; van Rossum, P S; Verhoeven, R H; Ruurda, J P; van Hillegersberg, R