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ARE 2017 Volume 62 (16).pdf.jpg2017Evolution of Stored-Product Entomology : Protecting the World Food SupplyHagstrum, David W; Phillips, Thomas W
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (10).pdf.jpg2017Diversity of Cuticular Micro- and Nanostructures on Insects : Properties , Functions , and Potential ApplicationsWatson, Gregory S; Watson, Jolanta A; Cribb, Bronwen W
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (20).pdf.jpg2017Neuropeptides as Regulators of Behavior in InsectsSchoofs, Liliane; Loof, Arnold De; Hiel, Matthias Boris Van
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (3).pdf.jpg2017Impacts of Insect Herbivores on Plant PopulationsMyers, Judith H; Sarfraz, Rana M
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (25).pdf.jpg2017Past , Present , and Future of Integrated Control of Apple Pests : The New Zealand ExperienceWalker, James T S; Suckling, David Maxwell; Wearing, C Howard
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (7).pdf.jpg2017Social Life in Arid Environments : The Case Study of Cataglyphis AntsAron, Serge; Cerd, Xim; Doums, Claudie; Graham, Paul; Hefetz, Abraham; Monnin, Thibaud
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (1).pdf.jpg2017One of the Editorial Committee members of theCommittee, Editorial; Committee, The; Reviews, Annual; Tanamachi, Steven
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (24).pdf.jpg2017Physicochemical Property Variation in Spider Silk : Ecology , Evolution , and Synthetic ProductionBlamires, Sean J; Blackledge, Todd A; Tso, I-min
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (2).pdf.jpg2017The Impact of Trap Type and Design Features on Survey and Detection of Bark and Woodboring Beetles and Their Associates : A Review andAllison, Jeremy D; Redak, Richard A
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (6).pdf.jpg2017MicroRNAs and the Evolution of Insect MetamorphosisBelles, Xavier
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (14).pdf.jpg2017Beekeeping from Antiquity Through the Middle AgesKritsky, Gene
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (12).pdf.jpg2017Habitat Management to Suppress Pest Populations : Progress and ProspectsGurr, Geoff M; Wratten, Steve D; Landis, Douglas A; You, Minsheng
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (13).pdf.jpg2017The Ambrosia Symbiosis : From Evolutionary Ecology to Practical ManagementHulcr, Jiri; Stelinski, Lukasz L
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (18).pdf.jpg2017Emerging Themes in Our Understanding of Species DisplacementsGao, Yulin; Reitz, Stuart R
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (9).pdf.jpg2017African Horse Sickness Virus : History , Transmission , and Current StatusCarpenter, Simon; Mellor, Philip S; Fall, Assane G; Garros, Claire; Venter, Gert J
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (5).pdf.jpg2017Processionary Moths and Associated Urtication Risk : Global Change – Driven EffectsBattisti, Andrea; Larsson, Stig; Roques, Alain
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (19).pdf.jpg2017Ecoinformatics ( Big Data ) for Agricultural Entomology : Pitfalls , Progress , and PromiseRosenheim, Jay A; Gratton, Claudio
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (23).pdf.jpg2017Molecular Evolution of Insect Sociality : An Eco-Evo-Devo PerspectiveToth, Amy L; Rehan, Sandra M
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (17).pdf.jpg2017Spatial Self-Organization of Ecosystems : Integrating Multiple Mechanisms of Regular-Pattern FormationPringle, Robert M; Tarnita, Corina E
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (22).pdf.jpg2017Tephritid Integrative Taxonomy : Where We Are Now , with a Focus on the Resolution of Three Tropical Fruit Fly Species ComplexesSchutze, Mark K; Virgilio, Massimiliano; Norrbom, Allen; Clarke, Anthony R

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