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ARE 2017 Volume 62 (25).pdf.jpg2017Past , Present , and Future of Integrated Control of Apple Pests : The New Zealand ExperienceWalker, James T S; Suckling, David Maxwell; Wearing, C Howard
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (7).pdf.jpg2017Social Life in Arid Environments : The Case Study of Cataglyphis AntsAron, Serge; Cerd, Xim; Doums, Claudie; Graham, Paul; Hefetz, Abraham; Monnin, Thibaud
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (1).pdf.jpg2017One of the Editorial Committee members of theCommittee, Editorial; Committee, The; Reviews, Annual; Tanamachi, Steven
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (10).pdf.jpg2017Diversity of Cuticular Micro- and Nanostructures on Insects : Properties , Functions , and Potential ApplicationsWatson, Gregory S; Watson, Jolanta A; Cribb, Bronwen W
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (20).pdf.jpg2017Neuropeptides as Regulators of Behavior in InsectsSchoofs, Liliane; Loof, Arnold De; Hiel, Matthias Boris Van
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (3).pdf.jpg2017Impacts of Insect Herbivores on Plant PopulationsMyers, Judith H; Sarfraz, Rana M
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (16).pdf.jpg2017Evolution of Stored-Product Entomology : Protecting the World Food SupplyHagstrum, David W; Phillips, Thomas W
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (21).pdf.jpg2017Insect Pathogenic Fungi : Genomics , Molecular Interactions , and Genetic ImprovementsWang, Chengshu; Wang, Sibao
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (15).pdf.jpg2017Phylogeny and Evolution of LepidopteraMitter, Charles; Davis, Donald R; Cummings, Michael P
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (11).pdf.jpg2017Behavioral Sabotage of Plant Defenses by Insect FolivoresDussourd, David E
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (17).pdf.jpg2017Spatial Self-Organization of Ecosystems : Integrating Multiple Mechanisms of Regular-Pattern FormationPringle, Robert M; Tarnita, Corina E
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (22).pdf.jpg2017Tephritid Integrative Taxonomy : Where We Are Now , with a Focus on the Resolution of Three Tropical Fruit Fly Species ComplexesSchutze, Mark K; Virgilio, Massimiliano; Norrbom, Allen; Clarke, Anthony R
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (8).pdf.jpg2017Following the Yellow Brick RoadCalisher, Charles H; Calisher, Charles H
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (12).pdf.jpg2017Habitat Management to Suppress Pest Populations : Progress and ProspectsGurr, Geoff M; Wratten, Steve D; Landis, Douglas A; You, Minsheng
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (4).pdf.jpg2017Learning in Insect Pollinators and HerbivoresJones, Patricia L; Agrawal, Anurag A
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (18).pdf.jpg2017Emerging Themes in Our Understanding of Species DisplacementsGao, Yulin; Reitz, Stuart R
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (9).pdf.jpg2017African Horse Sickness Virus : History , Transmission , and Current StatusCarpenter, Simon; Mellor, Philip S; Fall, Assane G; Garros, Claire; Venter, Gert J
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (5).pdf.jpg2017Processionary Moths and Associated Urtication Risk : Global Change – Driven EffectsBattisti, Andrea; Larsson, Stig; Roques, Alain
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (19).pdf.jpg2017Ecoinformatics ( Big Data ) for Agricultural Entomology : Pitfalls , Progress , and PromiseRosenheim, Jay A; Gratton, Claudio
ARE 2017 Volume 62 (13).pdf.jpg2017The Ambrosia Symbiosis : From Evolutionary Ecology to Practical ManagementHulcr, Jiri; Stelinski, Lukasz L

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