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2017Editor in chiefDempsey, Patrick; Baber, Christopher; Bruder, Ralph; Darmstadt, Technische Universität; Darmstadt, Arbeitswissenschaft; Hodder, Simon; Jorgensen, Michael J; Lin, Jia-hua; Mirka, Gary A; Sharples, Sarah; Buckle, Peter; Dickerson, Clark R; Fray, Mike
2017Human factors in mental healthcare : A work system analysis of a community-based program for older adults with depression and dementiaHeiden, Siobhan M; Holden, Richard J; Alder, Catherine A; Bodke, Kunal; Boustani, Malaz
2017Validation of an ergonomic assessment method using Kinect data in real workplace conditionsPlantard, Pierre; Shum, Hubert P H; Pierres, Anne-sophie Le; Multon, Franck
2017Egocentric distance perception and performance of direct pointing in stereoscopic displaysLin, Chiuhsiang J; Woldegiorgis, Bereket H
2017An evaluation of touchscreen versus keyboard / mouse interaction for large screen process control displaysNoah, Benjamin; Li, Jingwen; Rothrock, Ling
2017Motor adaptation capacity as a function of age in carrying out a repetitive assembly task at imposed work pacesWild, Pascal; Gilles, Martine Annie; Gu, Jean-charles
2017Analyzing crowdsourced ratings of speech-based take-over requests for automated drivingBazilinskyy, P; Winter, J C F De
2017Corrigendum to “ Kansei engineering as a tool for the design of in-Mouta, Sandra; Delgado, Pedro; Vieira, Joana; Maria, Joana; Os, A
2017Dimensions of vehicle sounds perceptionWagner, Verena; Kallus, K Wolfgang; Foehl, Ulrich
2017An evaluation of wearable sensors and their placements for analyzing construction worker ' s trunk posture in laboratory conditionsLee, Wonil; Seto, Edmund; Lin, Ken-yu; Migliaccio, Giovanni C
2017Visualizing stressful aspects of repetitive motion tasks and opportunities for ergonomic improvements using computer visionGreene, Runyu L; Azari, David P; Hu, Yu Hen; Radwin, Robert G
2017Controlling robots in the home : Factors that affect the performance of novice robot operatorsMcginn, Conor; Sena, Aran; Kelly, Kevin
2017Experimental evaluation of a novel robotic hospital bed mover with omni-directional mobilityGuo, Zhao; Bei, Rachael; Mun, Kyung-ryoul; Yu, Haoyong
2017Assessing the use of immersive virtual reality , mouse and touchscreen in pointing and dragging-and-dropping tasks among young , middle-aged and older adultsChen, Jiayin; Or, Calvin
2017Psychological and physiological human responses to simulated and real environments : A comparison between Photographs , 360 Panoramas , and Virtual Reality nLlinares, Carmen; Higuera-trujillo, Juan Luis; Juan, L
2017Using the Microsoft Kinect ™ to assess 3-D shoulder kinematics during computer useXu, Xu; Robertson, Michelle; Chen, Karen B; Lin, Jia-hua; Mcgorry, Raymond W
2017Evaluating biomechanics of user-selected sitting and standing computer workstationLin, Michael Y; Barbir, Ana; Dennerlein, Jack T
2017Physical risk factors identi fi cation based on body sensor network combined to videotapingSagot, Jean-claude
2017Investigation of index fi nger triggering force using a cadaver experiment : Effects of trigger grip span , contact location , and internal tendon forceChang, Joonho; Freivalds, Andris; Sharkey, Neil A; Kong, Yong-ku; Kim, H Mike; Sung, Kiseok; Kim, Dae-min; Jung, Kihyo
2017A survey of the prevalence of fatigue , its precursors and individual coping mechanisms among U . S . manufacturing workersLu, Lin; Megahed, Fadel M; Sesek, Richard F; Cavuoto, Lora A