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Title: Immune-Array Analysis in Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis Reveals HLA-DRB1 Amino Acid Heterogeneity Across the Myositis Spectrum
Authors: Rothwell, Simon;Cooper, Robert G.;Lundberg, Ingrid E.;Gregersen, Peter K.;Hanna, Michael G.;Machado, Pedro M.;Herbert, Megan K.;Pruijn, Ger J.M.;Lilleker, James B.;Roberts, Mark;Bowes, John;Seldin, Michael F.;Vencovsky, Jiri;Danko, Katalin;Limaye, Vidya;Selva-O'Callaghan, Albert;Platt, Hazel;Molberg, ?Yvind;Benveniste, Olivier;Radstake, Timothy R.D.J.;Doria, Andrea;De Bleecker, Jan;De Paepe, Boel;Gieger, Christian;Meitinger, Thomas;Winkelmann, Juliane;Amos, Christopher I.;Ollier, William E.;Padyukov, Leonid;Lee, Annette T.;Lamb, Janine a.;Chinoy, Hector
subject: Medical Science
Year: 2017
Abstract: OBJECTIVE Inclusion body myositis (IBM) is characterised by a combination of inflammatory and degenerative changes affecting muscle. While the primary cause of IBM is unknown, genetic factors may influence disease susceptibility. We conducted the largest
ISSN: 31887554
volume: Volume 69
issue: Issue 5
month: May
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