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BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (8).pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with male involvement in reproductive care in BangladeshBishwajit, Ghose; Tang, Shangfeng; Yaya, Sanni; Ide, Seydou; Fu, Hang; Wang, Manli; He, Zhifei; Da, Feng; Feng, Zhanchun
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (74).pdf.jpg2017Developing a practice guideline for the occupational health services by using a community of practice approach: a process evaluation of the development processKwak, Lydia; Wåhlin, Charlotte; Stigmar, Kjerstin; Jensen, Irene
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (83).pdf.jpg2017Promise and pitfalls in the application of big data to occupational and environmental healthStieb, David M.; Boot, Cécile R.; Turner, Michelle C.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (77).pdf.jpg2017Lessons learned from the London Exercise and Pregnant (LEAP) Smokers randomised controlled trial process evaluation: implications for the design of physical activity for smoking cessation interventions during pregnancyGiatras, Nikoletta; Wanninkhof, Elisabeth; Leontowitsch, Miranda; Lewis, Beth; Taylor, Adrian; Cooper, Sue; Ussher, Michael
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (81).pdf.jpg2017Sedentary behavior among Spanish children and adolescents: findings from the ANIBES studyMielgo-Ayuso, Juan; Aparicio-Ugarriza, Raquel; Castillo, Adrian; Ruiz, Emma; Avila, Jose M.; Aranceta-Bartrina, Javier; Gil, Angel; Ortega, Rosa M.; Serra-Majem, Lluis; Varela-Moreiras, Gregorio; González-Gross, Marcela
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (9).pdf.jpg2017An objective and cross-sectional examination of sun-safe behaviours in New South Wales primary schoolsDudley, Dean a.; Cotton, Wayne G.; Winslade, Matthew J.; Wright, Bradley J.; Jackson, Kirsten S.; Brown, Alexandra M.; Rock, Vanessa
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (70).pdf.jpg2017Physical activity levels and associated socio-demographic factors in Bangladeshi adults: a cross-sectional studyMoniruzzaman, Mohammad; Ahmed, M. S. a. Mansur; Zaman, Mohammad Mostafa
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (76).pdf.jpg2017Community-based health care is an essential component of a resilient health system: evidence from Ebola outbreak in LiberiaSiekmans, Kendra; Sohani, Salim; Boima, Tamba; Koffa, Florence; Basil, Luay; Laaziz, Saïd
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (80).pdf.jpg2017Taking multi-morbidity into account when attributing DALYs to risk factors: comparing dynamic modeling with the GBD2010 calculation methodBoshuizen, Hendriek C; Nusselder, Wilma J; Plasmans, Marjanne Hd; Hilderink, Henk H; Snijders, Bianca Ep; Poos, René; van Gool, Coen H
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (75).pdf.jpg2017The unhealthy food environment does not modify the association between obesity and participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Los Angeles CountyChaparro, M. Pia; Harrison, Gail G.; Wang, May C.; Seto, Edmund Y. W.; Pebley, Anne R.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (85).pdf.jpg2017Impact of proximity of thermoelectric power plants on bronchial obstructive crisis ratesUgarte-Avilés, Tamara; Manterola, Carlos; Cartes-Velásquez, Ricardo; Otzen, Tamara
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (79).pdf.jpg2017Associations between access to alcohol outlets and alcohol intake and depressive symptoms in women from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods in AustraliaLamb, Karen E.; Thornton, Lukar E.; Teychenne, Megan; Milte, Catherine; Cerin, Ester; Ball, Kylie
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (73).pdf.jpg2017Determinants of quality of shared sanitation facilities in informal settlements: case study of Kisumu, KenyaSimiyu, Sheillah; Swilling, Mark; Cairncross, Sandy; Rheingans, Richard
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (72).pdf.jpg2017Assessment of the ecological bias of seven aggregate social deprivation indicesBryere, Josephine; Pornet, Carole; Copin, Nane; Launay, Ludivine; Gusto, Gaëlle; Grosclaude, Pascale; Delpierre, Cyrille; Lang, Thierry; Lantieri, Olivier; Dejardin, Olivier; Launoy, Guy
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (71).pdf.jpg2017Innovation contests to promote sexual health in china: a qualitative evaluationZhang, Wei; Schaffer, David; Tso, Lai Sze; Tang, Songyuan; Tang, Weiming; Huang, Shujie; Yang, Bin; Tucker, Joseph D.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (82).pdf.jpg2017Recommendations: Medical follow-up for workers exposed to lung carcinogensDelva, F.; Margery, J.; Brochard, P.; Laurent, F.; Petitprez, K.; Pairon, J. C.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (78).pdf.jpg2017Psychosocial work factors and social inequalities in psychological distress : a population-based study Psychosocial work factors and social inequalities in psychological distress : a population-based studyVézina, Michel; Duchaine, Caroline S; Ndjaboué, Ruth; Levesque, Manon; Vézina, Michel; Trudel, Xavier
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (84).pdf.jpg2017Leaving no one behind': reflections on the design of community-based HIV prevention for migrants in Johannesburg's inner-city hostels and informal settlements.Scorgie, Fiona; Vearey, Jo; Oliff, Monique; Stadler, Jonathan; Venables, Emilie; Chersich, Matthew F; Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (29).pdf.jpg2017Negotiating multisectoral evidence: a qualitative study of knowledge exchange at the intersection of transport and public healthGuell, Cornelia; Mackett, Roger; Ogilvie, David
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (63).pdf.jpg2017Spatiotemporal epidemic characteristics and risk factor analysis of malaria in Yunnan Province, ChinaYang, Dongyang; Xu, Chengdong; Wang, Jinfeng; Zhao, Yong

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