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BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (42).pdf.jpg2017Lifestyle factors associated with obesity in a cohort of males in the central province of Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional descriptive studyJayawardana, N. W. I. a.; Jayalath, W. a. T. a.; Madhujith, W. M. T.; Ralapanawa, U.; Jayasekera, R. S.; Alagiyawanna, S. a. S. B.; Bandara, a. M. K. R.; Kalupahana, N. S.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (5).pdf.jpg2017Socioeconomic inequality of overweight and obesity of the elderly in Iran: Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) ProgramRaeisi, Alireza; Mehboudi, Mohammadbagher; Darabi, Hossein; Nabipour, Iraj; Larijani, Bagher; Mehrdad, Neda; Heshmat, Ramin; Shafiee, Gita; Sharifi, Farshad; Ostovar, Afshin
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (23).pdf.jpg2017Effects of a school-based intervention on active commuting to school and health-related fitnessVilla-González, Emilio; Ruiz, Jonatan R.; Mendoza, Jason a.; Chillón, Palma
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (11).pdf.jpg2017Body image satisfaction and weight concerns among a Mediterranean adult populationBibiloni, Maria Del Mar; Coll, Josep Ll; Pich, Jordi; Pons, Antoni; Tur, Josep a.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (17).pdf.jpg2017Local mandate improves equity of paid sick leave coverage: Seattle’s experienceRomich, Jennifer L.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (1).pdf.jpg2017Marijuana use and sex with multiple partners among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth: results from a national sampleZhang, Xiaoyun; Wu, Li-Tzy
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (12).pdf.jpg2017Active travel to non-school destinations but not to school is associated with higher physical activity levels in an ethnically diverse sample of inner-city schoolchildrenSmith, Lee; Aggio, Daniel; Hamer, Mark
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (34).pdf.jpg2017Disposal of children’s stools and its association with childhood diarrhea in IndiaBawankule, Rahul; Singh, Abhishek; Kumar, Kaushalendra; Pedgaonkar, Sarang
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (33).pdf.jpg2017Effects on alcohol use of a Swedish school-based prevention program for early adolescents: a longitudinal studyBeckman, Linda; Svensson, Mikael; Geidne, Susanna; Eriksson, Charli
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (20).pdf.jpg2017Lifestyle behaviours associated with 5-year weight gain in a prospective cohort of Australian adults aged 26-36 years at baselineSmith, Kylie J.; Gall, Seana L.; McNaughton, Sarah a.; Cleland, Verity J.; Otahal, Petr; Dwyer, Terence; Venn, Alison J.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (26).pdf.jpg2017Evaluating the effectiveness of an empowerment program for self-care in type 2 diabetes: a cluster randomized trialCortez, Daniel Nogueira; Macedo, Maísa Mara Lopes; Souza, Débora Aparecida Silva; dos Santos, Jéssica Caroline; Afonso, Gesana Sousa; Reis, Ilka Afonso; Torres, Heloísa De Carvalho
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (14).pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with infant mortality in Nepal: a comparative analysis of Nepal demographic and health surveys (NDHS) 2006 and 2011Lamichhane, Reeta; Zhao, Yun; Paudel, Susan; Adewuyi, Emmanuel O.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (59).pdf.jpg2017An evaluation of outdoor school environments to promote physical activity in Delhi, IndiaTarun, Samiksha; Arora, Monika; Rawal, Tina; Benjamin Neelon, Sara E.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (28).pdf.jpg2017A comparative assessment of major international disasters: the need for exposure assessment, systematic emergency preparedness, and lifetime health careLucchini, Roberto G.; Hashim, Dana; Acquilla, Sushma; Basanets, Angela; Bertazzi, Pier Alberto; Bushmanov, Andrey; Crane, Michael; Harrison, Denise J.; Holden, William; Landrigan, Philip J.; Luft, Benjamin J.; Mocarelli, Paolo; Mazitova, Nailya; Melius, James; Moline,
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (50).pdf.jpg2017How did the public respond to the 2015 expert consensus public health guidance statement on workplace sedentary behaviour? A qualitative analysisGardner, Benjamin; Smith, Lee; Mansfield, Louise
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (16).pdf.jpg2017Collaboration between employers and occupational health service providers: a systematic review of key characteristics.Halonen, Jaana I; Atkins, Salla; Hakulinen, Hanna; Pesonen, Sanna; Uitti, Jukka
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (53).pdf.jpg2017Perceived barriers to achieving a healthy weight: a qualitative study using focus groups at public and private schools in Guatemala CityMadrigal, Luisa; Adams, Inez; Chacon, Violeta; Barnoya, Joaquin
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (22).pdf.jpg2017An audit of the quality of online immunisation information available to Australian parentsWiley, K. E.; Steffens, M.; Berry, N.; Leask, J.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (21).pdf.jpg2017Addressing health inequities in Ontario, Canada: what solutions do the public support?Kirst, Maritt; Shankardass, Ketan; Singhal, Sonica; Lofters, Aisha; Muntaner, Carles; Quiñonez, Carlos
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (36).pdf.jpg2017Short sickness absence and subsequent sickness absence due to mental disorders - a follow-up study among municipal employeesSumanen, Hilla; Pietiläinen, Olli; Lahelma, Eero; Rahkonen, Ossi

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