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BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (84).pdf.jpg2017Leaving no one behind': reflections on the design of community-based HIV prevention for migrants in Johannesburg's inner-city hostels and informal settlements.Scorgie, Fiona; Vearey, Jo; Oliff, Monique; Stadler, Jonathan; Venables, Emilie; Chersich, Matthew F; Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (72).pdf.jpg2017Assessment of the ecological bias of seven aggregate social deprivation indicesBryere, Josephine; Pornet, Carole; Copin, Nane; Launay, Ludivine; Gusto, Gaëlle; Grosclaude, Pascale; Delpierre, Cyrille; Lang, Thierry; Lantieri, Olivier; Dejardin, Olivier; Launoy, Guy
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (78).pdf.jpg2017Psychosocial work factors and social inequalities in psychological distress : a population-based study Psychosocial work factors and social inequalities in psychological distress : a population-based studyVézina, Michel; Duchaine, Caroline S; Ndjaboué, Ruth; Levesque, Manon; Vézina, Michel; Trudel, Xavier
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (83).pdf.jpg2017Promise and pitfalls in the application of big data to occupational and environmental healthStieb, David M.; Boot, Cécile R.; Turner, Michelle C.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (31).pdf.jpg2017A possible dose–response association between distance to farmers’ markets and roadside produce stands, frequency of shopping, fruit and vegetable consumption, and body mass index among customers in the Southern United StatesJilcott Pitts, Stephanie B.; Hinkley, Jedediah; Wu, Qiang; McGuirt, Jared T.; Lyonnais, Mary Jane; Rafferty, Ann P.; Whitt, Olivia R.; Winterbauer, Nancy; Phillips, Lisa
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (20).pdf.jpg2017Lifestyle behaviours associated with 5-year weight gain in a prospective cohort of Australian adults aged 26-36 years at baselineSmith, Kylie J.; Gall, Seana L.; McNaughton, Sarah a.; Cleland, Verity J.; Otahal, Petr; Dwyer, Terence; Venn, Alison J.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (43).pdf.jpg2017Short- and long-term effectiveness of a three-month individualized need-supportive physical activity counseling intervention at the workplaceArrogi, Anass; Schotte, Astrid; Bogaerts, An; Boen, Filip; Seghers, Jan
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (14).pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with infant mortality in Nepal: a comparative analysis of Nepal demographic and health surveys (NDHS) 2006 and 2011Lamichhane, Reeta; Zhao, Yun; Paudel, Susan; Adewuyi, Emmanuel O.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (59).pdf.jpg2017An evaluation of outdoor school environments to promote physical activity in Delhi, IndiaTarun, Samiksha; Arora, Monika; Rawal, Tina; Benjamin Neelon, Sara E.
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (35).pdf.jpg2017Indoor and outdoor PM10 levels at schools located near mine dumps in Gauteng and North West Provinces, South AfricaNkosi, Vusumuzi; Wichmann, Janine; Voyi, Kuku
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (80).pdf.jpg2017Taking multi-morbidity into account when attributing DALYs to risk factors: comparing dynamic modeling with the GBD2010 calculation methodBoshuizen, Hendriek C; Nusselder, Wilma J; Plasmans, Marjanne Hd; Hilderink, Henk H; Snijders, Bianca Ep; Poos, René; van Gool, Coen H
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (76).pdf.jpg2017Community-based health care is an essential component of a resilient health system: evidence from Ebola outbreak in LiberiaSiekmans, Kendra; Sohani, Salim; Boima, Tamba; Koffa, Florence; Basil, Luay; Laaziz, Saïd
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (85).pdf.jpg2017Impact of proximity of thermoelectric power plants on bronchial obstructive crisis ratesUgarte-Avilés, Tamara; Manterola, Carlos; Cartes-Velásquez, Ricardo; Otzen, Tamara
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (15).pdf.jpg2017Working conditions and public health risks in slaughterhouses in western KenyaCook, Elizabeth Anne Jessie; de Glanville, William Anson; Thomas, Lian Francesca; Kariuki, Samuel; Bronsvoort, Barend Mark De Clare; Fèvre, Eric Maurice
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (4).pdf.jpg2017Body weight status of school adolescents in Terengganu, Malaysia: a population baseline studyAhmad, Aryati; Zulaily, Nurzaime; Abdul Manan, Nor Saidah; Shahril, Mohd Razif; Syed Saadun Tarek Wafa, Sharifah Wajihah Wafa; Mohd Amin, Rahmah; Syed Abdullah, Engku Fadzli Hasan; Ahmed, Amran
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (16).pdf.jpg2017Collaboration between employers and occupational health service providers: a systematic review of key characteristics.Halonen, Jaana I; Atkins, Salla; Hakulinen, Hanna; Pesonen, Sanna; Uitti, Jukka
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (53).pdf.jpg2017Perceived barriers to achieving a healthy weight: a qualitative study using focus groups at public and private schools in Guatemala CityMadrigal, Luisa; Adams, Inez; Chacon, Violeta; Barnoya, Joaquin
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (27).pdf.jpg2017Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages: impact on overweight and obesity in GermanySchwendicke, Falk; Stolpe, Michael
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (21).pdf.jpg2017Addressing health inequities in Ontario, Canada: what solutions do the public support?Kirst, Maritt; Shankardass, Ketan; Singhal, Sonica; Lofters, Aisha; Muntaner, Carles; Quiñonez, Carlos
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (8).pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with male involvement in reproductive care in BangladeshBishwajit, Ghose; Tang, Shangfeng; Yaya, Sanni; Ide, Seydou; Fu, Hang; Wang, Manli; He, Zhifei; Da, Feng; Feng, Zhanchun

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