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2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (1).pdf.jpg2017What explains the socioeconomic status gap in activity ? Educational differences in determinants of physical activity and screentimeHankonen, Nelli; Heino, Matti T J; Kujala, Emilia; Hynynen, Sini-tuuli; Absetz, Pilvikki; Araújo-soares, Vera; Borodulin, Katja; Haukkala, Ari
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (113).pdf.jpg2017Secondhand smoke exposure at home among middle and high school students in the United States – does the type of tobacco product matter ?Fischer, Florian; Kraemer, Alexander
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (10).pdf.jpg2017Socioeconomic inequality of overweight and obesity of the elderly in Iran : Bushehr Elderly Health ( BEH ) ProgramRaeisi, Alireza; Mehboudi, Mohammadbagher; Darabi, Hossein; Nabipour, Iraj; Larijani, Bagher; Mehrdad, Neda; Heshmat, Ramin; Shafiee, Gita; Sharifi, Farshad; Ostovar, Afshin
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (109).pdf.jpg2017Performance of a subsidised mammographic screening programme in Malaysia , a middle-income Asian countryLee, Marianne; Mariapun, Shivaani; Rajaram, Nadia; Teo, Soo-hwang; Yip, Cheng-har
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (102).pdf.jpg2017Impact of proximity of thermoelectric power plants on bronchial obstructive crisis ratesUgarte-avilés, Tamara; Manterola, Carlos; Cartes-velásquez, Ricardo; Otzen, Tamara
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (115).pdf.jpg2017Prevalence and determinants of acute diarrhea among children younger than five years old in Jabithennan District , NorthwestAnteneh, Zelalem Alamrew; Andargie, Kassawmar; Tarekegn, Molalign
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (112).pdf.jpg2017OPREVENT2 : Design of a multi-institutional intervention for obesity control and prevention for American Indian adultsGittelsohn, Joel; Jock, Brittany; Redmond, Leslie; Fleischhacker, Sheila; Eckmann, Thomas; Bleich, Sara N; Loh, Hong; Ogburn, Elizabeth; Gadhoke, Preety; Swartz, Jacqueline; Pardilla, Marla; Caballero, Benjamin
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (108).pdf.jpg2017Psychosocial work factors and social inequalities in psychological distress : a population-based studyDuchaine, Caroline S; Ndjaboué, Ruth; Levesque, Manon; Vézina, Michel; Trudel, Xavier; Gilbert-ouimet, Mahée; Dionne, Clermont E; Mâsse, Benoît; Pearce, Neil; Brisson, Chantal
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (118).pdf.jpg2017Taking multi-morbidity into account when attributing DALYs to risk factors : comparing dynamic modeling with the GBD2010 calculation methodBoshuizen, Hendriek C; Nusselder, Wilma J; Plasmans, Marjanne H D; Hilderink, Henk H; Snijders, Bianca E P; Poos, René; Gool, Coen H Van
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (119).pdf.jpg2017Absence of multiplicative interactions between occupational lung carcinogens and tobacco smoking : a systematic review involving asbestos , crystalline silica and diesel engine exhaust emissionsZoghbi, Mohamad El; Salameh, Pascale; Stücker, Isabelle; Brochard, Patrick; Delva, Fleur; Lacourt, Aude
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (12).pdf.jpg2017Poor dietary diversity , wealth status and use of un-iodized salt are associated with goiter among school children : a cross-sectional study in EthiopiaAbebe, Zegeye; Gebeye, Ejigu; Tariku, Amare
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (128).pdf.jpg2017Challenges and opportunities in establishing a collaborative multisite observational study of chronic diseases and lifestyle factors among adults in Puerto RicoMattei, Josiemer; Rodríguez-orengo, José F; Tamez, Martha; Corujo, Francheska; Claudio, Aida; Villanueva, Héctor; Campos, Hannia; Willett, Walter C; Tucker, Katherine L; Ríos-bedoya, Carlos F
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (133).pdf.jpg2017Snacks , beverages , and physical activity during volunteer-led out-of-school-time programs : a cross-sectional analysisEconomos, Christina D; Anzman-frasca, Stephanie; Koomas, Alyssa H; Chan, Grace; Folta, Sara C; Heck, Julianne; Newman, Molly; Sacheck, Jennifer M
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (129).pdf.jpg2017Changes in leisure-time physical activity among Brazilian pregnant women : comparison between two birth cohort studies ( 2004 – 2015 )Vargas, Carolina De; Coll, Nunes; Domingues, Marlos Rodrigues; Hallal, Pedro Curi; Crochemore, Inácio; Bassani, Diego Garcia; Matijasevich, Alicia; Barros, Aluísio; Santos, Iná S
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (127).pdf.jpg2017Clustering of risk-related modifiable behaviours and their association with overweight and obesity among a large sample of youth in the COMPASS studyLaxer, Rachel E; Brownson, Ross C; Dubin, Joel A; Cooke, Martin; Chaurasia, Ashok; Leatherdale, Scott T
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (13).pdf.jpg2017Factors associated with male involvement in reproductive care in BangladeshBishwajit, Ghose; Tang, Shangfeng; Yaya, Sanni; Ide, Seydou; Fu, Hang; Wang, Manli; He, Zhifei; Da, Feng
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (131).pdf.jpg2017Recruitment strategies in a prospective longitudinal family study on parents with obesity and their toddlersBergmann, Sarah; Keitel-korndörfer, Anja; Herfurth-majstorovic, Katharina; Wendt, Verena; Klein, Annette M; Klitzing, Kai Von; Grube, Matthias
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (134).pdf.jpg2017Prevalence and trends of metabolic syndrome among adults in the asia-pacific region : a systematic reviewRanasinghe, P; Mathangasinghe, Y; Jayawardena, R; Hills, A P; Misra, A
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (132).pdf.jpg2017Examination of youth sexual and reproductive health transitions in Nigeria and Kenya using longitudinal dataSpeizer, Ilene S; Guilkey, David; Calhoun, Lisa M; Corroon, Meghan; Hara, Rick O
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (130).pdf.jpg2017An appraisal of the neglected tropical diseases control program in Cameroon : the case of the national program against onchocerciasisNjim, Tsi; Aminde, Leopold Ndemnge

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