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BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2017Renal fossa recurrence after nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma : prognostic features and oncological outcomesPsutka, Sarah P; Heidenreich, Mark; Boorjian, Stephen A; Bailey, George C; Cheville, John C; Stewart-merrill, Suzanne B; Lohse, Christine M; Atwell, Thomas D; Costello, Brian A; Leibovich, Bradley C; Thompson, R Houston
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2017Quality Improvement in Cystectomy Care with Enhanced Recovery ( QUICCER ) studyKukreja, Janet E Baack; Kiernan, Maureen; Schempp, Bethany; Siebert, Aisha; Hontar, Adriana; Nelson, Benjamin; Dolan, James; Noyes, Katia; Dozier, Ann; Ghazi, Ahmed; Rashid, Hani H; Wu, Guan; Messing, Edward M
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 1 January (32).pdf.jpg2017Contemporary retroperitoneal lymph node dissection ( RPLND ) for testis cancer in the UK – a national studyWells, Hannah; Hayes, Matthew C; Brien, Tim O; Fowler, Sarah
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 2 February (25).pdf.jpg2017Socioeconomic factors and penile cancer risk and mortality ; a population-based studyTorbrand, Christian; Wigertz, Annette; Drevin, Linda; Folkvaljon, Yasin; Kirrander, Peter
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Laparoscopic renal mass cryoablation : an operation in search of an indication Nephrometry scoring systems : valuable research tools , but can they be applied in daily clinical practice ?Choice, Editor
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2017Editorials 193Wyllie, Michael; Lavelle, John P; Dickson, Wayne; Stricker, Phillip D
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2017Synergistic effects in combinational drug delivery and thermal ablation using nanotechnologyChoice, Editor
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 2 February (2) 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2DQ, UKRoad, Garsington
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2017Efficacy of knowledge and competence-based training of non-physicians in the provision of early infant male circumcision using the Mogen clamp in Rakai, UgandaKankaka, Edward Nelson; Kigozi, Godfrey; Kayiwa, Daniel; Kighoma, Nehemiah; Makumbi, Frederick; Murungi, Teddy; Nabukalu, Dorean; Nampijja, Resty; Watya, Stephen; Namuguzi, Daniel; Nalugoda, Fred; Nakigozi, Gertrude; Serwadda, David; Wawer, Maria; Gray, Ronald H.
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 4 April (30).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of prostate cancer survival in Germany and the USA: can differences be attributed to differences in stage distributions?Winter, Alexander; Sirri, Eunice; Jansen, Lina; Wawroschek, Friedhelm; Kieschke, Joachim; Castro, Felipe a.; Krilaviciute, Agne; Holleczek, Bernd; Emrich, Katharina; Waldmann, Annika; Brenner, Hermann; Geiss, Karla; Meyer, Martin; Eberle, Andrea; Luttmann, Sabine; Stabe
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 4 April (12).pdf.jpg2017Impact of suboptimal neoadjuvant chemotherapy on peri-operative outcomes and survival after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: a multicentre multinational studyHinata, Nobuyuki; Hussein, Ahmed Aly; George, Saby; Trump, Donald L.; Levine, Ellis G.; Omar, Kawa; Dasgupta, Prokar; Khan, Muhammad Shamim; Hosseini, Abolfazl; Wiklund, Peter; Guru, Khurshid a.
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 4 April (22).pdf.jpg2017Management of non-visualization following dynamic sentinel lymph node biopsy for squamous cell carcinoma of the penisSahdev, Varun; Albersen, Maarten; Christodoulidou, Michelle; Parnham, Arie; Malone, Peter; Nigam, Raj; Bomanji, Jamshed; Muneer, Asif
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 6 June (19).pdf.jpg2017Unprofessional content on Facebook accounts of US urology residency graduatesKoo, Kevin; Ficko, Zita; Gormley, E. Ann
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 5 May (27).pdf.jpg2017Oestrogen redux: will transdermal delivery rebalance the risk-benefit equation?Schellhammer, Paul F.
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 6 June (28).pdf.jpg2017Predicting outcome: role of gene signaturesWatson, Ronald W.
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2017An end to the phenomenon of ???upgrading??? in early prostate cancer?Emberton, Mark
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 5 May (6).pdf.jpg2017Clinical risk stratification in patients with surgically resectable micropapillary bladder cancerFernández, Mario I.; Williams, Stephen B.; Willis, Daniel L.; Slack, Rebecca S.; Dickstein, Rian J.; Parikh, Sahil; Chiong, Edmund; Siefker-Radtke, Arlene O.; Guo, Charles C.; Czerniak, Bogdan a.; McConkey, David J.; Shah, Jay B.; Pisters, Louis L.; Grossman, H. Barto
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 5 May (20).pdf.jpg2017Primary Gleason pattern upgrading in contemporary patients with D'Amico low-risk prostate cancer: implications for future biomarkers and imaging modalitiesLeyh-Bannurah, Sami Ramzi; Abou-Haidar, Hiba; Dell'Oglio, Paolo; Schiffmann, Jonas; Tian, Zhe; Heinzer, Hans; Huland, Hartwig; Graefen, Markus; Bud??us, Lars; Karakiewicz, Pierre I.
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 5 May (14).pdf.jpg2017Prostatic urethral lift vs transurethral resection of the prostate: 2-year results of the BPH6 prospective, multicentre, randomized studyGratzke, Christian; Barber, Neil; Speakman, Mark J.; Berges, Richard; Wetterauer, Ulrich; Greene, Damien; Sievert, Karl Dietrich; Chapple, Christopher R.; Patterson, Jacob M.; Fahrenkrug, Lasse; Schoenthaler, Martin; Sonksen, Jens
BJUI 2017 Volume 119 Issue 5 May (25).pdf.jpg2017Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy: continued refinement of outcomes beyond the initial learning curvePaulucci, David J.; Abaza, Ronney; Eun, Daniel D.; Hemal, Ashok K.; Badani, Ketan K.