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CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (72).pdf.jpg2017A kinetic study of the biological catalytic hydration of acrylonitrile to acrylamideLi, Jiahui; Guo, Mingzhao; Jiao, Song; Wang, Yujun; Luo, Guangsheng; Yu, Huimin
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (39).pdf.jpg2017Catalytic degradation of 2-phenylbenzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid by peroxymonosulfate activated with nitrogen and sulfur co-dopedO, Cnts-cooh Cufe; Zhang, Xiaoling; Feng, Mingbao; Wang, Liansheng; Qu, Ruijuan; Wang, Zunyao
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (4).pdf.jpg2017Biogenic reductive preparation of magnetic inverse spinel iron oxide nanoparticles for the adsorption removal of heavy metalsPrasanna, Lakshmi; Chang, Yoon-young; Yang, Jae-kyu; Singh, Jiwan; Choi, Eun-ha
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (42).pdf.jpg2017Superior lithium storage properties of Fe 2 ( MoO 4 ) 3 / MWCNT composite with a nanoparticle ( 0D )– nanorod ( 1D ) hetero-dimensional morphologyPramanik, Atin; Maiti, Sandipan; Mahanty, Sourindra
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (40).pdf.jpg2017Needle-like iron oxideIslam, Shahinul; San, Won; Nam, Bora; Yoon, Cheolho; Lee, Ha-jin
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (41).pdf.jpg2017Photodecomposition of NOx on Ag / TiO 2 composite catalysts in a gas phase reactorXu, Mengxi; Wang, Yunhai; Geng, Jiafeng; Jing, Dengwei
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (1).pdf.jpg2017Impact of applied current on sulfate-rich wastewater treatment and microbial biodiversity in the cathode chamber of microbial electrolysis cell ( MEC ) reactorWang, Kai; Sheng, Yuxing; Cao, Hongbin; Yan, Keping; Zhang, Yi
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (17).pdf.jpg2017Droplet-based liquid – liquid extraction inside a porous capillaryBreisig, H; Schmidt, M; Wolff, H; Jupke, A; Wessling, M
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (18).pdf.jpg2017Kinetic modeling of the simultaneous etherification of ethanol with C 4 and C 5 olefins over Amberlyst TM 35 using model averagingSoto, Rodrigo; Fité, Carles; Ramírez, Eliana; Bringué, Roger; Cunill, Fidel
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (16).pdf.jpg2017Steam reforming of toluene as biomass tar model compound in a gliding arc discharge reactorLiu, Shiyun; Mei, Danhua; Wang, Li; Tu, Xin
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (19).pdf.jpg2017Transition metal dichalcogenide based nanomaterials for rechargeable batteriesWu, Songping; Du, Yao; Sun, Shuijing
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (15).pdf.jpg2017New type mesoporous conjugate material for selective optical copper ( II ) ions monitoring & removal from polluted watersAwual, Rabiul
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (55).pdf.jpg2017Development of montmorillonite-supported nano CaO 2 for enhanced dewatering of waste-activated sludge by synergistic effects of filtration aid and peroxidationBoran, Wu; Lianghu, Su; Xiaohu, Dai; Xiaoli, Chai
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (54).pdf.jpg2017Piperazine / 4-hydroxy-1-methylpiperidine for CO 2 captureDu, Yang; Wang, Yukai; Rochelle, Gary T
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (112).pdf.jpg2017Monitoring the gradual biodegradation of dyes in a simulated textile effluent and development of a novel triple layered fixed bed reactor using a bacterium-yeast consortiumKurade, Mayur B; Waghmode, Tatoba R; Patil, Swapnil M; Jeon, Byong-hun; Govindwar, Sanjay P
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (113).pdf.jpg2017Study on the reaction mechanism of the propylene oxide rearrangement via in situ DRIFTSWang, Yanan; Ma, Weihua; Wang, Dongyu; Zhong, Qin
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (110).pdf.jpg2017Facile preparation of open-cellular porous poly ( L -lactic acid ) scaffold by supercritical carbon dioxide foaming for potential tissue engineering applicationsKuang, Tairong; Chen, Feng; Chang, Lingqian; Zhao, Yanan; Fu, Dajiong; Gong, Xiao; Peng, Xiangfang
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (11).pdf.jpg2017Synthesis of porous carbon beads with controllable pore structure for volatile organic compounds removalQi, Junwen; Li, Jiansheng; Li, Yang; Fang, Xiaofeng; Sun, Xiuyun; Shen, Jinyou; Han, Weiqing; Wang, Lianjun
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (111).pdf.jpg2017Continuous preparation of polyHIPE monoliths from ionomer-stabilized high internal phase emulsions ( HIPEs ) for efficient recovery of spilled oilsZhang, Tao; Guo, Qipeng
CEJ 2017 Volume 307 January (34).pdf.jpg2017Formation of assimilable organic carbon during the oxidation of water containing Microcystis aeruginosa by ozone and an advanced oxidation process using ozone / hydrogen peroxideWen, Gang; Zhu, Hong; Wei, Youda; Huang, Tinglin; Ma, Jun