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CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (72).pdf.jpg2017A kinetic study of the biological catalytic hydration of acrylonitrile to acrylamideLi, Jiahui; Guo, Mingzhao; Jiao, Song; Wang, Yujun; Luo, Guangsheng; Yu, Huimin
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (83).pdf.jpg2017Dynamics of trace metal sorption by an ion-exchange chelating resin described by a mixed intraparticle / film diffusion transport model . The Cd / Chelex caseQuattrini, F; Galceran, J; David, C A; Puy, J; Alberti, G; Rey-castro, C
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (96).pdf.jpg2017Study on dewaterability limit and energy consumption in sewage sludge electro-dewatering by in-situ linear sweep voltammetry analysisYu, Wenbo; Yang, Jiakuan; Wu, Xu; Gu, Yueyuan; Xiao, Jun; Yu, Jiangwei; Shi, Yafei; Wang, Junxiong; Liang, Sha; Liu, Bingchuan; Hou, Huijie; Hu, Jingping
CEJ 2017 Volume 318 June (24).pdf.jpg2017Effects of bromide on the degradation of organic contaminants with UV and Fe2+ activated persulfateDe Luca, Antonella; He, Xuexiang; Dionysiou, Dionysios D.; Dantas, Renato F.; Esplugas, Santiago
CEJ 2017 Volume 318 June (23).pdf.jpg2017Oxidation of priority and emerging pollutants with persulfate activated by iron: Effect of iron valence and particle sizeRodriguez, Sergio; Santos, Aurora; Romero, Arturo
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (88).pdf.jpg2017Effect of two-step thermo-disintegration on the enhancing solubilization and anaerobic biodegradability of excess waste sludgeLee, Ik-jae; Lee, Young-shin; Han, Gee-bong
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (95).pdf.jpg2017Preparation of L -arginine modified magnetic adsorbent by one-step method for removal of Zn ( Ⅱ ) and Cd ( Ⅱ ) from aqueous solutionGuo, Shuangzhen; Jiao, Pengpeng; Dan, Zhigang; Duan, Ning; Chen, Guanyi; Zhang, Jian
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (93).pdf.jpg2017Z-scheme CdS / g-C 3 N 4 composites with RGO as an electron mediator for efficient photocatalytic H 2 production and pollutant degradationJo, Wan-kuen; Selvam, N Clament Sagaya
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (94).pdf.jpg2017Phase transfer catalysis in a microchannel : Paradoxical effect of transition from kinetic control to mass transfer controlVir, Anil B; Pushpavanam, S
CEJ 2017 Volume 318 June (20).pdf.jpg2017Photocatalytic degradation of hexavalent chromium emerging contaminant via advanced titanium dioxide nanostructuresAthanasekou, C.; Romanos, G. Em; Papageorgiou, S. K.; Manolis, G. K.; Katsaros, F.; Falaras, P.
CEJ 2017 Volume 318 June (2).pdf.jpg2017On the application of Ti/TiO2/CuO n-p junction semiconductor: A case study of electrolyte, temperature and potential influence on CO2 reductionBrito, Juliana Ferreira De; Zanoni, Maria Valnice Boldrin
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (75).pdf.jpg2017CO 2 -activated porous carbon derived from cattail biomass for removal of malachite green dye and application as supercapacitorsYu, Miao; Han, Yingying; Li, Jian; Wang, Lijuan
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (76).pdf.jpg2017Electrochemical treatment of perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate : Insights into mechanisms and application to groundwater treatmentSchaefer, Charles E; Andaya, Christina; Burant, Aniela; Condee, Charles W; Urtiaga, Ana; Strathmann, Timothy J; Higgins, Christopher P
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (77).pdf.jpg2017Uniform one-pot anchoring of Fe 3 O 4 to defective reduced graphene oxide for enhanced lithium storageYoon, Dohyeon; Hwang, Jieun; Chang, Wonyoung; Kim, Jaehoon
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (87).pdf.jpg2017Improved ultrafiltration performance and chlorine resistance of PVDF hollow fiber membranes via doping with sulfonated graphene oxideMiao, Wei; Li, Zhong-kun; Yan, Xi; Guo, Ya-jun; Lang, Wan-zhong
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (86).pdf.jpg2017Biosorption and selective separation of acetophenone and 1-phenylethanol with polysaccharide-based polymersLu, Ke; Chai, Kungang; Liang, Qinghua; Xu, Zhijun; Li, Guoyu; Ji, Hongbing
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (97).pdf.jpg2017Preparation of magnetic epitope imprinted polymer microspheres using cyclodextrin-based ionic liquids as functional monomer for highly selective and effective enrichment of cytochrome cZhang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Nan; Du, Chunbao; Guan, Ping; Gao, Xumian; Wang, Chenyu; Du, Yanfei; Ding, Shichao; Hu, Xiaoling
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (79).pdf.jpg2017Fe- , Ti- , Zr- and Al-pillared clays for efficient catalytic pyrolysis of mixed plasticsLi, Kaixin; Lei, Junxi; Yuan, Guoan; Weerachanchai, Piyarat; Wang, Jing-yuan; Zhao, Jun; Yang, Yanhui
CEJ 2017 Volume 317 June (90).pdf.jpg2017Synthesis of nanoporous materials via recycling coal fly ash and other solid wastes : A mini reviewLee, Yu-ri; Thet, June; Zhang, Siqian; Ahn, Ji-whan; Bum, Min; Ahn, Wha-seung
CEJ 2017 Volume 318 June (21).pdf.jpg2017Nitrogen oxides pre-ozonation in flue gases from phosphate rock digestionSkalska, Kinga; Ledakowicz, Stanis??aw; Louwe, Robertus; Szymczak, Rados??aw