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GP 2017 Volume 51 January (114).pdf.jpg2017Non-MTC gait cycles: An adaptive toe trajectory control strategy in older adultsSanthiranayagam, Braveena K.; Sparrow, W. a.; Lai, Daniel T H; Begg, Rezaul K.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (113).pdf.jpg2017Editorial BoardStebbins, Julie; Gait, Normal; Aging, Bradley Davidson; Theologis, Tim
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (112).pdf.jpg2017Contents List-
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (117).pdf.jpg2017Functional implications of muscle co-contraction during gait in advanced ageLo, Justine; Lo, On Yee; Olson, Erin a.; Habtemariam, Daniel; Iloputaife, Ikechukwu; Gagnon, Margaret M.; Manor, Brad; Lipsitz, Lewis a.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (118).pdf.jpg2017Differences in knee adduction moment between healthy subjects and patients with osteoarthritis depend on the knee axis definitionMeireles, S.; De Groote, F.; Van Rossom, S.; Verschueren, S.; Jonkers, I.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (132).pdf.jpg2017Change in the natural head-neck orientation momentarily altered sensorimotor control during sensory transitionXu, Isabelle; Laurendeau, Simon; Teasdale, Normand; Simoneau, Martin
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (131).pdf.jpg2017Plantarflexor passive-elastic properties related to BMI and walking performance in older womenLaRoche, Dain P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (136).pdf.jpg2017Gait kinetics of total hip replacement patients???A large scale, long-term follow-up studyBennett, Damien; Ryan, Paul; O'Brien, Seamus; Beverland, David E.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (135).pdf.jpg2017Pulling a school trolley: A good kinematic option for childrenOrantes-Gonzalez, Eva; Heredia-Jimenez, Jose
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (145).pdf.jpg2017Reliability of functional and predictive methods to estimate the hip joint centre in human motion analysis in healthy adultsKainz, Hans; Hajek, Martin; Modenese, Luca; Saxby, David J.; Lloyd, David G.; Carty, Christopher P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (142).pdf.jpg2017Less hip joint loading only during running rather than walking in elderly compared to young adultsGiarmatzis, Georgios; Jonkers, Ilse; Baggen, Remco; Verschueren, Sabine
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (144).pdf.jpg2017Effects of Toe-out and Toe-in gait with varying walking speeds on knee adduction moment and mechanical work done-A pilot studyKhan, S. S.; Khan, S. J.; Usman, J.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (151).pdf.jpg2017Minimum number of days required for a reliable estimate of daily step count and energy expenditure, in people with MS who walk unaidedNorris, Michelle; Anderson, Ross; Motl, Robert W.; Hayes, Sara; Coote, Susan
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (152).pdf.jpg2017Gait ground reaction force characteristics in deaf and hearing childrenJafarnezhadgero, Amir Ali; Majlesi, Mahdi; Azadian, Elaheh
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (120).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of tri-axial accelerometers step-count accuracy in slow walking conditionsFeng, Yuanyuan; Wong, Christopher K.; Janeja, Vandana; Kuber, Ravi; Mentis, Helena M.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (12).pdf.jpg2017Gait & Posture Validation of a commercial inertial sensor system for spatiotemporal gait measurements in childrenLanovaz, Joel L; Oates, Alison R; Treen, Tanner T; Unger, Janelle; Musselman, Kristin E
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (127).pdf.jpg2017Effect of investigator observation on gait parameters in individuals with and without chronic low back painVickers, Joshua; Reed, Austin; Decker, Robert; Conrad, Bryan P.; Olegario-Nebel, Marissa; Vincent, Heather K.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (129).pdf.jpg2017Upper extremity motion during gait in adolescents with structural leg length discrepancy???An exploratory studyAngelico, Fabiola; Freslier, Marie; Romkes, Jacqueline; Brunner, Reinald; Schmid, Stefan
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (126).pdf.jpg2017Three-dimensional lumbar segment movement characteristics during paediatric cerebral palsy gaitKiernan, D.; Malone, a.; O'Brien, T.; Simms, C. K.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (128).pdf.jpg2017Effect of total knee replacement surgery and postoperative 12 month home exercise program on gait parametersAnneli, Heikkilä; Nina, Sevander-Kreus; Arja, Häkkinen; Mirja, Vuorenmaa; Petri, Salo; Konsta, Pamilo; Jari, Ylinen

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