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GP 2017 Volume 51 January (108).pdf.jpg2017Hip mechanics underlie lower extremity power training-induced increase in old adults??? fast gait velocity: The Potsdam Gait Study (POGS)Beijersbergen, Chantal M I; Granacher, Urs; G??bler, Martijn; DeVita, Paul; Hortob??gyi, Tibor
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (110).pdf.jpg2017A narrative review of texting as a visually-dependent cognitive-motor secondary task during locomotionKrasovsky, T.; Weiss, P. L.; Kizony, R.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (11).pdf.jpg2017Gait & Posture Biologically-variable rhythmic auditory cues are superior to isochronous cues in fostering natural gait variability in Parkinson ’ s diseaseDotov, D G; Bayard, S; Cock, V Cochen De; Geny, C; Driss, V; Garrigue, G; Bardy, B; Bella, S Dalla
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (113).pdf.jpg2017Editorial BoardStebbins, Julie; Gait, Normal; Aging, Bradley Davidson; Theologis, Tim
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (112).pdf.jpg2017Contents List-
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (116).pdf.jpg2017Walking mechanics for patellofemoral pain subjects with similar self-reported pain levels can differ based upon neuromuscular activationSeeley, Matthew K.; Son, S. Jun; Kim, Hyunsoo; Hopkins, J. Ty
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (117).pdf.jpg2017Functional implications of muscle co-contraction during gait in advanced ageLo, Justine; Lo, On Yee; Olson, Erin a.; Habtemariam, Daniel; Iloputaife, Ikechukwu; Gagnon, Margaret M.; Manor, Brad; Lipsitz, Lewis a.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (118).pdf.jpg2017Differences in knee adduction moment between healthy subjects and patients with osteoarthritis depend on the knee axis definitionMeireles, S.; De Groote, F.; Van Rossom, S.; Verschueren, S.; Jonkers, I.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (121).pdf.jpg2017Local stability and kinematic variability in walking and pole walking at different speedsZoffoli, Luca; Ditroilo, Massimiliano; Federici, Ario; Lucertini, Francesco
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (122).pdf.jpg2017The effect of weight-bearing asymmetry on dynamic postural stability in people with chronic strokede Kam, Digna; Kamphuis, Jip F.; Weerdesteyn, Vivian; Geurts, Alexander C H
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (126).pdf.jpg2017Three-dimensional lumbar segment movement characteristics during paediatric cerebral palsy gaitKiernan, D.; Malone, a.; O'Brien, T.; Simms, C. K.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (125).pdf.jpg2017The Edinburgh visual gait score ??? The minimal clinically important differenceRobinson, L. W.; Clement, N. D.; Herman, J.; Gaston, M. S.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (131).pdf.jpg2017Plantarflexor passive-elastic properties related to BMI and walking performance in older womenLaRoche, Dain P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (130).pdf.jpg2017Carrying asymmetric loads during stair negotiationWang, Junsig; Gillette, Jason
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (13).pdf.jpg2017Gait & Posture How do walkers avoid a mobile robot crossing their way ?Vassallo, Christian; Olivier, Anne-hélène; Souères, Philippe; Crétual, Armel; Stasse, Olivier; Pettré, Julien
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (132).pdf.jpg2017Change in the natural head-neck orientation momentarily altered sensorimotor control during sensory transitionXu, Isabelle; Laurendeau, Simon; Teasdale, Normand; Simoneau, Martin
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (134).pdf.jpg2017Relationships among spinal mobility and sagittal alignment of spine and lower extremity to quality of life and risk of fallsIshikawa, Yoshinori; Miyakoshi, Naohisa; Hongo, Michio; Kasukawa, Yuji; Kudo, Daisuke; Shimada, Yoichi
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (133).pdf.jpg2017Foot segmental mobility during subphases of running: Comparative study between two striking patternsPeters, Helen; Deschamps, Kevin; Matricali, Giovanni Arnoldo; Staes, Filip
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (136).pdf.jpg2017Gait kinetics of total hip replacement patients???A large scale, long-term follow-up studyBennett, Damien; Ryan, Paul; O'Brien, Seamus; Beverland, David E.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (140).pdf.jpg2017Observing prioritization effects on cognition and gait: The effect of increased cognitive load on cognitively healthy older adults??? dual-task performanceMaclean, Linda M.; Brown, Laura J E; Khadra, H.; Astell, Arlene J.