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GP 2017 Volume 51 January (108).pdf.jpg2017Hip mechanics underlie lower extremity power training-induced increase in old adults??? fast gait velocity: The Potsdam Gait Study (POGS)Beijersbergen, Chantal M I; Granacher, Urs; G??bler, Martijn; DeVita, Paul; Hortob??gyi, Tibor
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (116).pdf.jpg2017Walking mechanics for patellofemoral pain subjects with similar self-reported pain levels can differ based upon neuromuscular activationSeeley, Matthew K.; Son, S. Jun; Kim, Hyunsoo; Hopkins, J. Ty
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (115).pdf.jpg2017Anatomical masking of pressure footprints based on the Oxford Foot Model: validation and clinical relevanceGiacomozzi, Claudia; Stebbins, Julie a.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (119).pdf.jpg2017Stability against backward balance loss: Age-related modifications following slip-like perturbations of multiple amplitudesMartelli, Dario; Aprigliano, Federica; Tropea, Peppino; Pasquini, Guido; Micera, Silvestro; Monaco, Vito
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (123).pdf.jpg2017Reliability and comparison of trunk and pelvis angles, arm distance and center of pressure in the seated functional reach test with and without foot support in childrenRadtka, Sandra; Zayac, Jacqueline; Goldberg, Krystyna; Long, Michael; Ixanov, Rustem
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (124).pdf.jpg2017Interpersonal interactions for haptic guidance during maximum forward reachingSteinl, S. M.; Johannsen, L.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (132).pdf.jpg2017Change in the natural head-neck orientation momentarily altered sensorimotor control during sensory transitionXu, Isabelle; Laurendeau, Simon; Teasdale, Normand; Simoneau, Martin
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (131).pdf.jpg2017Plantarflexor passive-elastic properties related to BMI and walking performance in older womenLaRoche, Dain P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (134).pdf.jpg2017Relationships among spinal mobility and sagittal alignment of spine and lower extremity to quality of life and risk of fallsIshikawa, Yoshinori; Miyakoshi, Naohisa; Hongo, Michio; Kasukawa, Yuji; Kudo, Daisuke; Shimada, Yoichi
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (140).pdf.jpg2017Observing prioritization effects on cognition and gait: The effect of increased cognitive load on cognitively healthy older adults??? dual-task performanceMaclean, Linda M.; Brown, Laura J E; Khadra, H.; Astell, Arlene J.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (141).pdf.jpg2017Alterations in over-ground walking patterns in obese and overweight adultsMeng, Hao; O'Connor, Daniel P.; Lee, Beom Chan; Layne, Charles S.; Gorniak, Stacey L.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (149).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of body's center of mass motion relative to center of pressure between treadmill and over-ground walkingLu, Hsuan Lun; Lu, Tung Wu; Lin, Hsiu Chen; Chan, Wing P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (148).pdf.jpg2017Hip-ankle coordination during gait in individuals with chronic ankle instabilityYen, Sheng Che; Chui, Kevin K.; Corkery, Marie B.; Allen, Elizabeth a.; Cloonan, Caitlin M.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (151).pdf.jpg2017Minimum number of days required for a reliable estimate of daily step count and energy expenditure, in people with MS who walk unaidedNorris, Michelle; Anderson, Ross; Motl, Robert W.; Hayes, Sara; Coote, Susan
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (152).pdf.jpg2017Gait ground reaction force characteristics in deaf and hearing childrenJafarnezhadgero, Amir Ali; Majlesi, Mahdi; Azadian, Elaheh
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (157).pdf.jpg2017High-heeled walking decreases lumbar lordosisBaaklini, Edeny; Angst, Michael; Schellenberg, Florian; Hitz, Marina; Schmid, Stefan; Tal, Amir; Taylor, William R.; Lorenzetti, Silvio
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (158).pdf.jpg2017The effect of vacuum assisted socket suspension on prospective, community-based falls by users of lower limb prostheses.Rosenblatt, Noah J; Ehrhardt, Tess
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (208).pdf.jpg2017Influence of both cutaneous input from the foot soles and visual information on the control of postural stability in dyslexic childrenGoulème, Nathalie; Villeneuve, Philippe; Gérard, Christophe-Loïc; Bucci, Maria Pia
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (168).pdf.jpg2017Abnormal loading and functional deficits are present in both limbs before and after unilateral knee arthroplastyMetcalfe, a. J.; Stewart, C. J.; Postans, N. J.; Biggs, P. R.; Whatling, G. M.; Holt, C. a.; Roberts, a. P.
GP 2017 Volume 51 January (179).pdf.jpg2017Editorial BoardStebbins, Julie; Gait, Normal; Aging, Bradley Davidson; Theologis, Tim

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