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GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 1 April (4).pdf.jpg2017Gynecologic Oncology Contribution of age to clinical trial enrollment and tolerance with ovarian cancer ☆Gillen, Jessica; Gunderson, Camille; Greenwade, Molly; Rowland, Michelle; Ruskin, Rachel; Ding, Kai; Crim, Aleia; Walter, Adam; White, Emily; Moore, Kathleen
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 1 April (5).pdf.jpg2017Gynecologic Oncology Expression of DNA damage response proteins in cervical cancer patients treated with radical chemoradiotherapyHo, C K; Kornaga, E N; Klimowicz, A C; Enwere, E K; Dean, M; Bebb, G D; Phan, T; Ghatage, P; Magliocco, A M; Lees-miller, S P; Doll, C M
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (14).pdf.jpg2017The times they are a-changin' ? Transformation of accreditation and certification in gynecologic oncologyAlvarez, Ronald D.; Fowler, Wesley C.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (28).pdf.jpg2017A phase I pharmacokinetic study of intraperitoneal bortezomib and carboplatin in patients with persistent or recurrent ovarian cancer: An NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group studyJandial, Danielle a.; Brady, William E.; Howell, Stephen B.; Lankes, Heather a.; Schilder, Russell J.; Beumer, Jan H.; Christner, Susan M.; Strychor, Sandra; Powell, Matthew a.; Hagemann, Andrea R.; Moore, Kathleen N.; Walker, Joan L.; DiSilvestro, Paul a.; Duska, Lin
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (26).pdf.jpg2017Sentinel lymph node mapping reduces practice pattern variations in surgical staging for endometrial adenocarcinoma: A before and after studyLiu, Christina Y.; Elias, Kevin M.; Howitt, Brooke E.; Lee, Larissa J.; Feltmate, Colleen M.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (27).pdf.jpg2017Prognostic significance of peritoneal cytology in low-intermediate risk endometrial cancerScott, S.a.; van der Zanden, C.; Cai, E.; McGahan, C.E.; Kwon, J.S.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (9).pdf.jpg2017Unraveling the etiology of ovarian cancer racial disparity in the deep south: Is it nature or nurture?Ross, Jerlinda; Braswell, Katelyn V.; da Silva, Luciana Madeira; Mujica, Frances; Stutsman, Sam; Finan, Michael a.; Nicolson, William; Harmon, Mary Danner; Missanelli, Megan; Cohen, Alex; Singh, Ajay; Scalici, Jennifer M.; Rocconi, Rodney P.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 3 June (1).pdf.jpg2017IL-15 super-agonist (ALT-803) enhances natural killer (NK) cell function against ovarian cancerFelices, M.; Chu, S.; Kodal, B.; Bendzick, L.; Ryan, C.; Lenvik, a. J.; Boylan, K. L M; Wong, H. C.; Skubitz, a. P N; Miller, J. S.; Geller, M. a.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 3 June (20).pdf.jpg2017Trends and factors associated with radical cytoreductive surgery in the United States: A case for centralized careSinno, a. K.; Li, X.; Thompson, R. E.; Tanner, E. J.; Levinson, K. L.; Stone, R. L.; Temkin, S. M.; Fader, a. N.; Chi, D. S.; Long Roche, K.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 3 June (21).pdf.jpg2017YWHAE -rearranged high-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma: Two-center case series and response to chemotherapyHemming, Matthew L.; Wagner, Andrew J.; Nucci, Marisa R.; Chiang, Sarah; Wang, Lu; Hensley, Martee L.; George, Suzanne
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 3 June (9).pdf.jpg2017Updates of the role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of ovarian cancerSaed, Ghassan M.; Diamond, Michael P.; Fletcher, Nicole M.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 146 Issue 1 July (22).pdf.jpg2017Phase 2 trial of everolimus and letrozole in relapsed estrogen receptor-positive high-grade ovarian cancersColon-Otero, Gerardo; Weroha, S. John; Foster, Nathan R.; Haluska, Paul; Hou, Xiaonan; Wahner-Hendrickson, Andrea E.; Jatoi, Aminah; Block, Matthew S.; Dinh, Tri a.; Robertson, Matthew W.; Copland, John a.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 146 Issue 1 July (21).pdf.jpg2017Factors prognostic of survival in advanced-stage uterine serous carcinomaHolman, Laura L.; Pal, Navdeep; Iglesias, David a.; Soliman, Pamela T.; Balakrishnan, Nyla; Klopp, Ann; Broaddus, Russell R.; Fleming, Nicole D.; Munsell, Mark F.; Lu, Karen H.; Westin, Shannon N.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 146 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2017Quinacrine in endometrial cancer: Repurposing an old antimalarial drugKalogera, E.; Roy, D.; Khurana, a.; Mondal, S.; Weaver, a.L.; He, X.; Dowdy, S.C.; Shridhar, V.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 146 Issue 1 July (32).pdf.jpg2017Editorial BoardKarlan, Beth Y; Bristow, Robert E; Cohn, David E; Goff, Barbara A; Rice, Laurel W; Rubin, Stephen C; Chu, Christina; Carmen, Marcela; Town, Cape; Africa, South
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (2).pdf.jpg2017A comparative analysis of prediction models for complete gross resection in secondary cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancerCowan, Renee a.; Eriksson, Ane Gerda Zahl; Jaber, Sara M.; Zhou, Qin; Iasonos, Alexia; Zivanovic, Oliver; Leitao, Mario M.; Abu-Rustum, Nadeem R.; Chi, Dennis S.; Gardner, Ginger J.
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (20).pdf.jpg2017Predictive value of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) captured by microfluidic device in patients with epithelial ovarian cancerLee, Maria; Kim, Eun Jae; Cho, Youngnam; Kim, Sunshin; Chung, Hyun Hoon; Park, Noh Hyun; Song, Yong Sang
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (6).pdf.jpg2017Safe dissection of high paraaortic lymph nodes superior to the renal vein in ovarian, primary peritoneal, or fallopian tube cancer by the "Komiyama's maneuver", a modification of Kocher's maneuverKomiyama, Shinichi; Manrai, Megumi; Takahashi, Rena; Takeya, Chiaki
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 2 May (5).pdf.jpg2017Vulvar postoperative care, gestalt or evidence based medicine? A comprehensive systematic reviewAltman, Alon D.; Robinson, Christine
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 3 June (2).pdf.jpg2017Characterization of immune regulatory molecules B7-H4 and PD-L1 in low and high grade endometrial tumorsBregar, Amy; Deshpande, Amit; Grange, Chris; Zi, Tong; Stall, Jennifer; Hirsch, Heather; Reeves, Jason; Sathyanarayanan, Sriram; Growdon, Whitfield B.; Rueda, Bo R.

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