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ISE 2017 Volume 48 Issue 1.pdf.jpg2017Systematics and host plant associations of the Australian lace bug genus Nethersia ( Insecta : Heteroptera : Tingidae ), including the description of eighteen new speciesCassis, Gerasimos; Koenig, Philippe; Symonds, Celia; Shofner, Ryan
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 5 Month (3).pdf.jpg2017A day-flashing Photinus firefly (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) from central Panamá: an emergent shift to predator-free space?Vencl, Fredric V; Luan, Xin; Fu, Xinhua; Maroja, Luana S
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 5 Month (1).pdf.jpg2017Taxonomic review of Drilini (Elateridae: Agrypninae) in Cameroon reveals high morphological diversity, including the discovery of five new generaBocak, Ladislav; Kundrata, Robin
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 4 Month (1).pdf.jpg2017Maxillolabial complex in scelionids ( Hymenoptera : Platygastroidea ): morphology and phylogenetic implicationsAlin, Ovidiu; Vilhelmsen, Lars; Masner, Lubomir; Mikó, István
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 5 Month (2).pdf.jpg2017New insects from the earliest Permian of Carrizo Arroyo ( New Mexico , USA ) bridging the gap between the Carboniferous and Permian entomofaunasProkopa, Jakub; Kukalová-peckb, Jarmila
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 3 Month (3).pdf.jpg2017Cryptic diversity and speciation in the Zygothrica genus group ( Diptera , Drosophilidae ): the case of Z . vittimaculosa WiedemannFonsecaa, Pedro Mesquita; Lucio, Elgion; Loretoa, Silva; Gottschalkb, Marco Silva
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 3 Month (2).pdf.jpg2017Terminal-instar larval morphology and systematics of Eulophidae and Eupelmidae species ( Hymenoptera , Chalcidoidea ) parasitoids of gall wasps ( Hymenoptera , Cynipidae ) communities from EuropeGómez, Jose F; Nieves-aldrey, Jose Luis
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 3 Month (1).pdf.jpg2017Systematics of the Neotropical genus Pampasatyrus Hayward , 1953 ( Lepidoptera : Satyrinae : Pronophilina ), with description of three new taxaZacca, Thamara; Mielke, Olaf H H; Pyrcz, Tomasz W; Dias, Fernando M S
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 2 Month (1).pdf.jpg2017Supraspecific taxonomy of the flea beetle genus Blepharida Chevrolat , 1836 ( Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae ) in the Afrotropical Region and description of Afroblepharida subgen . nov .Biondi, Maurizio; Frasca, Roberta; Grobbelaar, Elizabeth
2017 ISE Volume 48 Issue 2 Month (2).pdf.jpg2017The female abdomen and genitalia of Syrphidae ( Diptera )Felipe, Gil; Miranda, Gonçalves; Moran, Kevin

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