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2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (15).pdf.jpg2017Fiber-based modeling of in situ ankle ligaments with consideration of progressive failureNie, Bingbing; Forman, Jason L; Panzer, Matthew B; Mait, Alexander R; Donlon, John-paul; Kent, Richard W
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (14).pdf.jpg2017How to measure responses of the knee to lateral perturbations during gait ? A proof-of-principle for quantification of knee instabilityNoort, Josien C Van Den; Sloot, Lizeth H; Bruijn, Sjoerd M; Harlaar, Jaap
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (10).pdf.jpg2017Influence of erythrocyte aggregation on radial migration of platelet-sized spherical particles in shear flowGuilbert, Cyrille; Chayer, Boris; Allard, Louise; Yu, François T H; Cloutier, Guy
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (11).pdf.jpg2017Lower limb joint work and joint work contribution during downhill and uphill walking at different inclinationsAlexander, Nathalie; Strutzenberger, Gerda; Ameshofer, Lisa Maria; Schwameder, Hermann
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (16).pdf.jpg2017Analysis of the tennis racket vibrations during forehand drives : Selection of the mother waveletBlache, Y; Hautier, C; Lefebvre, F; Djordjevic, A; Creveaux, T; Rogowski, I
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (13).pdf.jpg2017Biomechanical assessment of the aortic root using novel force transducersBechsgaard, T; Hønge, J L; Nygaard, H; Nielsen, S L; Johansen, P
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (12).pdf.jpg2017Efficient probabilistic finite element analysis of a lumbar motion segmentCoombs, Dana J; Rullkoetter, Paul J; Laz, Peter J
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (17).pdf.jpg2017An anisotropic multiphysics damage model with application to annulus fibrosusGao, Xin; Zhu, Qiaoqiao; Gu, Weiyong
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (28).pdf.jpg2017Further discussion of “cerebral aneurysm blood flow simulations are sensitive to basic solver settings―Dennis, Kendall D; Kallmes, David F; Dragomir-daescu, Dan
JBIO 2017 Volume 55 April (11).pdf.jpg2017Flow mixing during peripheral veno-arterial extra corporeal membrane oxygenation ??? A simulation studyStevens, M. C.; Callaghan, F. M.; Forrest, P.; Bannon, P. G.; Grieve, S. M.
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (33).pdf.jpg2017Quantification of bladder wall biomechanics during urodynamics : A methodologic investigation using ultrasoundNagle, Anna S; Klausner, Adam P; Varghese, Jary; Bernardo, Rachel J; Colhoun, Andrew F; Barbee, Robert W; Carucci, Laura R; Speich, John E
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (35).pdf.jpg2017Short communication A comparison of two non-invasive methods for measuring scapular orientation in functional positionsRapp, Elizabeth A; Richardson, R Tyler; Russo, Stephanie A; Rose, William C; Richards, James G
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (34).pdf.jpg2017Scapular kinematics in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis : A three- dimensional motion analysis during multiplanar humeral elevationTurgut, Elif; Gur, Gozde; Ayhan, Cigdem; Yakut, Yavuz; Baltaci, Gul
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (32).pdf.jpg2017Nodal cilia-driven flow : Development of a computational model of the nodal cilia axonemeOmori, T; Sugai, H; Imai, Y; Ishikawa, T
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (36).pdf.jpg2017Hemodynamic characteristics of flow around a deformable stenosisChoi, Woorak; Park, Sung Ho; Huh, Hyung Kyu; Lee, Sang Joon
JBIO 2017 Volume 55 April (16).pdf.jpg2017Relationship between T1rho magnetic resonance imaging, synovial fluid biomarkers, and the biochemical and biomechanical properties of cartilageHatcher, Courtney C.; Collins, Amber T.; Kim, Sophia Y.; Michel, Lindsey C.; Mostertz, William C.; Ziemian, Sophia N.; Spritzer, Charles E.; Guilak, Farshid; DeFrate, Louis E.; McNulty, Amy L.
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (24).pdf.jpg2017Ultrashort echo time T2 ⁄ values decrease in tendons with application of static tensile loadsJerban, Saeed; Nazaran, Amin; Cheng, Xin; Carl, Michael; Szeverenyi, Nikolaus; Du, Jiang; Chang, Eric Y
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (25).pdf.jpg2017The nutrition of the human meniscus : A computational analysis investigating the effect of vascular recession on tissue homeostasisTravascio, Francesco; Jackson, Alicia R
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (3).pdf.jpg2017Peak linear and rotational acceleration magnitude and duration effects on maximum principal strain in the corpus callosum for sport impactsPost, Andrew; Hoshizaki, T Blaine; Gilchrist, Michael D; Cusimano, Michael D
2017 JoB Volume 61 Issue  August (29).pdf.jpg2017Cerebral aneurysm blood flow simulations: There’s solver settings and then there’s solver settingsKhan, M Owais; Valen-sendstad, Kristian; Steinman, David A