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2017 JoB Volume 63 October (16).pdf.jpg2017Microcirculation in the murine liver : a computational fluid dynamic model based on 3D reconstruction from in vivo microscopyPiergiovanni, Monica; Bianchi, Elena; Capitani, Giada; Li, Irene; Ganzer, Lucia; Guidotti, Luca G; Iannacone, Matteo; Dubini, Gabriele
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (22).pdf.jpg2017Improving stress shielding following total hip arthroplasty by using a femoral stem made of b type Ti-33 . 6Nb-4Sn with a Young ’ s modulus gradationYamako, Go; Janssen, Dennis; Hanada, Shuji; Anijs, Thomas; Ochiai, Kiyohide; Totoribe, Koji; Chosa, Etsuo; Verdonschot, Nico
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (11).pdf.jpg2017Corrigendum to ‘‘ The effect of the stability threshold on time to stabilization and its reliability following a single leg drop jump landing ”Fransz, Duncan P; Huurnink, Arnold; Boode, Vosse A De; Kingma, Idsart; Dieën, Jaap H Van
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (1).pdf.jpg2017Letter to the Editor regarding ‘How symmetric are metal-on-metal hip resurfacing patients during gait? Insights for the rehabilitation’Wiik, A V; Logishetty, K; Boughton, O; Aqil, A; Cobb, J P
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (23).pdf.jpg2017Sharper angle , higher risk ? The effect of cutting angle on knee mechanics in invasion sport athletesSchreurs, Mervin J; Benjaminse, Anne; Lemmink, Koen A P M
JBIO 2017 Volume 53 February (32).pdf.jpg2017Two biomechanical strategies for locomotor adaptation to split-belt treadmill walking in subjects with and without transtibial amputationSelgrade, Brian P.; Toney, Megan E.; Chang, Young Hui
JBIO 2017 Volume 53 February (4).pdf.jpg2017Transient and long-time kinetic responses of the cadaveric leg during internal and external foot rotationMait, Alexander R.; Mane, Adwait; Forman, Jason L.; Donlon, John Paul; Nie, Bingbing; Kent, Richard W.
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (24).pdf.jpg2017Biceps tenotomy in the presence of a supraspinatus tear alters the adjacent intact tendons and glenoid cartilageBeach, Zakary M; Tucker, Jennica J; Thomas, Stephen J; Reuther, Katherine E; Gray, Chancellor F; Lee, Chang-soo; Glaser, David L; Soslowsky, Louis J
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (26).pdf.jpg2017Dynamic balance in persons with multiple sclerosis who have a falls history is altered compared to non-fallers and to healthy controlsPeebles, Alexander T; Bruetsch, Adam P; Lynch, Sharon G; Huisinga, Jessie M
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (29).pdf.jpg2017Sex differences in leg dexterity are not present in elite athletes qLawrence, Emily L; Peppoloni, Lorenzo; Valero-cuevas, Francisco J
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (27).pdf.jpg2017Alterations of musculoskeletal models for a more accurate estimation of lower limb joint contact forces during normal gait : A systematic reviewMoissenet, F; Modenese, L; Dumas, R
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (28).pdf.jpg2017A continuum theoretical model and finite elements simulation of bacterial flagellar filament phase transitionWang, Xiaoling; Meng, Shuo; Han, Jingshi
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (25).pdf.jpg2017Development of a measurement system for the mechanical load of functional appliancesShimazaki, Aya; Kimura, Hitoshi; Inou, Norio; Maki, Koutaro
JBIO 2017 Volume 53 February (5).pdf.jpg2017Tibio-femoral joint contact in healthy and osteoarthritic knees during quasi-static squat: A bi-planar X-ray analysisZeighami, a.; Dumas, R.; Kanhonou, M.; Hagemeister, N.; Lavoie, F.; de Guise, J. a.; Aissaoui, R.
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (4).pdf.jpg2017Does a micro-grooved trunnion stem surface finish improve fixation and reduce fretting wear at the taper junction of total hip replacements ? A finite element evaluationAshkanfar, Ariyan; Langton, David J; Joyce, Thomas J
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (30).pdf.jpg2017Haemodynamic effects of incomplete stent apposition in curved coronary arteriesChen, Winson X; Poon, Eric K W; Thondapu, Vikas; Hutchins, Nicholas; Barlis, Peter; Ooi, Andrew
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (6).pdf.jpg2017Quantifying differences in the material properties of the fiber regions of the pectoralis major using ultrasound shear wave elastographyLeonardis, Joshua M; Desmet, David M; Lipps, David B
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (5).pdf.jpg2017Characterization of the age-dependent shape of the pediatric thoracic spine and vertebrae using generalized procrustes analysisPeters, James R; Campbell, Robert M; Balasubramanian, Sriram
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (3).pdf.jpg2017Myofascial force transmission in the lower limb : An in vivo experimentVeloso, Hellen; Marinho, Rocha; Mendes, Giovanna; Souza, Bruno
2017 JoB Volume 63 October (31).pdf.jpg2017Journal of BiomechanicsBurr, David; Keyak, Joyce