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JCO 2017 Volume 35 Issue 7 March (3).pdf.jpg2017Pulmonary In fi ltrates in a Patient With Advanced MelanomaPowell, Charles A; York, New
JCO 2017 Volume 35 Issue 7 March (4).pdf.jpg2017Pneumonitis in Patients Treated With Anti – Programmed Death-1 / Programmed Death Ligand 1 TherapyNaidoo, Jarushka; Wang, Xuan; Woo, Kaitlin M; Iyriboz, Tunc; Halpenny, Darragh; Cunningham, Jane; Chaft, Jamie E; Segal, Neil H; Callahan, Margaret K; Lesokhin, Alexander M; Rosenberg, Jonathan; Voss, Martin H; Rudin, Charles M; Rizvi, Hira; Hou, Xue; Rodriguez, Katheri
JCO 2017 Volume 35 Issue 7 March (23).pdf.jpg2017n n n 812 © 2017-
JCO 2017 Volume 35 Issue 7 March (24).pdf.jpg2017O ncology C areer C enter LINE ADVERTISING RATES ANDBredlow, Sandy
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 31 November (12).pdf.jpg2017Metastatic Lymph Node Burden and Survival in Oral Cavity CancerHo, Allen S; Kim, Sungjin; Tighiouart, Mourad; Gudino, Cynthia; Mita, Alain; Scher, Kevin S; Laury, Anna; Prasad, Ravi; Shiao, Stephen L; Eyk, Jennifer E Van; Zumsteg, Zachary S
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 31 November (13).pdf.jpg2017Hospitalization Rates and Predictors of Rehospitalization Among Individuals With Advanced Cancer in the Year After DiagnosisWhitney, Robin L; Bell, Janice F; Tancredi, Daniel J; Romano, Patrick S; Bold, Richard J; Joseph, Jill G
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (11).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Inpatient Palliative Care During Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplant on Psychological Distress 6 Months After Transplant : Results of a Randomized Clinical TrialEl-jawahri, Areej; Traeger, Lara; Greer, Joseph A; Vandusen, Harry; Fishman, Sarah R; Leblanc, Thomas W; Pirl, William F; Jackson, Vicki A; Telles, Jason; Rhodes, Alison; Li, Zhigang; Spitzer, Thomas R; Mcafee, Steven; Chen, Yi-bin A; Temel, Jennifer S
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (2).pdf.jpg2017MONARCH 3 : Abemaciclib As Initial Therapy for Advanced Breast CancerGoetz, Matthew P; Toi, Masakazu; Campone, Mario; Sohn, Joohyuk; Paluch-shimon, Shani; Huober, Jens; Hae, In; Tr, Olivier; Chen, Shin-cheh; Manso, Luis; Freedman, Orit C; Jaliffe, Georgina Garnica; Forrester, Tammy; Frenzel, Martin; Barriga, Susana; Smith, Ian C; Bourayou
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (12).pdf.jpg2017Prognostic Model to Predict Post-Autologous Stem-Cell Transplantation Outcomes in Classical Hodgkin LymphomaChan, Fong Chun; Mottok, Anja; Gerrie, Alina S; Power, Maryse; Nijland, Marcel; Diepstra, Arjan; Den, Anke Van; Kamper, Peter; Amore, Francesco; Lindholm, Alexander; Hamilton-dutoit, Stephen; Savage, Kerry J; Shah, Sohrab P; Connors, Joseph M; Gascoyne, Randy D; Scott,
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (10).pdf.jpg2017Multicenter Validation of Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 Expression as an Independent Prognostic Marker in Localized Clear Cell Renal Cell CarcinomaHo, Thai Huu; Kapur, Payal; Eckel-passow, Jeanette E; Christie, Alana; Joseph, Richard W; Serie, Daniel J; John, C; Thompson, R Houston; Homayoun, Farrah; Panwar, Vandana; Brugarolas, James; Parker, Alexander S
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 31 November (9).pdf.jpg2017Starting Dose of Sorafenib for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma : A Retrospective , Multi-Institutional StudyReiss, Kim A; Yu, Shun; Mamtani, Ronac; Mehta, Rajni; Addeo, Kathryn D; Wileyto, E Paul; Taddei, Tamar H; Kaplan, David E
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 31 November (8).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Comorbidity on Prostate Cancer – Speci fi c Mortality : A Prospective Observational StudyRajan, Prabhakar; Sooriakumaran, Prasanna; Nyberg, Tommy; Akre, Olof; Carlsson, Stefan; Egevad, Lars; Wiklund, N Peter
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (1).pdf.jpg2017Effective Physical Activity Promotion to Survivors of Cancer Is Likely to Be Home Based and to Require Oncologist ParticipationHardcastle, Sarah J
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (14).pdf.jpg2017) can then be calculated using the following equation: CIFebruary, The
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 32 November (13).pdf.jpg2017Brave Journey HomeStevens, Samuel X
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 30 October (13).pdf.jpg2017Fluorodeoxyglucose-Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography After Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Head-and-Neck Squamous Cell Cancer : The ECLYPS StudyWyngaert, Tim Van Den; Helsen, Nils; Carp, Laurens; Hakim, Sara; Martens, Michel J; Hutsebaut, Isabel; Philip, R; Maes, Annelies L M; Dinther, Joost Van; Laer, Carl G Van; Hoekstra, Otto S; Bree, Remco De; Sabine, A E; Lenssen, Olivier; Vermorken, Jan B; Weyngaert, Dani
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 30 October (14).pdf.jpg2017Characterization of Pulmonary Metastases in Children With Hepatoblastoma Treated on Children ’ s Oncology Group Protocol AHEP0731 ( The Treatment of Children With All Stages of Hepatoblastoma ): A Report From the Children ’ s Oncology GroupNeill, Allison F O; Towbin, Alexander J; Krailo, Mark D; Xia, Caihong; Gao, Yun; Mccarville, M Beth; Rebecka, L; Mcgahren, Eugene D; Tiao, Greg M; Dunn, Stephen P; Jr, Max R Langham; Weldon, Christopher B; Finegold, Milton J; Ranganathan, Sarangarajan; Furman, Wayne L
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 30 October (17).pdf.jpg2017Systemic Therapy for Stage IV Non – Small-Cell Lung Cancer : American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline UpdateHanna, Nasser; Johnson, David; Temin, Sarah; Jr, Sherman Baker; Brahmer, Julie; Ellis, Peter M; Giaccone, Giuseppe; Hesketh, Paul J; Jaiyesimi, Ishmael; Leighl, Natasha B; Riely, Gregory J; Schiller, Joan H; Schneider, Bryan J; Smith, Thomas J; Tashbar, Joan; Biermann,
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 30 October (15).pdf.jpg2017Financial Burden in Survivors of Childhood Cancer : A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor StudyNipp, Ryan D; Kirchhoff, Anne C; Fair, Douglas; Rabin, Julia; Hyland, Kelly A; Kuhlthau, Karen; Giselle, K; Robison, Leslie L; Armstrong, Gregory T; Nathan, Paul C; Oef, Kevin C; Leisenring, Wendy M; Park, Elyse R
2017 JoCO Volume 35 Issue 30 October (18).pdf.jpg2017Challenge For Cancer Survivorship : Improving Care Through Categorization by RiskOf, Ournal