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Title: Aldehyde Oxidase Mediated Metabolism in Drug-like Molecules: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study
Authors: Xu, Yuan;Li, Liang;Wang, Yulan;Xing, Jing;Zhou, Lei;Zhong, Dafang;Luo, Xiaomin;Jiang, Hualiang;Chen, Kaixian;Zheng, Mingyue;Deng, Pan;Chen, Xiaoyan
subject: Medical Science
Year: 2017
Abstract: Aldehyde oxidase (AOX) is an important drug-metabolizing enzyme. However, the current in vitro models for evaluating AOX metabolism are sometimes misleading, and preclinical animal models generally fail to predict human AOX-mediated metabolism. In this st
volume: Volume 60
issue: Issue 7
month: April
Appears in Collections:Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017

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