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2008Photodynamic therapy (PDT) in human epithelial and myometrial multidrug resistant tumor cell modelsChu, Shihng Meir Ellie
1998Reflected long head biceps tendon grafting : a biomechanical study on a new technique in reconstruction of paralyzed shoulder secondary to brachial plexus injuryTang, Chun-yuen
2006A robotic system using myoelectrical control at the elbow joint for the rehabilitation of persons after strokeSong, Rong
2010DNA repair pathways : effects of SNPs on their functions and their role in drug resistanceLee, Sau-yin
2007Development of a noncontact ultrasound indentation system for measuring tissue material properties using water jetLu, Minhua
2008The effect of electromechanical gait trainer combined with functional electrical stimulation for persons in the subacute stage of strokeNg, Fung-wa
2001Effects of laser acupuncture therapy in pain treatmentWong, Wai
2009Influence of inspired oxygen concentration on the assessment of language lateralization using Transcranial Doppler SonographyWong, Pok-ning
2009Development of a computational foot model for biomechanical evaluation of high-heeled shoe designsYu, Jia
2008Biomechanical effects of load carriage on spine curvature and proprioceptionWang, Xinguang Chris
2005Investigation of socket reactions from transtibial prosthesis malalignmentBoone, David Alan
2001A study on chitosan-based hydrogels : towards the development of an artificial muscleSun, Shan
2007Ultrasonic characterization of transient and inhomogeneous swelling behavior and progressive degeneration of articular cartilageWang, Qing
1997The use of diagnostic ultrasound in assessment of the reproductive status of the bottlenose dolphin, tursiops aduncas, in capacity & applications in management of a controlled breeding programmeBrook, Fiona M.
2006Computational and experimental analysis of the use of lower-limb prostheses : concerning comfort, structural design and gait performanceLee, Chiu-chun Winson
2006Developing bioactive composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringChen, Yun
2007Classification of walking conditions of persons after stroke using accelerometers and gyroscopesLau, Hong-yin Ajax
2009Computer aided detection method for early detection of cerebrovascular accidentNg, Kei-shing Douglas
2007Establishment of an electronic portfolio system with PACS connectivity reflecting educational pedagogy in a radiography undergraduate programmeNg, Kin-cheung
2010Role of p110 isoforms of the class IA phosphoinositide 3-kinases in the pathogenesis of glioblastoma multiformeLuk, Sze-ki, Carina