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9783319111582.pdf.jpg2015Influenza Pathogenesis and Control - Volume IIOldstone, Mich Ael B A; Comp Ans, Rich Ard W
9783319110387.pdf.jpg2015Biofilm-based Healthcare-associated InfectionsDonelli, Gi Anfr Anco
9783662452097.pdf.jpg2015Microorganisms in BiorefineriesK Amm, Birgit
9783319128085.pdf.jpg2015Extremophiles and Their Applications in Medical ProcessesB Abu, Pr As Anti; Ch Andel, Anuj K; Singh, Om V
9783319132600.pdf.jpg2015Bioactive Compounds from Terrestrial ExtremophilesGiddings, Lesley- Ann; Newm An, D Avid J
9788132220954.pdf.jpg2015Microbial Biotechnology- A Laboratory Manual for Bacterial SystemsD As, Sur Ajit; D Ash, Hir Ak R Anj An
9783662450598.pdf.jpg2015Leptospira and LeptospirosisAdler, Ben
9781461449669.pdf.jpg2014Systems Biology of TuberculosisMcF Adden, Johnjoe; Beste, D Any J V; Kierzek, Andrzej M
9781461432357.pdf.jpg2014Immunology of the lymphatic systemSantambrogio, Laura; Santambrogio, Laura
9781461447269.pdf.jpg2014Hot topics in infection and immunity in children.Curtis, Nigel; Finn, Ad Am,; Pollard, Andrew J
9781461439707.pdf.jpg2014Advanced techniques in diagnostic microbiologyTang, Yi-Wei; Stratton, Charles W
9789400767874.pdf.jpg2014Moonlighting cell stress proteins in microbial infectionsHenderson, Bri An; Professor
9781461447764.pdf.jpg2014ImmunosenescenceBosch, Jos A; Phillips, Ann A C; Lord, J Anet M
9781461447351.pdf.jpg2014Astrovirus researchSchultz-Cherry, Stacey
9781461450702.pdf.jpg2014Immunomic discovery of adjuvants and candidate subunit vaccinesFlower, D Arren R; Perrie, Yvonne
9781461452065.pdf.jpg2014Cave microbiomesCheepth Am, N Aow Ar At
9781461453260.pdf.jpg2014Mucosal immunology of acute bacterial pneumoniaPrince, Alice
9781461461111.pdf.jpg2014The New paradigm of immunity to tuberculosisDiv Ang Ahi, M Azi Ar
9781461453802.pdf.jpg2014Novel immune potentiators and delivery technologies for next generation vaccinesM Anmoh An Singh,
9781461455806.pdf.jpg2014Developing biofuel bioprocesses using systems and synthetic biologyCl Ay, Sylvi A M; Fong, Stephen S

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