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2005Stepping Stability: Effects of Sensory PerturbationMcGibbon, Chris A; Krebs, David E; Wagenaar, Robert
2009Making Connections and Learning Together: A School-Based Program to Promote Social Participation of Students with an Autism Spectrum DisorderKirschenbaum, Robin M.
13-Jan-2011Identification of Genes that Elicit Disuse Muscle Atrophy via the Transcription Factors p50 and Bcl-3Wu, Chia-Ling; Kandarian, Susan C.; Jackman, Robert W.
9-Dec-2009A Wireless Brain-Machine Interface for Real-Time Speech SynthesisGuenther, Frank H.; Brumberg, Jonathan S.; Wright, E. Joseph; Nieto-Castanon, Alfonso; Tourville, Jason A.; Panko, Mikhail; Law, Robert; Siebert, Steven A.; Bartels, Jess L.; Andreasen, Dinal S.; Ehirim, Princewill; Mao, Hui; Kennedy, Philip R.
2010Short-Term Locomotor Adaptation to a Robotic Ankle Exoskeleton Does not Alter Soleus Hoffmann Reflex AmplitudeKao, Pei-Chun; Lewis, Cara L; Ferris, Daniel P
1-Apr-2010Prdm1 (Blimp-1) and the Expression of Fast and Slow Myosin Heavy Chain Isoforms during Avian Myogenesis In VitroBeermann, Mary Lou; Ardelt, Magdalena; Girgenrath, Mahasweta; Miller, Jeffrey Boone
21-May-2009Semi-Automated Reconstruction of Neural Processes from Large Numbers of Fluorescence ImagesLu, Ju; Fiala, John C.; Lichtman, Jeff W.
16-Oct-2009Stretch Activates Human Myometrium via ERK, Caldesmon and Focal Adhesion SignalingLi, Yunping; Reznichenko, Maya; Tribe, Rachel M.; Hess, Philip E.; Taggart, Michael; Kim, HakRim; DeGnore, Jon P.; Gangopadhyay, Samudra; Morgan, Kathleen G.
5-Sep-2007Parallel Driving and Modulatory Pathways Link the Prefrontal Cortex and ThalamusZikopoulos, Basilis; Barbas, Helen
27-Mar-2009A Proposal for a Coordinated Effort for the Determination of Brainwide Neuroanatomical Connectivity in Model Organisms at a Mesoscopic ScaleBohland, Jason W.; Wu, Caizhi; Barbas, Helen; Bokil, Hemant; Bota, Mihail; Breiter, Hans C.; Cline, Hollis T.; Doyle, John C.; Freed, Peter J.; Greenspan, Ralph J.; Haber, Suzanne N.; Hawrylycz, Michael; Herrera, Daniel G.; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Huang, Z. Josh; Jones, Allan; Jones, Edward G.; Karten, Harvey J.; Kleinfeld, David; Kötter, Rolf; Lester, Henry A.; Lin, John M.; Mensh, Brett D.; Mikula, Shawn; Panksepp, Jaak; Price, Joseph L.; Safdieh, Joseph; Saper, Clifford B.; Schiff, Nicholas D.; Schmahmann, Jeremy D.; Stillman, Bruce W.; Svoboda, Karel; Swanson, Larry W.; Toga, Arthur W.; Van Essen, David C.; Watson, James D.; Mitra, Partha P.
21-Jul-2006Nonoptimal Component Placement, but Short Processing Paths, Due to Long-Distance Projections in Neural SystemsKaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C
24-Mar-2006Role of Mechanical Factors in the Morphology of the Primate Cerebral CortexHilgetag, Claus C; Barbas, Helen
28-Oct-2010In Memoriam: Rolf Kötter (1961–2010)Stephan, Klaas Enno; McIntosh, Anthony Randal; Hilgetag, Claus C.
2010Parasympathetic Functions in Children with Sensory Processing DisorderSchaaf, Roseann C.; Benevides, Teal; Blanche, Erna Imperatore; Brett-Green, Barbara A.; Burke, Janice P.; Cohn, Ellen S.; Koomar, Jane; Lane, Shelly J.; Miller, Lucy Jane; May-Benson, Teresa A.; Parham, Diane; Reynolds, Stacey; Schoen, Sarah A.
2007Predicting the Connectivity of Primate Cortical Networks from Topological and Spatial Node PropertiesCosta, Luciano da F; Kaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C
2010Optimal Hierarchical Modular Topologies for Producing Limited Sustained Activation of Neural NetworksKaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C.
2010Hierarchy and Dynamics of Neural NetworksKaiser, Marcus; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Kötter, Rolf
2006Usability of a Barcode Scanning System as a Means of Data Entry on a PDA for Self-Report Health Outcome Questionnaires: A Pilot Study in Individuals Over 60 Years of AgeBoissy, Patrick; Jacobs, Karen; Roy, Serge H
2010The Prevalence of Obesity in Children with Autism: A Secondary Data Analysis Using Nationally Representative Data from the National Survey of Children's HealthCurtin, Carol; Anderson, Sarah E; Must, Aviva; Bandini, Linda
3-May-2005Parallel Organization of Contralateral and Ipsilateral Prefrontal Cortical Projections in the Rhesus MonkeyBarbas, Helen; Hilgetag, Claus C; Saha, Subhash; Dermon, Caterina R; Suski, Joanna L

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