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6-Jul-2009Mitochondrial Networking Protects β-Cells From Nutrient-Induced ApoptosisMolina, Anthony J.A.; Wikstrom, Jakob D.; Stiles, Linsey; Las, Guy; Mohamed, Hibo; Elorza, Alvaro; Walzer, Gil; Twig, Gilad; Katz, Steve; Corkey, Barbara E.; Shirihai, Orian S.
29-Dec-2011Association of Parental Obesity With Concentrations of Select Systemic Biomarkers in Nonobese OffspringLieb, Wolfgang; Pencina, Michael J.; Lanier, Katherine J.; Tofler, Geoffrey H.; Levy, Daniel; Fox, Caroline S.; Wang, Thomas J.; D'Agostino, Ralph B.; Vasan, Ramachandran S.
3-Sep-2010Alcohol and HIV Disease Progression: Weighing the EvidenceHahn, Judith A.; Samet, Jeffrey H.
2001Benefits and Side Effects of Blood Pressure Lowering Treatment: What Was Wrong with Doxazosin in the ALLHAT?Gavras, Irene; Gavras, Haralambos
2009Characterization of Regulatory T Cells in Urban NewbornsLy, Ngoc P; Ruiz-Perez, Begona; McLoughlin, Rachel M; Visness, Cynthia M; Wallace, Paul K; Cruikshank, William W; Tzianabos, Arthur O; O'Connor, George T; Gold, Diane R; Gern, James E
2010Regulation of Tumor Immunity by Tumor/Dendritic Cell FusionsKoido, Shigeo; Homma, Sadamu; Hara, Eiichi; Namiki, Yoshihisa; Takahara, Akitaka; Komita, Hideo; Nagasaki, Eijiro; Ito, Masaki; Ohkusa, Toshifumi; Gong, Jianlin; Tajiri, Hisao
9-Aug-2009Potential Misinterpretations Caused by Collapsing Upper Categories of Comorbidity Indices: An Illustration from a Cohort of Older Breast Cancer SurvivorsAhern, Thomas P; Bosco, Jaclyn LF; Silliman, Rebecca A; Yood, Marianne Ulcickas; Field, Terry S; Wei, Feifei; Lash, Timothy L
2009Cancer Vaccine by Fusions of Dendritic and Cancer CellsKoido, Shigeo; Hara, Eiichi; Homma, Sadamu; Namiki, Yoshihisa; Ohkusa, Toshifumi; Gong, Jianlin; Tajiri, Hisao
2008The Fetal Allograft Revisited: Does the Study of an Ancient Invertebrate Species Shed Light on the Role of Natural Killer Cells at the Maternal-Fetal Interface?Lightner, Amy; Schust, Danny J.; Chen, Yi-Bin A.; Barrier, Breton F.
18-Nov-2009Safety and Efficacy of Testosterone Gel in the Treatment of Male HypogonadismLakshman, Kishore M; Basaria, Shehzad
22-Oct-2010Concordance of Metabolic Enzyme Genotypes Assayed from Paraffin-Embedded, Formalin-Fixed Breast Tumors and Normal Lymphatic TissueAhern, Thomas P; Christensen, Mariann; Cronin-Fenton, Deirdre P; Lunetta, Kathryn L; Rosenberg, Carol L; Sørensen, Henrik Toft; Lash, Timothy L; Hamilton-Dutoit, Stephen
2006Diabetes, Gender, and Left Ventricular Structure in African-Americans: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities StudyFoppa, Murilo; Duncan, Bruce B; Arnett, Donna K; Benjamin, Emelia J; Liebson, Philip R; Manolio, Teri A; Skelton, Thomas N
2003Comparison of M-mode Echocardiographic Left Ventricular Mass Measured Using Digital and Strip Chart Readings: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) StudyArnett, Donna K; Skelton, Thomas N; Liebson, Philip R; Benjamin, Emelia; Hutchinson, Richard G
2006Genetic Analysis of the GRIK2 Modifier Effect in Huntington's DiseaseZeng, Wenqi; Gillis, Tammy; Hakky, Michael; Djoussé, Luc; Myers, Richard H; MacDonald, Marcy E; Gusella, James F
2008Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava: A Case Report and Review of LiteratureGoyal, Sandeep K; Punnam, Sujeeth R; Verma, Gita; Ruberg, Frederick L
2005Oral Clefts with Associated Anomalies: Findings in the Hungarian Congenital Abnormality RegistrySárközi, Andrea; Wyszynski, Diego F; Czeizel, Andrew E
2010The Relation of C - Reactive Protein to Chronic Kidney Disease in African Americans: The Jackson Heart StudyFox, Ervin R; Benjamin, Emelia J; Sarpong, Daniel F; Nagarajarao, Harsha; Taylor, Jason K; Steffes, Michael W; Salahudeen, Abdullah K; Flessner, Michael F; Akylbekova, Ermeg L; Fox, Caroline S; Garrison, Robert J; Taylor, Herman A
2009Activation of Adenosine A2B Receptors Enhances Ciliary Beat Frequency in Mouse Lateral Ventricle Ependymal CellsGenzen, Jonathan R; Yang, Dan; Ravid, Katya; Bordey, Angelique
2010Phase 1 Safety and Tolerability Study of BMP-7 in Symptomatic Knee OsteoarthritisHunter, David J; Pike, Marilyn C; Jonas, Beth L; Kissin, Eugene; Krop, Julie; McAlindon, Tim
2007A Cautionary Note Regarding Count Models of Alcohol Consumption in Randomized Controlled TrialsHorton, Nicholas J; Kim, Eugenia; Saitz, Richard

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